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Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior tn the Purchase of Durable Household Products

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The consumer conduct or purchaser conduct has increased expanded significance in a consumer oriented promoting arranging and the executives. Consumer behavior is the training utilized when individuals, groups, or associations select, use or discard the item, facility, thoughts or experience to satisfy customer’s necessities and wants. The main reason for doing this press conference is to identify the main factors which affect consumer purchasing behavior of durable household goods in South Africa. Durable goods are a group of customer items that do not should be bought regularly as it is made to quite long time (generally last for three years or more). They are likewise called purchaser durables or durables. Examples of durable products are furniture, vehicles, jewelry, electronics item and many more. But for this press conference mainly focus on customer behavior in purchasing durable household products.

There are main reasons that influence customer when purchasing durable household items such as quality, features, price, brand name, ad and previous experience about the product. One of the most important factor in the research paper was quality, without a proper quality product customers may not having interest on purchasing the product even though the pricing was cheaper or higher. The service quality is not just estimated contrasted with product quality. There are two quality types, objective of quality it refers to basic features of product and perception of quality is about product consideration and decision taking place the several characteristics. This study shows, quality is the best dominating factors that influence customers when purchasing durable household products. Price and features is second importance factor among customers in South Africa when buying those products. Price also can be divided into two part such as perceive price and objective price, for perceive price consumers will be having their own perception on how costly a product through their opinion on its level of quality. The objective price is a real price of a product that offered by the marketers to customers. Features it’s depend on what household products that consume b customers like features in television is much more essential to customers in South Africa compared with other durable goods. Mainly features are the characteristics of a product that refer to modules, abilities, clarity, technology system and etc.

Besides that, brand name, ad and previous experience are also the key factors that influence customers but it not similar with other factors that mentioned earlier. In the study stated that, still some customers considering this kind of factors when purchasing durable products. Certain customers only buying selected branded items since is known to be the best while some customers influence by the commercial ads that appears in social media, television and many. Next, previous experience which help customers to repurchase the same product because they are well known on the feature, quality and price of the item. Furthermore, elements like cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors also influence customers purchasing choice to that particular product. Firstly, cultural factors can be divided into three groups such as customer’s culture, sub-culture and social class. Cultural factors force through the values, needs, interests and conduct that learned by an individual from society, family and other vital organizations in making decisions to purchase a particular product like household products. For example, South Africa culture is different from other countries and they have eleven formal languages and each of them having its specific culture. It may influence their purchasing behavior towards the durable household products because of culture factors. Secondly, is social factors that includes family members, characters, status, and age and life cycle period. Opinions of family members also be the main impact on buyer’s actions. Advertisers are highly focus on certain roles and try to influences them like spouse, children and many more. Besides that, age and life cycle period influences purchasers conduct since people groups are different with a period changes, may be among youngsters and old people in South Africa.

Next, personal factors also can be the one of impact on obtaining products and service through customer’s profession, countries economic condition and educational level. Psychological factors like how customers interpreted or motivated to buying durable household products in South Africa may be through brand image, awareness and learning about the product before made a decision. This are the factors that influence customers when made their purchasing on durable household items. So that, manufacturers must consider those elements when design and developed a durable household product to the customers.

Current situation related with marketing challenge

The durable product industry, in the most straightforward term, comprises of organizations that manufacture products that are utilized by the buyer. There are many firm produce durable household products like Panasonic, IKEA, and many more. Current situation related with marketing challenge are changes in customer demands where it always tend to change quickly. For example, Panasonic is a worldwide household products. But, changes in innovation have drastically adjusted spending in customer electronics. And nowadays, more individuals watch content through their cell phones and tablets than on television. This has exhibited traditional Japanese electronics businesses with real marketing challenge because of this issues. The customer demands change according to the current trend, for that Panasonic come with marketing strategy or plan in digital marketing platform to make the customer aware of the B-to-B groups. Panasonic has adopted a worldwide approach to grow its B-to-B business, including the arrangement of service area and solutions. Besides that, Panasonic adding extra features in the existing household products to attract many younger customers.

Another marketing challenge is competition between organizations to manufacture the best durable household products to customers. For example, competition between Panasonic and Philips to manufacturer durable household products to customers by identify the product quality, features, pricing of the items.

Furthermore, handling social network sites to create awareness like in Panasonic. They develop internet advertising to create an awareness among customers about the channel, since it was reasonable, directed, and quantifiable. To pick up the customer consideration and opportunity through the clamor related with Internet promotions, a method was used by Panasonic that is “shock and wonder”. This would make an amazing moment to the customers when they browse the website page and create interest that would motivate further information. Types of advertising are banner ad, social media ad like Facebook, Instagram, campaign microsite, YouTube advertisements and channels to develop and to show the Panasonic B-to-B products.

Next marketing challenge is to keeping quality constantly high because customers nowadays are more conscious about the quality product that they purchasing. Toshiba intends to add to society by giving safe, trustworthy and high-quality items that fulfill consumer. Toshiba Group is attempting to support the capacities to ensure quality focused on the four principle pillars of quality improvement inventiveness. Besides that, Toshiba focus on improving the Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001 to raise the quality of design and structure, which are the major reason of disability, and also to upgrade the training of work force who can maintenance the development of the QMS. For example, in China the Toshiba China Academy, a training organization of Toshiba China, assumes an essential role in improving the skills of staffs. It to fit the nearby traditions and conditions, of the various nations with their preferences. This also will improving the abilities of quality work force while it also may leads to increase the productivity level of the firm.


The objectives should be measurable and can be monitored to meet the organization goals effectively. There are two objectives hope to be achieved through the Press Conference that conducted by us, firstly to understand the purchasing behavior of customers on long-lasting products. Customer behavior is the training utilized when individuals, groups, or associations select, use or discard the item, facility, thoughts or experience to satisfy customer’s necessities and wants. Customer behavior on purchasing long-lasting products, made by how customers make choices and select the product with their preferences. A comprehension of purchasing behavior of customers towards long-lasting products is basic as it reflects the effect of brands, pricing, quality, features, size, previous experience, method of buying and so on. Furthermore, other elements also influence the purchasing behavior are promotion packages, testing or examining the item, internet, customer rating or review and families while it shows how cautious is the customer when make decisions to purchase durable products according to their needs and wants.

The second objective is to define the key component that leads to the purchasing behavior of the customer. There are many key component or factors that leads to the purchasing behavior such as cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors. This are the main key component that affecting customers purchasing decision towards durable household products. Besides that, emotional factors also influence the buying behavior like in individual appearance or afraid of unexpected situation but it was a small potion that affecting consumer behavior. Therefore, manufacturers may possibly utilize the consequence of this Press Conference and convert them to well items, and better-quality items in order to remain focused and fulfil customers’ needs and wants.

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The aim of conducting Press Conference is to achieve our goals and objective towards the perception of customer behavior in purchasing of durable household products. Each customer is have their own purchasing behavior when choose and make decision to buy the durable household items and it not similar with others. This Press Conference has established that customer preferences or the option change through a variation durable products. The market for customer durables is becoming competitive so the manufactures should strongly consider about the topic and understand their needs and demands when designing and planning the durable products.


The Press Conference (PR) presentation will be done by giving a talk about the factors that influenced consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products. We will do a slide presentation for our press conference. Besides that, the slide presentation will explain more about the factors that influence consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products. The slide presentation would also include a short video about the consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products.

Based on the slide presentation, the targeted audience for the primary target audience which is the manufacturer and marketers can improvise and know how to market their product. The secondary target audience which is the consumers can know the factors that influence them to purchase durable household products.

There are two main objective for our press conference which is to understand the purchasing behavior of consumers on long-lasting products and to define the key component that leads to the purchasing behavior of the customer. The methods by which we will achieve our goals is by conducting a seminar towards the marketers so that they can understand more about the purchasing behavior of consumers on long-lasting products. Marketers need to know the factors that influence consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products so that they are able to target the consumers and market their durable household products. The other strategy is by organizing educational events. At the event, talk about the cause and connect with people. For example, provide a lesson for the consumers so that they can gain knowledge about the consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products.

Target audiences

The primary target audience will be the manufacturer and marketers and for the secondary target audience it will be the consumers. This press conference will approach the primary target audience which is manufacturer and marketers because manufacturer and marketers need to know what are the factors that influenced the consumer behavior in the purchase of durable household products so that they can gain more knowledge on how to market their durable household products such as television, refrigerator, laptop, jewels and others to their customers. For the secondary target audience, it will be the consumers. The types of people that we want to reach is the consumers that have purchasing powers of durable goods. The consumers would play three important distinctive roles such as the user, payer and buyer. Hence, the consumers are exposed to a diversity of durable products, which varies in price, quality, features, appearance and size (Gizaw, 2014).

To fulfill the needs and requirements, consumer behavior is the practice used when individuals, groups, or organizations select, use, or dispose product, service, ideas or experience. Most organization would study the consumer behavior to obtain more information about how customers make decisions and choose their products. Durable products refer to products with a long-life span that can be used repeatedly. There are few common durable products which include cars, books, household goods such as household electronics, furniture and tools, exercise equipment, jewels, medical equipment, and toys (Kim et al., 2009). Thus, these types of durable products is not often purchased by the consumers because the durable products can lasts longer rather than non-durable products.

Furthermore, there are few factors that influenced the buying decision by the customers which is cultural factors, social factors, personal factors, psychological factors, perceived price, perceived quality, and perceived value and perceive risk. Cultural factors include the consumer’s culture, sub-culture and social class. Consumer’s culture refers to a set of basic values, wants and behavior learned by a member of society from the family and other important institutions. Sub-cultures include nationalities, regions, racial groups and geographic regions. Social class refers to society’s relatively permanent and ordered divisions, members sharing similar values, interests and behaviors. Social class can be determined by a combination of education, income, occupation and wealth. As for social factors, the sub-factors for social factor are family, roles and status, and age and lifecycle stage. Family members have a strong impact on consumers’ behavior. Marketers are interested in the roles and influences of the wife, husband and children. As for personal factors, it includes occupation, economic situation and motivation. For psychological factors, include perception, leaning and the brand. Three categories of consumers’ perceptions are perceived price, perceived quality, perceived value and perceived risk. Perceive price is an individual belief of how much an item cost based on its quality while objective price is the actual price of the item. Consumers will have a different perspective on the price of an item. Some consumers consider price as an indication of quality. Therefore to them, low price is associated with low quality and high price is associated with high quality. Quality is the evaluation of excellence and superiority of services or products (Zeithaml, 1988). For perceive value, Value differs from consumer to consumer, some consumers consider value as quality product at a reasonable price while some considers value as obtaining the product that suits its intended use. As for perceived risk, American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to signify the goods or services of one supplier or group of suppliers and to differentiate them from those of rivals. Thus, some consumers will only buy a specific brand of a product because it is a well-known to be the best products.


Based on the press conference, there are few recommendations for the factors that influenced the consumer behavior in the purchase of durable goods. The recommendations is by making informational pamphlets and boost social media awareness.

For instance, a great way for people to learn about the issue is through informational pamphlets whether it is printed or digital. Thus, ask the local businesses if you can leave pamphlets out for people to take.

Next, to boost social media awareness, create accounts to spread awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Try to spark thoughtful conversation on social media by asking questions and give a feedback

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