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The concept is famous in Disney movies, scientists today still struggle with identifying it, and for the lucky ones, it is first experienced the moment they reach safe arms. This concept is known as ‘love’ and in William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, love is made notorious in the tragedy of the play’s plot. While the romance between Romeo and Juliet is undeniably significant to the storyline, various types of love play their role as well. Through these different forms of...
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When defined in a sentence, love is a feeling. At the point when expounded, love is feeling for somebody we want, we need in our life. Love can be for anybody whether for an individual, for creatures, for places, for nourishment, for rest, for work, for voyaging, for exercise center, for garments, for enthusiasm, and a lot more. It is an alternate and exceptional feeling which keeps us propelled for that thing that we love. First off to exist, its...
3 Pages 1372 Words
I. Introduction For years, queries about Love have been a part of man's life and humans have shown great effort to fill in the gaps of knowledge about love. It required the wisdom of the ancient Philosophers and even the minds of the modern ones. As mentioned by Manuel Dy in his Phenomenology of Love, the philosophy of man is incomplete without the philosophy of man as loving. And so various definitions of such word have subsisted from the seven...
6 Pages 2770 Words
All of us have experienced love already. But on defining the term ‘love’ we have our own different perspective to discuss with. Love is something complicated, hard to explain and more complex to understand. It is something magical that could be the source of your happiness and could be also the source of your pain. So how can we really define what is love? And based on our experiences is there such thing as true love? We could say that...
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The Art of Self-Love Abstract This paper shows the essence of love for self. True self-love develops self-growth. It will help people to reach the extent of their being as they love and accept their selves. Most people tend to hate themselves because they think they are unworthy and useless. Insecurities will lead to self-hating and will eventually turn into someone who is unreal. People became the enemy of their selves because of the hatred and anger they are holding...
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