Ideas And Themes In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Is it true love? “love is like the sea. It’s a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and It’s different with every shore.” (Hurston 191). these words are often more important than some people thing about. In recent years, marriage rates declined, part as a result of young adults have waited longer to induce married, In line with according to psychological today. Three of the most important points from the book “Their eyes were watching God” are love and mislove, power and domination, and Inequality and discrimination through the novel. Zora Neale Hurston seminal 1937 novel “Their eyes were watching God” center around the protagonist Janie, and her tragic backstory addressing racism and sexism.

Zora Neale Hurston illustrates the theme of finding happiness and break away from the constraints of ancient role society demands for women in “Their eyes were watching god.”

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As I mentioned before, one in each of the foremost themes inside the story is love and mislove, as shown above, each has a main purpose inside the story as a result of the protagonist Janie learns and grows from every past mistake relationship. Her life lessons are woven into the themes of love and ‘mislove.’ Janie invests her time reasoning concerning what she calls ‘mislove’ and love, after Joe’s death, her second husband, Janie is devastated after realizing that when her nanny made her marry her initial husband, Logan Killicks, an old, unattractive man which nanny saw him as security for Janie, it wasn’t of the particular undeniable fact that Janie was loving Logan, but due thanks to the actual fact that Nanny wasn't loving her, but Nanny only wants Janie to marry Logan Killicks for the reason of she regards him as a good man who would treat Janie properly and make sure she’s safe. She doesn’t want her granddaughter to be left alone after she’s gone, in fact, Janie’s grandmother only wants to leave this world after making sure that her granddaughter, Janie, is living happily with her husband who would love her. Logan Killicks, Janie’s first husband, who which Nanny makes Janie marry because she values financial security and respectability over love, after a year of spoiling Janie with his riches, he tries to make Janie help him with farming work. with this in mind, Logan makes Janie feel used and unloved considering that what all Janie wants a different kind of love, one that starts with clean feet and trimmed toenails, for this cause, Janie leaves him for Jody Starks, Her second husband.

Second, another important theme in “Their eyes were watching God” is power and domination. This second major theme its seen through the novel. Janie’s second husband, Joe Starks, is a proud, ambitious, self-centered man. When Janie meets Joe, she’s enchanted with him due to the fact that instead of feeling broken- down, displeasure or angry that white men are in control, He instead comes with a conclusion to buy land and produce something or a concept that he can take manage or control. The town of Eatonville is like a monument to him and Joe executes an astonishing job in reference to evolving and expanding the community of black citizens that do the job for him and promote and praise Joe as their major of the town of Eatonville. With this in mind, Joe rejoices egoistically thinking about himself as their major, and how he’s arrogant or snobbish, along with feeling like he’s better and higher than the ‘trashy people’ he’s leading in the town. With this in mind, Joe’s most prized possessions, aside from having the town of Eatonville and being the major, is Janie and he shows this by trying to shape or create Janie into the “perfect” major’s wife by making her look a precise way and hold herself aside from others.

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