For And Against School Dress Code: Opinion Essay

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Do you feel that schools take in what is best for the boys and not the girls? It seems like the school board and faculty care more about their education than ours. This is wrong because the girl students get dress coded on a daily basis, but when the male students do it they get away with it. Therefore its biased, and it's happening all over the United States. While school dress codes across the United States are getting really strict, the codes are biased against female students to prevent boys from being distracted during school.

Why does what we wear distract guys? For example, we can’t wear shirts that show our shoulders. Because in the eyes of the administration, if a boy gets a glimpse of a girl’s shoulder it might distract them from working. We cannot wear shorts or tights either. If we wear shorts they have to go to our knees, like the boys athletic shorts.And if I wear tights, we have to wear a long shirt to cover our butt because it takes away from the boy’s learning. What us girls really don’t understand is why they are worried about what we wear? I understand that not everything should be worn to school, but they don’t realize that the guys could be mature. Honestly, a guy is going to look at us no matter what we wear.

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The teachers and faculty at school are taking away our learning time by pulling us outclass for dress code. If we wear a pair of jeans with rips or holes and there's a little hole above the knee, we will get dress coded for it. We also will often get dress coded for shorts not being the right length, or shirts that you can see our shoulders on. They feel the need to take us out of class to either go change or go home and get more clothes, If you can’t or refuse to change then you go sit in ISS. They Shouldn’t be allowed to dress code after a certain number of periods because it's hard for some of the girls to go and change when they don’t drive, they don’t have extra clothes, or their parents work and can’t get off.

Why are we pointed out for hair color, earrings, facial hair, hats, and tattoos? The male students can’t have facial hair or earrings, but these days some guys would like to be themselves and that's what they want. The only things the guys really get in trouble for is their hats. Most of them wear a hat to keep their hair down or just because they would like to wear a hat. They say it’s disrespectful but we don’t see how or why. The majority of the boys still wear hats until they are told to take them off. The guys also cannot wear a headband which in our opinion is so dumb because it’s just a headband. What's the reason they cannot wear a headband? The girls on the other hand cannot die their hair unless it's a natural color. Therefore, if they want pink or purple or any other color they can’t because its against school policy so they are not able to express themselves through their hair.

Schools now are beginning to get really strict on their dress codes and it's starting to really affect how we dress. Therefore it’s really hard to find something in dress code to wear to school. But for the male students they can wear just about anything and everything without getting dress coded. This is why it’s biased against girls.

Another thing is the guys can’t have facial hair, which is understandable if you play a sport, but it’s still the fact that they can’t grow their facial hair out because its against school policy or their coach won’t allow it if you play a certain sport. One other thing is piercings, which concerns girls and boys. The girls can have piercings but they have to take them out when playing a sport and same goes for the guys. Most schools won’t even allow a guy to have piercings. If they have piercings then they will make them take them out or they will go to ISS until they do take them out. Although we can have tattoos, they are to be covered or hidden where they cannot be seen.

I have interviewed some girls and gotten their opinion on the dress code situation. First was Laela Livick and she said that the dress code was ridiculous because of the fact that it's really hard to find jeans with no holes or to wear a shirt with your shoulders covered. Those are the clothes that are in style right now, so it's hard to find clothes that meet the entire school dress code. It’s hard to dress cute for school if we can’t wear certain clothes.

The boys can almost wear whatever; and even though they are out of dress code they do not get in trouble like we do. Therefore we feel it’s biased since we are getting dress coded for every little thing, but the guys get away with everything even if they’re out of dress code.

If you ask Tanner, my brother, he will not really care because he wears shorts and a hat on a daily basis. Some schools on the other hand cannot. Which sucks because they feel like they can’t express themselves. So many schools across the United States have different dress codes. My brother’s school, for example, can’t wear piercings, sandals, or colored hair. He goes to Oglesby in Texas, which isn’t far from moody.

Anyways, the dress codes nowadays are ridiculous. We are not able to express ourselves through our clothing or hair because of the fact that it’s against the student handbook and we signed it at the beginning of the school year.However most schools have uniforms, or a really strict dress code. The dress code is biased because they dress code girls way more than the guys. And we feel that we are the only ones getting punished for it.

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