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The Importance Of Dress Code At Business Interview

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Mainly in Canada your attire is your identity while appearing and leading the business &job interviews; it should be appropriate as it displays your you are wearing what is totally regarding the job interview you are going to do because professionals always appear like a gentleman in Canada while doing professional works.

It is commonly said that “book is not judge by its cover”, but here the term reverses here your personality that portrayed via your dress code during interviews which in result boost up your confidence and encourage you to do it with a full enthusiasm.

Image at front of the interviewer or the audience as well as your colleagues when you are representing the whole criteria; at that time your dress speaks with your words.

In other words the individuals or interviewers who are unknown at the same time so when you meet at the first site; your dress with in a perfect settled way shines in the other person’s eye, which directly influences and obliges the opposite person to cognate “what an amazing personality you have”, or he might be affected & consequences of that comes with a positive attitude.

As we are living in judgment era so your outfit displays your image in other’s mind. Make a habit of reactions of people that they give when you appeared at front of them that really appreciates you towards the “success that dress bestows you”.

From top to bottom your attire should totally be based on the modest needs of interview strategist era which allows you to think that which suit is appropriate; what could be the perfect things to do that will be explained in the following paragraphs by other group members which elaborate more regarding this with an effective conclusion.


If you are already well dressed, then there are lots of things to kept in mind for getting a job and success. While going for an interview, two things matter a lot that’s how you present yourself and how others judge you. Half of your success will focus on your qualifications, experience and skills. As we know, the first impression is the last one as you will not get any other chance to represent yourself

Nearly everyone will create a pleasant impression, but only a few will give a permanent impression. To put an impression on others requires around 5 seconds which involves education level, knowledge, intelligence, ambition, social status, ambition and heath. There are a few factors which are noted which judging you and your work. Appearance and body language cover 55% of your performance and the rest of the cover by your presentation mean what you say and how you talk such as intonation, pacing and inflection. In your body language, handshake, smile and eye contact can impress others. While greeting by your interviewer, extend your hand first and give a firm grip. You should give warm smile and maintain eye contact which illustrates your strong interpersonal skills, positiveness and confidence about your job.

While speaking any answer, think twice before saying nothing and be genuine. Practice will help to put a good impression on others. You should be prepared for how you will represent yourself in front of others. You should arrive 15 minutes early which can show the punctuality attitude of yours. As we know while doing any work, don’t be panic and show your enthusiasm and passion toward your work. Always Be comfortable and attentive in the interview environment.

One more important thing is notable that you should always ask for a dress in advance. May be, you have a great sense to attire dress, but We should give more importance to our appearance because it speaks a lot. It can make or break one’s career. So if you have any doubt regarding dress code, it’s better to clear it earlier otherwise you will get lost you chance.

Building Professional Wardrobe

  • Invest money in great suits which lasts longer.
  • Shop smarter and try to spend less money like always think in advance that what to buy and look for sale first.
  • Before shopping, look what you have in your current wardrobe. For this, first buy something that you can wear to work after that shop for fillers.

Your Professional Wardrobe for:

The specifics for women


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  1. Pants with matching jacket:Material for this should be pure wool or wool blend.Colors must be only navy, charcoal gray and black.

    Choose a conservative style which is versatile.

  2. Shirts:Material should be cotton or cotton blend with white color.Always prefer long sleeve shirts as they look more professional than short sleeve.
  3. Blouses:Tops with button ups, turtlenecks and shells, make sure it keeps you covered.Must be of neutral color and soft and light patterns.
  4. Skirts:Should be of modest length, cover thighs when sitting which means no shorter than 2 inches above the knee but can be longer. Make sure it would be comfortable while walking, climbing stairs and sitting.For professional wear, skirts should be fitted not clingy and flowing.

Jewelry and Accessories:

Have post earrings, modest necklace, broaches and ring per hand. Handbags should match the outfits as well as scarves and belts.


Must be clean and polished. Heels should be of minimum 2 inches and comfortable while walking and climbing stairs. Closed toe and Opened toe both are acceptable.


Socks only needed to match the color of shoes and slacks, cover ankles and reach mid calf.

Hosiery is mandatory to be worn with skirts. Hosiery must be plain, neutral colored.


Keep hairs out of the face and must brushed. Nails should be painted a natural color. Even makeup should look natural and clean. Keep nails and teeth well maintained.

The role of dress in business success for “MEN”

Professional Wardrobe for Men:

  • First of all in this step you have to follow the other steps which are shown below: -
  • Shirts with good looking and simple button on it. Kind of light pair of slacks and a simple good quality belt.
  • Suits: Pants should be matching with the jacket.
  • The best kind of material for the men in this kind of situation is “Wool” or “A Blend Wool”. As for color navy, charcoal gray and black are the best-looking color for this and all are acceptable. Muted pattern is going to be outstanding for business success as most of the patterns are not acceptable in some situations. A versatile style is also the best option for going for any interview.
  • Shirts: For shirts the best material is going to be “cotton”. Also, long sleeve shirts look more professional than short sleeves.
  • Jewelry: It’s a kind of thing which look best when it keeps to minimum limit. For Ex: - Kind of wedding bands with a watch is too much. Only a watch is going to be best. Also, too much flashy watches are also banned in some kind of places.
  • Ties: A correct “Tie” should reach to the top of your belt’s buckle. Also, if you don’t know how to tie correctly, learn or have some kind of help from someone. However, pattern is also important, whenever you are choosing a tie. Geometrical, Stripes and diagonal which will be small to medium not too much large.
  • Accessories: Things like vests. Cuff links, and tie should have to match to the rest of your outfit. However, don’t wear all at once, because that can be too messy for all of the outfit.

These are some don’ts that help to get success in business:

  • Hygiene: Firstly maintain your personal hygiene in which a person have well brushed teeth and fresh bath and make sure you have no gum, candy or any other object in your mouth and don’t smoke during your work.
  • Dress: Doesn’t wear that has stains always make sure that your dress should be pressed, clean and stain free. Try to add wrinkle free clothes in your wardrobe that is convenient for workers.
  • Shoes: Don’t wear unpolished shoes and shoes should be professional not athletic or sneakers and don’t wear white socks with it.
  • Perfume: Another important thing avoids strong fragrances because some people have allergic reaction from this, so it put bad impacts on the recruiters and your coworkers.
  • Tattoos and Piercings: Don’t show your tattoos and piercings if you have cover it with clothing, makeup and accessories.
  • Hair: Don’t use unusual hair color like blue, green; keep your hair simple and out of your face, skip your hair accessories your hair should be well groomed.
  • Nails: Don’t match your nails to your outfit; it should be painted a natural color and well cleaned.
  • Makeup: Use makeup wisely tries to be professional one by enhancing your natural beauty with using neutral colors. Don’t use pink or red blushes or highlighter; avoid heavy makeup, shiny lip glosses and clumpy mascara.
  • Accessories: Don’t wear unmatching accessories that’s looks very weird in professional dress code. Brooches are acceptable to add little color to a jacket or sweater. For example: - girls should not wear heavy jewelry like necklace, many rings in one hand with the shirt and pant suit just wear watch and small ear rings.
  • Bags: Don’t carry traditional bag that be well decorated and so colorful, try to carry the professional lather bag that is black or brown in color and it should match your outfit.

The main purpose of business profession is looking at the best you can because the way you dress represents you and your company in front of your clients.

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