Differences In The Use Of Language Used Between Adults And Adults With Young Children

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The use of good language that is used between parents and with young children has actually used a good and correct choice of words. The choice of words used by parents is definitely more formal and usually more free in the choice of words, but if the choice of words chosen by children is a language that is still childish. Why? because they do not know the use of good and correct language that is polite or not, parents must also choose positive word for word so that when it is delivered to young children it does not cause negative side that occurs to children or for example dirty or inappropriate words conveyed to children child. and then I will explain the good word choice between parent and child.

Firstly, in my p1 there is a sentence that shows Use actions, sing, make noises and funny faces. this shows the child why it is like that. because for children learning languages is a very important thing in using actions surely children feel entertained and with these small things young children are able to follow and at the same time learn something. sing, in my opinion this is a very interesting thing for a small child with a small child to love a song, certainly the child tries to imitate and make the child understand and learn many languages that he did not know before. and using sound, or funny fave so that the child feels comforted by the behavior of the parents and also knows it.

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Secondly, in p2 they were told me to use a fun way because it used a fun way to make the children follow the environment and from there they would definitely learn and get to know. I can give an example like the following, Use the method of observation to introduce one type of plant to children. For example, you can choose an object of interest and invite them to get to know their parts one by one. Next, invite your child to grow crops. Invite them to choose a plant that interests them. The initial stage, let the child see you first plant the seeds in a pot or soil. After the child feels interested, give space so that your child can get involved and give an explanation of the growth process of the plant and how to care for it. With this they must be interested and learn the use of language that is good and right and so should parents also help correct the correct spelling of words.

Thirdly, If the choice of words used by parents is usually not used for small children because if the children are small children, the average child does not understand what is meant by parents, then parents differentiate the use of the language. And parents usually speak to children more comfortably and if parents usually talk more about fantasy to little children, then if parents talk to parents they usually talk about life, usually economic, social and work.

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