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Modern Approaches And Methods In Teaching English Language

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Systems embraced in before days
  3. Modern trends of teaching English
  4. New age devices
  5. Job of present day Teacher
  6. Conclusion

Fundamentally, educating and interde two significant segments sending and getting data ultimatedly. An educator attempts his best to import information as the manner in which he comprehended it.The utilization of imaginative techniques in instructive organizations has the potential not exclusively to improve training ,yet additionally to engage individuals ,reinforce administration and direction exertion to accomplish the human advancement objective for the nation .The never slants appear to have risen in the field of training that have altogether changed the substance of customary arrangement of training .Recent patterns ,approachs and improvements depict the imperative job of instruction segment as a rule with its internationalization of the instruction procedure, weight on quality above amount ,increment in the reception of innovations, need of expert ability and so on. The speculations and strategies are always suffering in the field of ELT too. The investigation of old style and examination of sentence structure turns into the mode from unknown dialect in school and this strategies and approaches new patterns to unknown dialect instructing become known as region to informative strategy


The innovation that the researcher talks in the paper certain both to methodology and materials used in language teaching. Moreover , this article brings out the subtle distintion between the scholarly perception of language as treated in research and pedagogy. The argument advances as the paper proceeds with trends of education with specific reference to the Indian scenario, methodologies adopted, the bygone methods the peer practice ,the present trend,new teaching design,new devices,the need for change the ICTand English language.English language teaching has undergone tremendous over the years,especially the last ten years. Students are burdened with studing ,learning and grasping the materials ,and of course ,lecture with the collection of relevant information from prescribed texts. Many career allenatives once regarded insignificant are gaining importance at present such as communication skills ,soft skills ,interpersonal skills,ICT literacy etc.

The need for chiseled graduates to merge successfully in the global marked is in the great demand nowadays .For this a change in the trend especially the teaching learning process ofEnglish language has to undergo a transition for the betterment,season change, fation change in the attitudes of human beings change but it is disheaetening to note that in the last century English curriculum has hardly undergone any change.There had been much of changes in the attitude of people as to what they perceive to be a language. The historical backdrop of unknown dialect has alwaysnbeen a significant commonsense concern.It was latin which commands.

Systems embraced in before days

Communicarion is the foundation based o which any thought can advance and form into a completely fledged one. Witout that ,sustenance in any field is inconceivable during the last decade,various urgent variables have consolidated to influence the present belief systems of educating of English, for example, the ineffectual methodologies,unsuitable materials .and integtation of contdextualized teaching,over accentuation on multi language aptitudes and so on.

In 21st century there is rice of informative methodology.Which stress ral meaning specialized strategy than activity,topic and circumstances which are counterfeit and remote from students lie.

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Modern trends of teaching English

The process of English communication learning will be more student –cetered but less time consuming.Therefore ,it promices that the teaching quality will be improved and students applied English communication can be effectively cultivated,meaning that students communicative competence will be further developed.Languge in Education would ideally and ordinarily build on such naturally acquired language ability,enreachin it through the development of literacy into an instrument forabstract thougt and the acquisition of the academic knowledge.

New age devices

This year , the consumer Electronics show which was held at las vegas,gave a glimpse of ground breaking devices purly meantbfor students.Thesevshowpieces ranged from 3D printers to smert watches.The youth requirement are matched by by a new new age devices,be it studies or social media steaming devices like the google chrome cast and the Rokku make group studies become interactive and presentation surprisingly fulfilled one.One has to stream the media on to a smart TV using dongle.Another blessing is the e- reader for the pn the move generation.The all new kindle paper white is a boon. The students association and Teachers strengthening are worried during the instructing and learning process.The traditional technique for showing where in the teache appreciates the imposing business model of educating in some cases even pulverizes the pressuer of the students.

Job of present day Teacher

Analyst characterized the term job as specialized term which initially originates from human science ang alludes to the common desire for digger an individual ought to carry on a few methodologieshave advanced distinctive job for a language teacher.Richards and Rodger persuade an educator’s job as a piece of plan ,part of a method.To harmer,a instructor assumes the job of controller,organizer,assessor,promoter,participant,resource,tutor and onlooker. The Teacher turns into a genuine facilitatoror learning for the language learners,purely by methods for diologic correspondence.

The educator’s job isn’t disregarded altogethetbut is restricted,the instructor is relied upon to be manage by the side. The job of instructors by what means will portray as pursues:

  • Facilitator
  • Independent member
  • Needs expert
  • Counselor
  • Group handling chief


Over the world ,data innovations I significantly adjusting the way student,faculty nd staff learn and work.As the interest for innovation keeps on rising, schools and Univetsities are moving a wide range of understudy services,from clothing observing to nibble conveyance obnline.Technology is additionally changing the study hall experiences.The researchehodr that the target kind of instructing is giving the data or knowkedge to the mnds of the students.Any techniques utilizing PC or altering the current regular chalk-talk strategy are I on United Arab Emirates nnovative in the event that they eventually serve the fulfillment of center goal of educating.

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