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Essay on Why Is Science Important

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The world is changing day in and day out. People ranging from children to adults of different socio-economic backgrounds realize the importance of science and accept the fact that science and life are inseparable. Nowadays, many parents will send their kids to get educated in a science school. Therefore, being science literate is a must. This is because science influences most aspects of our daily life and makes our life more comfortable and convenient at the same time. With the understanding of science, a human can invent technologies and gadgets that lead to our modern lifestyle today.

Science helps us to understand our bodies. With the knowledge of biology, we get to know how the system and organs in body work. As a result, we can take good care of our health. For example, we will have a balanced diet that contains all seven classes of food in the correct proportion and exercise regularly. We can take supplements like Vitamin C pills to prevent us from suffering from vitamin deficiency diseases. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Just imagine the world without scientific research and experiment, humans can get sick easily and the death rate caused by fatal diseases will increase drastically due to the absence of modern medicines that could help to cure the diseases.

Besides that, science increases human life expectancy. Humans invented a vaccine which is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. Before the introduction of vaccines, children used to die from diseases like whooping cough, polio, and measles. In this case, the rate of death of children in today’s developed world is greatly reduced to almost the point of zero. Take the case of our country Malaysia, vaccination in Malaysia is scheduled by the Ministry of Health for the safety of the population and there are mandatory vaccine programs administered to children under 15 years old in public schools. Hence, science is so important to humans in terms of prolonging our lifespans.

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Furthermore, science creates technology. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to create devices that help to make our life easier. The key discovery of the relationship between electricity and magnetism serves as an illustration of the importance of science in life. Science helps us to build up our understanding of electricity and allow the uninterrupted supply of electricity to humans which powers all electronic devices and appliances such as television, refrigerator, light bulb, and others. In today’s world, we even use electricity as fuel for electric cars like Tesla Model S. Undeniably, science eases our daily life and improves our living standards.

Apart from that, science helps us to keep our environment clean and green. Scientific investigation and experiment give us the realization of the urge to conserve the global environment. For instance, many families across the world already recycled as much household waste as possible. The implementation of the 3R concept which is to recycle, reuse and reduce in daily life can prevent the depletion of natural resources. Moreover, the government enforces the law strictly to prevent illegal logging and open burning that bring negative impacts to our mother earth. Accordingly, our environment will be greener and cleaner and our future generation will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

In a nutshell, science brings positive impacts to humans and it is vital to us. Science is a way of discovering what is in the universe and how those things and system work. The knowledge generated by science is powerful and reliable as scientific investigation relies on the check and balance system which is facilitated by the constitution for science. The world is grand and there lies an ocean of undiscovered findings that are waiting for eager and curious minds. Hence, all of us should explore the world of science without fear and participate in the process of science. In the long run, science allows us to live a better life and makes the world a better place.

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