Dress Code For Teacher's Success

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“What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches” (Menninger). In many everyday situations a person is judge upon how they present themselves. The way a person acts, dresses, and even talks. As a teacher you are obligated to present yourself in a certain way, a more sophisticated way. Dress Codes are a way to keep that formality in place. Whether its a parent conference, teachers meet, or normal school day, a teacher should always present themselves in a dress for success manner. Teachers are one of the main fundamental representatives of a school and if they don’t look appropriate it would start saying a lot about how the school is and have parents question and concern the schools professionalism. Without a dress code put in order students would not take their professor seriously and would not show the respect needed, it would cause the school to look lazy and not put together, and it would even cause a lack of work effort for teachers as well.

A lot can be said by just what you choose to wear. Your clothing can show your strengths, weaknesses, and how much power you hold. If a teacher with a degree doesn’t dress as if they have a degree then it would say a lot about that teacher. It would show that the teacher doesn’t absolutely take their professionalism seriously and students can pick up on that quickly. Studies show “Individuals often make assessments of an individual's socioeconomic status by noticing what he/she is wearing. Clothing can indicate the type of profession or career track the wearer has. Attire can be an indication of attitudes, beliefs, and values an individual holds. Clothing can even be an indication of the personality or psychological disposition of the wearer” (Roach 126). Although it may not seem like a huge deal a first, a lot can be perceived on what you chose to wear in the morning. If a person chooses to wake up and throw anything on it would show lack of care and lack of care is lack of authority. If a student doesn’t see you as an authority figure then they will definitely not treat you like one. As a teacher it’s important to have the respect needed by a student to get your job done. Without it, it would make teaching these young minds a whole lot harder.

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A community can be described by every individual in it. Like a choir, one bad note can shine out all the rest and will fall apart. If teachers are to look bad it says a whole lot about the school. If the students have a dress code then teachers should as well, it shows unity with the school community. Although teachers do have a higher place in a school than students, it does not mean they can not show the same respect to the schools. “56% of public schools enforce a dress code for students. However, appropriate apparel for teachers has yet to be defined in many schools and administrators argue that many teachers are abusing the privilege of the traditionally lax policies.” (National Center for Education Statistics). Teachers abuse their power and forget that the school community has a higher place over them. If they do not show the same respect as the students should shot them to the school then they are not professionals and should not be treated as such. Teachers have as much school pride to show as students do, maybe even more. Teachers are hired to show professionalism and to show the school's image, if that is abused and not taken seriously then they shouldn't be classified as teachers.

As clothing can describe how people perceive you it can have a huge impact on your mood. Comfortable, unprofessional clothing, are what is usually worn in the house. Their bodies and minds without realizing it can see and feel that clothing and cause them to feel the same way they would do watching netflix on the couch at home. If teacher start wearing that type of clothing to school, comfortable, inside clothing, it would put their minds in that state and making going throughout the day difficult. The scientific word for this is “In enclothed cognition, the link between a physical experience and its symbolic meaning is indirect, as it is the clothes that carry the symbolic meaning… Overall, we hypothesize that wearing a piece of clothing and embodying its symbolic meaning will trigger associated psychological processes.” (Adam, Galinsky, 918-925). The way you dress can cause a huge way on how well your brain processes and works. If teachers start coming to school with unprofessional clothing it would put them in that unprofessional mindstate and cause their work levels to go down and that does not only affect their jobs but also the students they are responsible for. Students should not have to be in the backfire of a teachers inconsiderate and unprofessional ways. It can be the best teacher in the world but if their clothing and minds start lacking then so would their work. As a teacher, the number one priority should be the students and if they are not doing their 100% absolute best including dress appropriately then their degree to hold such responsibilities should be revoked.


In conclusion, Without a dress code put in order students would not take their professor seriously and would not show the respect needed. If there is no respect in the classrooms then students are not learning and not getting the right education they need for life. Lack of dress code can also make the school look extremely bad and less parents would want their children to attend the school. Such a small thing can bring down a whole school and cause teachers and staff to lose jobs and students to lose an education. Most importantly it can affect the teachers ability to teach properly and be able to do the best they can do for a student. If someone sees a teacher show up in yoga pants and tank top, it definitely would not look like a teach but a student and that is unacceptable and really unprofessional and they should not be called teachers. As little as this automatic everyday process may seem, When you wake up in the morning think to yourself, “What does this outfit really show and perceive about me?” because you may be surprised.

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