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Gold, something we associate with illumination, triumph and passion, and endless pursuit of our own personal endeavors. It is no surprise that the term ‘golden age’ refers to a period in time in which one believes that they would be happier, or more content with their life. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ is regarded as arguably one of the most iconic novels exhibiting the American Dream. We, as the audience, witness Gatsby, the protagonist, on an endless pursuit...
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Nostalgia and golden age thinking are an exceedingly critical aspect in Fitzgerald and Allen’s works, as through these concepts they are able to convey a noteworthy message regarding the role of dreams and illusions as motivators. Nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses and people underestimate the power it has. We need to establish an understanding of what it is, what evokes this nostalgia and maybe even question if it’s healthy for us to be dwelling in the...
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In the play Waiting for Godot, the two characters Vladimir and Estragon wait for an unknown person named Godot who never arrives. When the two hobos thought about taking their lives, they waited to hear what Godot thinks. While Godot never shows up, the two men also forget about what happened in the previous day. Forgetting enables their life as the hope of eventually meeting Godot dissolves their fear and paranoia, preventing them from drowning to nihilism. Amnesia is Vladimir...
4 Pages 1645 Words
Nostalgia Construct The term “nostalgia” was first used by Johannes Hoffer in 1688, and since then has been studied from a variety of perspectives. Looking into nostalgia’s origins, it derives from two Greek roots nostos and algos. First, nostos, “to return home/ to one’s native land”. Secondly, the root algos, or “pain, suffering, or grief”, completes the term nostalgia, referring to its original connotation of the pain or suffering related with the return home. Nostalgia as an emotion has both...
8 Pages 3827 Words
The word Nostalgia derives from the Greek word nóstos, which means ‘return home’ (Davis, 1977) and álgos that signifies ‘pain’ or ‘longing’. This term is frequently interconnected to the suffering from “homesickness”, melancholy and anxiety (Wilson, 2014). By the late twentieth century, nostalgia is no longer looked upon as a mental disorder, but regarded as an emotion, a wistful longing for the past (Wilson, 1999). This nostalgic feeling as mentioned by sociologist Davis is mostly characterised primarily with positive effects...
2 Pages 930 Words
“People become especially nostalgic when they are anxious about the present, and, especially, the future. The past is safe because it is completely predictable. Connecting with the past through familiar, loved brands transports people to another time by evoking the same feelings they experienced so long ago.” Overview – Nostalgia as a Selling Point Nostalgia is one of life’s greatest feelings that can be incredibly gratifying. Everyone is easily drawn back to a better, simpler time in her/his life. In...
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Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class is a fascinating depiction of the 1960s. X-Men dabbles in period nostalgia as it gazes into the future, using the Cuban Missile Crisis as a backdrop to explore how the past informs the present. First Class is primarily a historical fantasy that places its characters at the center of the most contentious time in American history. Vaughn’s film exhibits Boym’s idea of historical emotion and how past events can be altered to fit into someone’s...
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From an evolutionary perspective, we all come from different environments and genetic combinations. These factors, along with many others, influence the development of humans. Life History Theory categorizes two different life strategies between slow and fast lifestyles. To distinguish one another, fast life strategists derive from unstable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable environments. Slow life strategists derive from stable, predictable, and controllable environments. These environmental conditions lead to different population densities to each’s own respective environment (Figueredo & Wolf, 2009). Each have...
6 Pages 2574 Words
ABSTRACT Nostalgia refers to the mixed feelings of happiness and gloominess that occurs while reminiscing the past. In everyday life, we come across many situations or people, where there is longing for the time begone. This intense emotion has played a major role in building a set of audience for the streaming media, wherein this intense emotion of longing for the past has been put to use to influence or manipulate the preferences of the mass. The interlink between the...
3 Pages 1465 Words
We currently notice that people are having a strong interest in new media culture in media technologies from the past and its sense of nostalgia and it is seen clearly in Instagram filters nowadays. People instead of sharing airbrushed and photoshopped photos, they keep trying to filter their digital photographs to design an old stylistic effect, vintage filters, film scratches, discoloration and polarization effects to actualize the present through a lens of the past. Instagram and many other apps allow...
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