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Chinese Dynasties Essays

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The Impact of The Taiping Rebellion in China

Taiping Revolution was a thorough political and spiritual disturbance that probably was the most important event in China during the 19th century. The rebellion was a massive Civil War in Southern China from 1850 to 1864. It was a millenarian movement against the ruling Manchu Qing dynasty. The rebellion ravaged 17 provinces and took an estimated twenty million lives. It also irrevocably altered the Qing dynasty. This research paper analyzes into details the causes of the rebellion, the events that...
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Ancient China Dynasties History

Ancient China The civilization of Ancient China dates back thousands of years. Over this long period of time much of China was ruled by different dynasties. What is a dynasty? A dynasty is when one family rules a country or region over a long period of time. Generally, the head of the family will be the ruler of the land, like an emperor or king. When that ruler dies, another member of the family will take power, usually the oldest...
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Chinese Dominance and Dynasties: Analytical Essay

Throughout the history of the world, powerful kingdoms have existed. These kingdoms included the Chinese dynasties. Within the history of the Chinese dynasties, including the Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, and Song, many created significant cultural markers such as calligraphy and oracle bones under the direction of ruling families, both good and bad. Together, the emperors, inventions, and conflicts are the basic structure of China’s dynasties. The Chinese dynasties are some of the most influential dynasties through their inventions, religion,...
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Portrayal of Ancient Chinese Dynasties in the Film “The Curse of the Golden Flower”: Critical Analysis

Ancient Chinese dynasties often includes sons who fights for the throne of their father and they would do anything just to get it. In the film “The Curse of the Golden Flower” which was made in 2006. Emperor Ping (Chow Yun-fat), Empress Phoenix (Gong Li), Crown Prince Wan (Liu Ye), Prince Jai (Jay Chow), and Prince Yu (Qin Junjie) are the main characters of the film. The film covers the Chinese culture of the Tang dynasty movie and it was...
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Analytical Essay on Ancient Chinese Dynasties: The Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Qin Dynasty

Did the ancient Chinese have different types of dynasties, and what timeline did they exist in? How am I going to present my work: I will pick three dynasties in chronological order from oldest to most recent and present it in a timeline. I will include a description of key facts on each dynasty, such as duration, leaders such as Kings or Emperors, famous warriors and any famous attributes or discoveries of each dynasty. Role: I am a historian and...
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Life in China During The Ming Dynasty Rule

The Ming Dynasty came after the collapse of the Mongols and lasted for more than 200 years. They were one of the first great powers due to the strong military. They had more than 2,000 scholars contribute to organize and compile previous historical writings, geographies, philosophies, ethics, government writings, and more. During this time period, they were revamping, reintroducing China after the Mongolian Empire. The Mongolian Empire had made China lose much of this, and the Ming Dynasty sought to...
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Analytical Essay on Chinese Dynasties: The Forgotten Conqueror Empress Wu Zetian

Some conquerors ruled justly, some were terrors, and according to most of Western history, all were men. Few women throughout history have been bestowed the title, and their accomplishments are often marginalized in favor of the men around them. One such woman was Empress Wu Zetian, who schemed her way out of her position as a low-ranked concubine to becoming Empress of China. Though her methods were underhanded and often terrifying, she created a lasting impact that permeated throughout Chinese...
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Heroes of Ancient Civilizations: Rule of Chinese Dynasties over Vietnam

Contrary to popular belief, there have been an abundance of heroines throughout Ancient civilisation that have accompanied heroes in altering history, however, they are often forgotten in the history books. In most known Ancient civilisations, women led a traditional lifestyle that was expected of them by their society (History Hit, 10 Great Warrior Women of the Ancient World, 2018). However, there were numerous significant female figures that broke tradition in their respective cultures to become invaluable heroines in Ancient History....
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The Five Constant Relationships: Descriptive Essay on Chinese Dynasties

The Five Constant Relationships The term Li (禮) was used in Confucian and post-Confucian philosophy to describe ‘the way things should be done’ In Li, one has to be mindful of how to behave and work within a society. You can cultivate your character in Li best by understanding what it entails. Li encompasses most importantly the Doctrine of the Mean and the Five Constant Relationships. The Doctrine of the Mean is the way in which one should make decisions...
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