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Dress Code for Citizenship Ceremonies in Australia

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In this essay I will be discussing to you why a dress code at citizenship ceremonies should not be applied. The reasons behind this are the bare facts that the way we dress defines us, and people across all cultures dress differently, as well as it being a right to dress your own way, your clothes define who you are, dress codes restrict that, especially at the citizenship ceremonies, where you are representing yourself and your culture while welcoming a new one.

Firstly, there are various cultures, beliefs and faiths, and each of them can be defined by the way they dress. A dress code is set to make everyone the same when every individual is unique, we should dress as though you are proud of your heritage and faith. Like an Indian woman wearing a beautifully woven sari, or Scottish in a kilt, or even a Muslim in an abaya, this goes to show how beautifully diverse Australia is, it’s a multicultural country where people from all over the globe live as one community. Yet, consequently, with a dress code, people are restricted from embracing themselves as unique cultures and individuals.

On a further note, there have already been dress codes implemented within councils across Australia, the Age mentioned, “new citizens have been instructed to come dressed in ‘smart or neat’ casual attire other authorities have gone further. As well as thongs and shorts being ruled out, ‘Maribyrnong City Council’ has banned slippers, singlets, nightwear, sports apparel, offensive motifs, and overly torn clothing”. I would like to highlight as it had been mentioned above that thongs and shorts have been banned, and this the casual Aussie attire. The Australian citizenship ceremony is part of the Aussie holiday festivities, welcoming hundreds of new citizens into our community. We as Australian like to go with the casual more summer look and the thongs and shorts are the Aussie originals. With this dress code upheld the new coming citizens don’t see Aussies like they truly are from the singlet to ripped pants.

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Many councils disagree with the Australian government regarding the dress code for citizenship ceremonies. For example, people like the mayor of Greater Geraldton in Washington. “Prime Minister Scott Morrison has got to get fair dinkum about this”, he said. “Not every Australia Day ceremony is held in Parliament House or in some fancy dining hall in Sydney”.

The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River president Pamela Townshend said: “Quite often it is hot on Australia Day and we are at the beach on Australia Day, we wear thongs and shorts. It is just ridiculous that you have to wear a suit and tie on Australia Day when it is sweltering and 40 degrees”. “You can tell that this is a decision made from an air-conditioned office in Canberra”.

This goes to show how not only us ‘commoners’ disagree with this but people in high positions, as well as members parliament and people within the local governments these dress codes aren’t helping anyone yet, are making people frustrated and annoyed.

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