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Wisdom is one of the most elevated shapes of human characteristics. Through wisdom, virtues can be brought to life. The excellence of wisdom is that it isn't subordinate to the theories that are composed in books, or the educational programs within the schools and colleges. It isn't something that can be exchanged fair by talking around it. Wisdom is how life shapes us. It is almost the impact that we have upon our soul when going through all sorts of charming and repulsive encounters in life. Socrates, one of the foremost well-known of the early philosophers, epitomizes the thought of a follower of wisdom as he travels around Athens looking for the genuine meaning of the word. Socrates turned his investigation on the human person and human living. In his mind 'knowledge is a virtue' which means that to know something is to do something. To know what is good is to do what is good. This means that not doing good means not knowing it. Socrates also claimed that human beings must know themselves for them to be able to live in accordance with who they are.

Seeking wisdom will help us untie the rope in our lives. A rope that demands our whole life being.Bringing on and working wisdom will give a way to have a happy and long span in life. For that to happen we must do things that are good such as making wise decisions, Wisdom is the ability to know what is right and wrong, common or the collection of one's knowledge. Making a wise decision is the fusion of knowledge, instinct, experience, and settlement.

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Wisdom will lead us to a brighter life. I, myself also seeking wisdom. I also want to livealifeaccordance for I am. In that way, I may be able to know myself and live a life that is worth living. But first I need to have knowledge, because knowledge is a virtue, and virtue is an aspect of characteristics that will help me to become a better human being. And all I need to do is do things or do something that is good. Living a life with virtue can really make a person a better version of himself or herself. We can say that sometimes life does always follow our plan in life which makes us upset or disappointed. But I know that mistakes and failures will contribute to our success in life. And that mistakes and failures are the experiences that will guide us to which path to follow. Experiences are sometimes good and sometimes bad but we treasure them because they brought us to what we are now maybe they brought us to the wisdom we need and what we want.

In my experience, seeking wisdom is very challenging. You need to challenge yourself to make wise decisions so that you will not regret everything. In making a decision you need to take a risk, we all know that making a decision will affect people around you and it can also be your family and relatives that are closest to your heart. Making good decisions is the best way to do but we need to sacrifice our loved ones. And by doing that I consider myself as selfish. Why? Even though I know that making that decision can hurt someone's feelings I still do it for me to get the wisdom I want and need. It's really hard seeing people who are affected by your decision.

My life, seeking wisdom through the years is unexplainable. There are things that you need to take risks or things that are difficult to decide but in the end, you need to make a good decision for you to live a better life. Things that can really hurt your feelings to get the wisdom you need and want. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle you will always need the complete parts and put them in their right and good place for them to fit perfectly.

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