Statement of Purpose: Electrical Engineering

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Adequate knowledge is the first step toward success. This is the radical principle that my father followed throughout his life and because of that, he would often take out time to condition my mind and encourage me to take the path of education. I am a true believer that curiosity has been the foundation of man’s evolution. I had the curiosity and thirst for learning new things right from my childhood. I always thought that how we get light by switching it on, how we increase or decrease fan speed, how we identify whether the cable is live or not etc. The rapid development in Engineering and how it is helping mankind and making things easier created a quest to gain knowledge in electrical engineering.

I succeeded throughout my school years and even in my college in every domain. Such has been my journey that on one hand I actively participated in various co-curricular activities starting from student representative to winning member of the cricket team of the Reliance Interdepartmental Cup, I have won a few meddle in sports events and also represented my school in badminton and chess championships, I have the credit of standing in top five in academics every year in my school and being applauded for the same. From my schooling times, I have shown a very keen interest in the subject of physics, which has enhanced my analytical skills. These are my areas of strengths which helped me very strongly in acquiring 92% (Mathematics, Science, and English) in my tenth grade. I passed out of secondary school with a 69% in physics. My overall percentage in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry is 75%. My positive spirit toward academics acted as an impetus for me.

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Since engineering is in my blood, as my father is a diploma degree holder in electrical engineering; and working in one of the largest companies in the oil refinery sector namely Reliance Industries Limited, and seeing my interest in physics, pursuing study in the electrical field was the only goal after completion of school. Moreover, it was my father who gave me the right guidance at the right time as he knows how this field could do wonders for my brighter future. To study the program, I appeared for JEE Mains in which I scored good marks and I took up Electrical Engineering at Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology affiliated with the prestigious Gujarat Technological University based in Gujarat. I chose Electrical Engineering as my undergraduate major as I believed it had tremendous potential.

My undergraduate program has given me a vast and comprehensive exposure to various courses that I found interesting namely, AC Machines, DC Machines, Electrical Power Systems, Switchgear and Protection, High Voltage Engineering, and Interconnected Power Systems. I strongly believe in learning practically rather than bookish knowledge and probably that is the only reason I am much more interested in fieldwork and trying to learn whatever I can. This helped me to get a closer look at the application point of view. As a part of that with the help of my institute, I have done industrial visits at Thermal Power Station (Wanakbori), and Hydro Power Station (SSNNL). I have done my fifteen days of vocational training at Reliance Industries Limited at Nandesasri, Vadodara.

I have actively participated in various technical and non-technical events during my undergraduate studies, both at the department-level tech-fest called Vision and the national-level tech-fest of my institute called Prakash. My communication and intellectual skill earned me a place in the core committee of the electrical department in Vision 2016 as I was the Admin head of my department. Apart from that, I was also part of the non-technical team in Prakash 2017. During my, under graduation period I took professional training in industrial automation course to get myself equipped with knowledge in the field of automation. In, I learned the basic programming of five different types of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and the application of Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) was part of the course as well.

During the final year of my bachelor’s degree, I undertook a project titled “Protection and Monitoring of Transmission line faults using GSM Modules”. I learned how to overcome different practical difficulties in the implantation of ideas and tasks with limited resources within a given time limit.

As a student from the electrical engineering field, I understood the fundamentals of computing and electrical engineering technology. Apart from that, I also believe that the industry of computing has expanded on a huge scale it needs good professionals with good skills and knowledge. Considering the current scenario, I have decided to pursue a master's level degree program with a view to having a bright future as an engineer. At the University of Windsor, the M.Eng program is designed to provide students with knowledge that make them market-ready professionals who can compete with others in the cutting-edge competition of the employment industry.

The proposed program is designed in such a way that it includes the subjects and modules such as Digital Signal Processing, System Theories, Speech Processing, Power Systems, Image Processing, Automotive Control Systems, CMOS Design, Automotive Sensor Systems, Computer Networks, Communication Theories, Wireless communication, Data Security and others. These subjects will give me the opportunity to understand the current technologies and get prepared for facing the market.

Moreover, the University of Windsor has a strong student-faculty relationship, fabulous faculties, and innovative staff which create a convenient surrounding for the students who get enrolled with them. Windsor is also Canada’s southernmost city and has some of the country’s best weather. Hence, this location speaks to Windsor’s strength as an internationally oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively enables a broad diversity of students, faculty, and staff to make a better world through education, scholarship, research, and engagement. Additionally, the friendly gesture of welcoming international students from different continents like Asia, Africa, and Europe, I believe that being in Windsor will make me feel at home. Furthermore, as a graduate student from Windsor, I will be able to join a research institution as well.

After completing my studies, I aim to return back to my home country as I am aware that my country’s engineering industry shows great potential, and with that, I would be offered many career opportunities to start with. My desire is to work with the industry leaders like Reliance after returning back.

In the end, I would like to thank you for referring to my Statement of Purpose. I hope that my intentions are clear to you and with that I will be granted the study permit of your prestigious institution. I am looking forward to being a part of your institute and I am sure that it will decorate my profile with good credits.

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