How Persuasive Language Used In Different Cosmetic Ads In Different Time

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Cosmetics have become a daily needs for woman, girls and even man. It correct some parts of our face and give the spotlight to the part that we want to highlights. Since people have different face’s problems and special aspects, different kinds of cosmetics have been made according to its function. Cosmetic ads always give a big impact to our lives, especially woman. It promote one’s product to attract costumers depending on the market target. The researcher conducts a study to analyze how persuasive language differ in different eras. The study will help people to know what the differences are and modernization of language as time goes on. Based on the research conducted, the researcher found out that the different words in cosmetic advertisements are used based on the manufacturing’s time to make it more beneficial.

To begin with, it’s a general information that old advertisements tend to be overdramatic compared to modern ads. Shown on the data of 1974’s advertisements, it tends to describe more about the product rather than the benefit. It also use old style and overdramatic adjectives such as ‘as if a spoonful of cream has been pured into each powder’, ‘glide on airy light yet feel smooth ad cream’ and ‘see your plain eyes come alive’. The 2020’s or modern ads focus delivering the benefit of the products using simpler, yet modern words to attract customers. Rather than texture, many people will mostly prefer the one with great benefits. Some example of the phrases used are ‘brow instantly look fuller’. The 2020’s ads also gave information on how to use the product to get the best result.

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In addition, people can clearly see the differences on the usage amount of words on both advertisements. The 2020’s advertisement tends to use simpler and lesser but meaningful words. It attracts costumer’s interests more than the 1974’s advertisements since all the words were straightforward but still on trend. An example was ‘enchase’ which means engraving, engrave our brow’s shape and color. It hits the target perfectly on spot. One word can bring so many differences, 2020’s ads creator know the needs and interests of the costumers. By using just one word, they can attract costumer’s interests and willingness to know more about their products.

Moreover, aside from using simpler words, the 2020’s advertisements are easier to understand. The usage of words are different, it clearly shows “See your plain eyes come alive” compared to “Brows instantly looked fuller, thicker and healthier”. Both advertisements shows the result of using the product in different language and way of delivering it. 1974’S advertisement relies more on one’s imagination, while some people may be in an urgent situation so they can’t imagine things really accurately. The words fuller, thicker and healthier are enough to persuade people to buy and it hits it’s jackpot. If brows are fuller and healthier it automatically will make one’s eyes and overall looks become alive. 2020’s ads shows the precise benefits of using the product.

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