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Love is the only language that everybody understands irrespective of your tribe, race, color, religion, and personality. Love is a feeling that must be felt, and love is not silent for it requires action. When we show love to others it means we have love inside of us to give because as the popular saying goes you can only give what you have. You must love yourself to be able to love another. Love is one of the major ingredients that is needed to make the world a better place. Imagine if we all see each other as one in the world today, I think a lot of evil doings will have to stop.

How can I kill someone if I love him/her?

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And how can I knowingly hurt someone if I truly love him/her?

How can I treat others like trash if I truly care about their feelings?

And how do I bully others if I love them?

How do I gossip/slander my friends if I truly love them?

And how can I cheat on my partner/spouse if I genuinely love them?

How can I scam someone for his/her hard-earned money if I am more concerned about his feeling?

These are questions going on in my mind. I want to understand why we find it very difficult to genuinely love one another. I know only love can turn a bad person into a good person, and only love can bring that change we so desire in an individual. When we show love to everyone around us, it becomes easier to relate with them. Corrections, when done out of love, will definitely produce the best results.

One of the amazing things about love is the fact that love is unconditional. There is no 'but' or preference when it comes to loving/showing love to someone because it comes from the innermost of the hearts. God loves all people, He does not discriminate against who you are whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, or whatever you choose to be. He does not love only a selected few, but He has shown love to all the inhabitants of the earth, and that is why we must also do the same. We are expected to love regardless of size, shape, physique, appearance, and background. The truth about love is when you show love to someone especially those you have never met, it has a way of getting back to you. The more you love others the more people will love you in return. Love is all about having positive energy that will bring forth good tidings, for instance, a first-time bomber who has never known love all his life was on the verge of bombing a mall then suddenly, all the persons he met on his way were friendly, loving, and kind. Do you think he might not have a rethink? This is what love can do. It changes even the worst human being into a better person because he/she has seen something to live for.

We go around complaining about how cruel the world has become, but we have never cared for those around us, those who do not have a family, and are all alone in the world. I think if we all want to help and put an end to all the evil happening in the world today at least to an extent, we must learn to love each other with nothing attached to it. We should be compelled to love others because we love ourselves. We must be able to accept others for who they are by showing them how much we care about them and in return, they will want to reciprocate what was shown to them. Let's try to love beyond religion, race, size, shape, and personality rather let's try to love everyone as we all love ourselves. There is nothing we cannot overcome with love.

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