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Dres's regulations: Qing dynasty: First structured dress code (P.4-5): When referring to the dress regulations carried out in the Forbidden City, what pops up as the most characteristic and representative are the attires worn during the Ming and Qing periods. Especially, during the Qing dynasty, we can reflect how by 1759, the Qianlong Emperor (1736-1795), worried about the Manchu customs of his dynasty being diluted by Chinese ways, constructed a great work entitled “Illustrated Precedents for the Ritual Paraphernalia of...
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A brief history about Taiwan During the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368), when the Mongols ruled China, the P’eng-hu (Penghu) Islands within the Taiwan Strait were brought under China’s control. In 1430 the Ming dynasty’s famous explorer Zheng He (Cheng Ho) landed on Taiwan and obtained from the aboriginal people herbal medicines that were said to possess “miracle powers.” Meanwhile, perhaps as early as the 7th century, Chinese fishermen visited the P’eng-hu Islands, and doubtless, some farmers settled there and on Taiwan...
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The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644 A.D., during which China's populace would double. Known for its exchange development to the outside world that built up social ties with the West, the Ming Dynasty is likewise associated with its show, writing and famous porcelain. In early Ming times, China's space broadened extensively in the south because of its fruitful attack of northern Vietnam. The concise control of Vietnam was met with decided nearby guerrilla obstruction, and the Ming...
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In this paper, I will be analyzing the key differences and similarities between an empire and a kingdom in the early 1500s to late 1700s in parts of Asia. Empire, states an area that is controlled by a centralized government with many countries ruled by one government. As for kingdom, representing a government that’s controlled by a dominant family with the roles inherited through generations. Although empires can have qualities that represent themselves as kingdoms, not all kingdoms are capable...
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Question I. Art of South and Southeast Asia Vishnu, 15th century, Bronze, India This bronze statue of Vishnu which was made in India during the 15th century. Hindu deity Vishnu is the preserver of the Universe and is the opposite of Shiva, who is destroyer of the universe. “Vishnu embodies the qualities of goodness and mercy because he is the preserver of life, righteousness, and truth.”1 The bronze statue depicts Vishnu in his human form where he has four arms....
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The most vital part of living and basis of human life is the ability to survive and adapt. This is evident through the years as humans have migrated across the globe spreading to all corners of the world. For centuries upon centuries, these people did not build their capitals or cities in one place. Instead they were migratory for the duration of their lives. They flowed with the seasons and followed resources from place to place instead of staying in...
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