Proud to Be Canadian: Narrative Essay

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Has one ever thought about how proud and honorable Canadians are to their own land? Well, Canadians show their politeness, and generosity to others by welcoming, and accepting their ethics; therefore, Canada is a nation where one can contribute their beliefs without being segregated; this is why one should be proud because everyone is equal in our eyes. Canada is a nation where one can be free, proud, and loved for many reasons: the education system, the first nation to create hockey, and loyalty to the nation. Over the years, Canada had supported the community in ways that have never been seen before, such as providing equal rights to everyone in society. Therefore, Canada is a country where one can be satisfied and proud. Canadians are proud to accomplish all these tasks, but the following, are the reasons why we should be proud of Canada: having a diverse country and different ethnic backgrounds, everyone has human rights, and lastly anyone is allowed to immigrate to Canada.

Without immigration, our population would be demolished, which would decrease our economy, as well as growth and development; however, Canada’s policy allows new immigrants into Canada because they regulate the population growth, and settlement to grow our society, and provide major economic growth in the country. They help in the workforce by filling in jobs to make the force run quickly and efficiently, such as teachers, chemists, salespeople, managers, production workers, transportation workers, and many more. In 2008, a Leger Marketing poll of immigrants living in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver found that 87 percent of people felt that they were included in Canada. The major federal government departments have been responsible for immigration policies since World War II and they are the Ministry of Mines and Resources, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, the Department of Manpower and immigration, and the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission under the British American Act (this act created Canada as a self-governing country on July 1, 1867). From 1890 to 1920, the immigration system brought thousands of immigrants from all over the world, including Scotland, Ireland, and European homelands (Germany, Italy, and more), and 20% of the immigrants represent our country. Every year Canada welcomes 240,000-265,000 immigrants and refugees into Canada; during the 1990s Canada assisted 100,000 Hindus of Nepalese heritage who were forced out of their original country. Recently Canada has accepted about 50,000 Syrians because bombing and war have taken place in Syria. Canadians show their love by being the bigger country and accepting refugees without being discriminatory and treating them the same as every other race. “A broken immigration system means broken families and broken lives”, as Jose Antonio Vargas stated. If immigration systems were broken, families would not be able to communicate with relatives, so Canadians have this opportunity, which allows relatives in Canadian territory without an issue. Canada is guiding thousands of people to immigrate to Canada and offering them a friendly environment to settle in, which allows them to feel safe and welcomed. If immigrants are unable to come over this will devastate their lives because one is incapable to see their family, but one should recognize that Canada is a faithful country allowing immigrants and new faces into the country without discriminating or prejudicing. We should be thankful for such a country because most countries don’t have this immigration act; some countries have a dictatorship leader who will not satisfy citizens and make it a corrupted environment, like North Korea.

In one’s ordinary life, one sees many surrounding them from movement to color; this displays how diverse Canada as a nation can be, from jobs to traditions. Alain Giguère, president of CROP, stated, “I think society as a whole has to witness diversity”, and “We cannot expect everybody to be the same”, which tells all Canadians that everyone should be included, such as the difference between different races, religion, culture, gender, and disabilities are crucial to being recognized and valued, immigration, and the LGBT legalization in 2005. Conservative leader Stephen Harper started this case and was approved by the Senate, where they legalized LGBT in 2005, making Canada the fourth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage after the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. There were 16.5 percent of same-sex couples in Canada in 2006, but it doubled to 30% in 2011, nearly twice the amount. Canada has 17.5% of the population who speaks at least 2 languages at home: in 2011, 80% of the population who spoke a language other than their native language lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. “The diversity of Canada’s population is expected to increase significantly in the next two decades” (Gloria Suhasini). This nation is made up of people who share bonds, such as background, language, religious or spiritual practices, cultural heritage, geography, and political beliefs, and community teaching and sharing their traditions, languages, and values. Canada gives many job opportunities and education from hands-on jobs, acting, thinking, and many more. We should be proud to live in Canada, allowing people to share their values and accept their differences.

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No matter how far you go, human rights will follow you. Canada is strict on these rules because we’re treated equally. Human rights include freedom from discrimination, they are to be treated fairly no matter their race, sex, language, and religion, freedom from slavery, respect, and harassment, and being treated fairly everywhere in Canada. Discrimination is an act where a person treats a group or person negatively under their race, disability, age, and more In Canada, you are able to file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission if: you work for or from the federal government or a business that is regulated by the federal government; you believe you have been discriminated against and it's in the 11 grounds of discrimination protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act, which includes physical or verbal abuse; harassment occurs when someone makes unwelcome comments or jokes about your background. However, we still have problems today where we strip indigenous’ rights away and take over their land. Aboriginals should not face violence because they deserve all the right to take over the land and control it. Canada believes the human suitability of all persons to be equal. The LGBT rights for Canadians are focused on situations of gays and lesbians outside who suffer from abuse; such cases have been focused on the pride event. This took place in 2014 when Toronto hosted the fourth WorldPride event, which included a week-long human rights conference. Gender identity is not specifically mentioned in the legislation, but the Human Rights Act of gender identity is currently experiencing the second reading in the Senate.

Canadians have the right to be treated fairly in workplaces free from discrimination, and our country has laws to protect this right. The Canadian Human Rights Act is a broad-reaching piece of legislation that prevents differentiation on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, and other grounds. The labor rights and responsibilities of employers and employees within federally regulated areas fall under the Canada Labour Code. The rights of foreign workers in Canada are also protected under federal or provincial labor laws. This ensures a secure and safe community everywhere one goes, and that every human is treated fair and equally.

In conclusion, Canada is a country where everyone is equally treated, bringing new immigrants to a diverse country, and sharing traditions and cultural lifestyles. Our nation is united as one and none are to be segregated or prejudiced. Canada will remain distinct from other countries and will for, who knows, maybe decades; judging by the progress Canada has completed to become one of the most diverse countries, people from Europe to Asia.

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