Rap Career: Narrative Essay

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This song is for anyone

Who hates where he is

Who feels like he is not meant to be there

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Who feels like it’s not there fucking place

I don’t belong here. It’s wrong I could disappear. It’s a long ride filled with fear. Fuck no I don’t wanna know what’s a molecule. I don’t wanna hang out in school. I’ll end up hanging myself cause it’s cruel. I feel like A fool next to these kids. Classes full of fibs I just wanna skip. I know it ain’t my place. I gotta slow down the pace. All these marks I’m chasing. And this damn time I’m wastin'. I’m trapped here like I’m convicted. Next to these damn whiny ass bitches. I wanna skip school and rap. I wasn’t meant to be diligent. Classes started feeling like naps. It should have been more fun. It’s like I’m dumb. But I ain’t giving up. Not at school tho. On my rap career hoe. My niggas sayin' you ain’t gonna make it. I wanna make it to show me how I baked it. People around me say rap ain’t for Arabis. But it’s about the talent and the truth you spit. I wanna get the juice and rip. Stadiums that are filled. With badasses and nerds. I wanna be like a bird. Spread my wings and fly from the dirt. I don’t wanna be a basic shirt. And I know it’ll probably hurt. But I’m down like an extrovert. It’s about making my name bigger.

Bigga nigga. Bigga likes Jigga. I don’t mind doing a thousand concerts. So stay alert. cause I’m bout to get. This damn whip. I’m tryna make it big. I will dig. until I make some hits. Until these haters admit. That I’m so fucking lit. Niggas drop a hit and then fall. I’m not gonna quit I just wanna ball. Cause I’m good at this shit. My flow is hotter than many hits. I hope I make it one day. I just wanna see the way. That Ye is talking about. I wanna paint my life in grey like J. I’m here to stay. To make it clear not to play. I said It imma be the greatest rapper of all time. I can rhyme like a lime in a guy’s eye before he dies while rolling his dice and thinking it was nice while punching the line after he got a fine cause he parked his ride in the wrong spot when he dined with a price on his head. Tell me it’s impossible. You’re just filling my tank. I’m ignited bitch. Now lay back relax listen to some pac until I come back with my facts on my damn tracks. Not some whack. hits.

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