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Impact of Consumer Behavior & Customer Commitment on Brand Loyalty

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Consumer behavior & customer commitment both are the most discussed topic in the market from past few years. The purpose of this research is to seek out how consumer behavior & consumer commitment affects the brand loyalty of any product or service. The value the customer provides to the firm is the conclusion of his commitment and loyalty to the product and service. This study also helps in the concluding methodology, design, approach to describe the relationship between the customer loyalty and customer commitment. There is a little research on commitment and loyalty with respect to brand seeking behavior. Although the commitment and particular behavior of the consumer contract an experience due to growing competition in the market producer might face some of the advantages and disadvantages on the other end the marketer keeps on looking for the different ways to gain customers attention. Market tells us that sustaining the customer for the longer terms gives the advantage in competing in the market place. Loyal customer is created by opting different marketing techniques which does not only gains customers’ attention on the other end the customer also becomes loyal to the brand for longer term. Customer becomes loyal when the company gives the positive intention toward the customer and that is how the trust is gained which helps them competing in the market.

Recent researchers focus on brand experience, brand personality brand trust and brand attachment. The brand image and customer satisfaction are very powerful weapons in the field of marketing. Customer becomes loyal to the brand when the customers realize that they are given attention for example if the customer gets good attention from the salespersons than they become loyal to them. On the other end the customer’s satisfaction is another indicator of brand loyalty i.e. if a customer is satisfied the customer becomes loyal to the brand if the customers doesn’t gets the desired satisfaction the customer may never become loyal and may never visit the brand again which becomes the issue for the brand which in un-ignorable. The customer is committed towards the brand when the desire is completely fulfilled which puts a positive effect on the brand loyalty.


The objective of the study is how to further the understanding of consumer behavior & consumer commitment with respect to the experience provided to the customer on the brand loyalty of any product or service.

  • To check the relationship of commitment and behavior of consumer.
  • To check and relate the relationship of commitment and behavior in seeking experience of brands.
  • To check the direct effect of experience on brand loyalty.

Organization of Study

At first the introduction & Background of the study is discussed which tells us about how consumer behavior and consumer commitment affects the brand loyalty. At Second point the objectives of the study & hypotheses are described i.e. how to further the understanding. At third the literature view is described briefly, after that the theoretical trends, methods & materials, Data Analysis and Interpretation is done and at last the conclusion is made.

Literature Review

The examination inspected the connections among different develops identifying with the administration of an association’s clients. Specifically, the examination explored the multidimensional builds of duty and devotion and the impact of an unwaveringness program on these measurements and utilize the clear research plan Marshall, N. W. (2010). Measurably noteworthy contrasts were found in Income level by the diverse brand measurements like social, culture and there is no factually critical distinction in measurement of Personal and mental. Toward the finish of the investigation suggestions and end were given and utilized the factual Descriptive Statistics. Kumar, A. H., John, S. F., and Senith, S. (2014).

The existing exploration and writing encompassing the brand experience build is broad. Be that as it may, it isn’t completely clear in regards to this present build’s relationship to mark reliability. While a few creators guarantee that it influences brand dependability legitimately, others have discovered that it is a reliant variable, which alone does not have any quick impact on brand unwaveringness Maheshwari, V., Lodorfos, G., and Jacobsen, S. (2014). Client steadfastness is a theme of incredible enthusiasm for showcasing researchers because of its significance in increasing maintainable upper hands and financial results. Writing is prolific of works with respect to client steadfastness and brand the board. So as to improve the amount and nature of research productions, look into subjects mapping of distributed examinations is required Tartaglione, A. M., Cavacece, Y., Russo, G., and Granata, G. (2019).

The present article utilizes a hypothetical model from research on relational connections, the speculation display, to anticipate brand responsibility. The venture display utilizes three factors – fulfillment, options and speculation – to dimension of relationship responsibility Sung, Y., and Campbell, W. K. (2009). The target of this examination is to investigate the immediate and circuitous impact of brand involvement on brand reliability and brand frame of mind. The examination includes in choosing quick moving customer merchandise classification as the example item. The examination utilized advantageous testing strategies to gather the information Rajumesh, S. (2014). This examination exactly endeavors to talk about this specific issue by looking at the connection between brand mindfulness and brand faithfulness. Likewise, it tries to research the intervention job of brand duty in beginning relationship to handle the blended outcomes in the earlier endeavors. The information were gathered from clients of Islamic bank brand in Mafraq Governorate in Jordan. PLS-SEM systems were connected to an example of 90 clients to test speculated connections. The outcomes uncovered that brand mindfulness and brand duty have a huge and positive association with brand steadfastness Alkhawaldeh, An., Al-Salaymeh, M., Alshare, F., and Eneizan, B. M. (2017). The paper investigates the surviving writing on client unwaveringness and brings out seven factors which are in charge of arrangement of client dedication.

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Further, the overall significance of these factors has been learned through Multiple Regression Analysis which uncovered that administration quality and responsibility are the most grounded indicators of client faithfulness in the Indian extra security industry Rai, A. K., and Medha, S. (2013). The Findings uncovered that brand experience legitimately and emphatically influenced buyer fulfillment, brand trust and brand unwaveringness. What’s more, it was discovered that brand experience indirectly affected brand reliability through both buyer fulfillment and brand trust. All the more explicitly, it was discovered that the impact of brand understanding on customer fulfillment and brand trust was considerably more dominant than its immediate impact on brand reliability BAŞER, I. U., CİNTAMÜR, I. G., and ARSLAN, F. M. (2015). Should mark faithfulness be considered as measurement of brand equity Oran result of brand value or as a directing element that goes about as a middle person between attitudinal steadfastness and social dependability should be affirmed? The present research is sought after to affirm such connections. A ‘complete example of300 respondents were chosen from Jammu city in India to accumulate information on brand dependability and brand value from the clients of Jammu human services administrations. Scale thing investigation, both EFA and CFA examination were connected for conclusion of scale and model testing separately. Chahal, H., and Bala, M. (2010). Consumer loyalty and brand dependability have been tended to as showcasing objectives for some organizations. Showcasing experts believe dependability to be a multidimensional marvel. Notwithstanding the discoveries of numerous inquiries about that fulfillment has a critical great effect on brand devotion and a genuine re-buy conduct of same brand prompts long haul business benefits Awan, A. G., and Rehman, A. U. (2014).

The consequences of SEM show that there is a solid connection between consumer loyalty and brand picture. The consequence of SEM likewise shows that there is a solid connection between Brand Image and Loyalty expectation and the connection between Customer fulfillment and Loyalty goal was discovered minimal feeble. While the roundabout connection between consumer loyalty and devotion goal by means of brand picture was observed to be extremely solid. The proportion of advantage of brand picture was comprised of Functional, Social, Symbolic, experiential and appearances improve. Auxiliary Equation Modeling was utilized in the present examination through AMOS 16 Upamannyu, N. K., and Bhakar, S. S. (2014). The paper manages the consequences of the essential research which design was to analyze the effect of brand on affecting shoppers to buy an item. The objective of the paper is to stretch the way that the brand affects client decision making process. Unique essential information inside the essential research were gathered by utilizing a quantitative technique for poll Chovanová, H. H., Korshunov, A. I., and Babčanová, D. (2015). The makeup goliaths have been enchanted by India in a hypnotizing way. Because of which the Indian Cosmetic Industry has seen fast development in the recent years. According to the reports of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the magnificence and restorative industry which is as of now esteemed at around $ 4.6 billion, is assessed to develop between 18-20 percent for each annum in the following couple of years (Dwarakanath, 2015), The present research goes for investigating how brand steadfastness impacts the purchasing conduct of female shoppers with reference to make-up makeup Srivastava, M. (2015). Brand learning is a critical factor. As the buyer is progressively mindful of the brand and he has all the information about its value, quality and so on, the more he will be pulled in towards that brand. The faithfulness level increments with the age. Family is the most powerful reference gathering. The buyers, who are increasingly social, are influenced by their companions like on Facebook. The customers who are more status cognizant are more status obvious than the individuals who are not status cognizant Sarwar, F., Aftab,M.,andIqbal,M.T.(2014).

Theoretical Trends

This study aims to find the direct impact of customer commitment & customer behavior on brand loyalty. The framework of the study is shown in the model. Strong competition and rapid technological developments in various sectors made the firms aiming to increase their market shares by gaining more customers protect their market shares. The way to protect their market shares is to create customer loyalty. The firms with loyal customer portfolios protect their existence for a long time by making their customers repeat purchases. Therefore, there are several studies in the literature about the investigation of variables affecting brand loyalty.

Determinants of Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one brand’s products over another. Consumer behavior patterns demonstrate that consumers will continue to buy products from a company that has fostered a trusting relationship. Loyalty is extremely beneficial to businesses as it leads to repeat purchases by consumers, higher revenues, and customer referrals.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a marketing metric used to see how valuable repeat customers are to your business. In this lesson, we’ll define CLV, learn how to calculate it, and discuss how it could influence your customer loyalty program.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction indicates the fulfillment that customers derive from doing business with a firm. In other words, it’s how happy the customers are with their transaction and overall experience with the company.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use, and dispose ideas, goods, and services to satisfy their needs and wants. It refers to the actions of the consumers in the marketplace and the underlying motives for those actions.

Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one brand’s products over another. Consumer behavior patterns demonstrate that consumers will continue to buy products from a company that has fostered a trusting relationship.


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