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Essay on Neo-impressionism: Critical Analysis of The House of the Deaf Woman and the Belfry at Eragny by Camille Pissarro

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I chose The House of the Deaf Woman and the Belfry at Eragny by Camille Pissarro, which I viewed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This museum is filled with a lot of history and culture by different artwork done by diverse artists touching on a wide range of themes in the society. from the entrance, I had this excitement that could not go away especially when I set my eyes on the piece of art of my choice. I stood there for about half an hour trying to silently speak to my inner sense while understanding the main theme that the artist desired to pass across. While this piece of art is amazing, it highlights the neo-impressionism theme as we can see the sun and how it affects the warm and cool hues because Pissarro's work often explored Neo-impressionism and this piece shows exactly that.

Formal Properties

The painting depicts the appearance of Camille Pissarro's neighbor's yard. She had a brick house while behind it was a parish church with its steeple rising above her house therefore bringing out Pissarro's best imaging abilities through his consistency in merging colors. This is due to the fact that different complementing colors are used to make the artwork spontaneous, for example, blue, violet, and deep green are evident. He creates a summer sun by fusing the colors with dots of orange, rose, and yellow hence the spontaneous outlook as the light comes in an extraordinary way. In addition, the frame is of gold color a depiction of how rich the artwork is because of the technical skills applied in making sure that it is a fine piece of art. therefore, the preference of the light and different colors is a sure way of exemplifying how techniques are needed to paint an amazing piece of art.


The artist is Camille Pissarro, who is known for revolutionizing the theory of Neo-Impressionism. He was an impressionist but changed course after meeting Seurat and started implying his principles in the paintings. Therefore, he was one individual that explored the technical rules and added the value of paintings through the piece’s preciousness in terms of size, quality, and rarity.


The piece of art was painted in the summer of 1886, a time when the morning sun was always an amazing spectacle to watch and through Pissarro, it was possible to portray the culture of the countryside. The art movement at the time was highlighted by Impressionism but Pissarro found a way of revolutionizing it into Neo-Impressionism through the application of SEurat’s principles in the novel Neo-Impressionism. Therefore, we get the idea that Pissaro was applying a different skill from his original to create the intended impact, which he did.

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Describe Look of Artwork

This artwork may be classified as representational considering its main theme that highlights the Neo-Impressionism principles and technical rules. The content of the work is to portray our beautiful nature and how it looks amazing during the morning sun. the artist’s intent for the artwork is to make sure that size, quality, and rarity are improved and provided with specifications like the frame that is in gold to depict its richness. The artist achieves his intent through the different exhibitions and influencing other artists to paint their works by considering certain technical rules and principles to reflect on a specific culture or theme in the society. From the artist’s painting, he uses different colors to portray his message hence the artwork visually explains what it was intended to.


This piece of art symbolizes the Neo-Impression time that Pissarro explored between the years 1886 and 1889. It is a clear way of visualizing the environment from a different perspective based on the fact that we are used to the normal setting of nature. Therefore, it is a simple implication that nature is made up of different aspects and we have to enjoy them one at a time.


Camille Pissarro's artwork was influenced by Georges Seurat through his novel, Neo-Impressionism. He Keenly researched more about the principles proposed by Seurat fused them with his knowledge of Impressionism. This happened in 1885 and he went ahead to to the revolutionary methods highlighted in Seurat's novel to paint this his of artwork. Pissarro painted The House of the Deaf Woman and the Belfry at Eragny during 1886's summer, which made him proud and the following year, he was exhibiting it at different art events. throughout his painting life, Pissarro regards this piece of art at its highest citing the size, quality, and rarity considering the required intensive technique in making it precious.

Why did he speak to me?

The artist spoke to me through the art work’s appearance and feel. It was portraying a deep message that one can visualize nature from a different perspective and still enjoy what is at their disposal. This is because there is always some richness in the things that we have and therefore, the importance of utilizing them well. For example, the art work’s frames are in gold, a representation of a certain richness hence an emotional richness.


In conclusion, Pissarro’s artwork portrays the Neo-Impressionism in a more clear way and highlights on the importance of having an environment that is surrounded by beauty. It matters where we live because that is what gives us happiness and we must create it in ourselves everyday to learn the techniques of being positive in life. The morning sun is a symbol of a clean and bright environment where we would live in without being bothered by others.

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