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Impact of Cellphones Branding on Consumer Buying Behavior

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Branding is one of the most significant factor in consumer buying behavior. The paper consist about how branding impact on consumer buying behavior. Now a days cellphone industry in its boom stage there are many brands available for mobile phones & each brand has its own competitive advantage the paper also focus on which factors considered while purchasing particular brand. From last 18-19 years there was tremendous change in cell phone industry earlier use cell phones was only restricted to making & receiving calls but now days use of cell phones is beyond human neseecites. This paper also consist of investors perception towards different cell phones brands.


Branding and Brand based differentiation are powerful means for creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Corporations for years are devising the Branding strategy to achieve the highest return from investment in brands. Companies have a wide variety of options available with respect to branding strategy. In spite of well devised branding strategy, the brand varies in the amount of power and values in the market place, at one extreme some brands are unknown to most of the buyer then there are brands that had a fairly high degree of brand awareness, brand acceptability, and brand preference and some commands high degree of brand loyalty.

In case of mobile phones, to understand consumer buying behavior for brands of the companies employing diverse branding strategy would be very crucial. As mobile phones are becoming one of the basic necessity, it is important to study the consumer buying behavior to understand the consumer preferences and reasons for those preferences. Smartphone has formed new dimensions for business in Indian market. It is not only the smartphone sellers who are enjoying the business but it also created a new area for mobile application developing companies in India. Internet services providers and other sectors of life to utilize the smartphone to gain competitive advantages. As much as mobile market is concerned, India has already proven to be a giant in the sector in terms of both a producer and a consumer. Since 2016, India has the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. And from the February of 2015 report has confirmed that India’s mobile market has already surpassed the USA, establishing itself as the second largest in the world, behind China in the top spot.

By India’s increased production capacity and reduced dependence on importing smartphones, the emphasis for trading partners and external supplier from the global economy has shifted toward servicing the infrastructure and software environment needs of the mobile market in India.

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Objective of the study

  • To study the brand preference for mobile phones among the consumers.
  • To study the reasons of particular brand preference.
  • To study the factor influencing consumer buying behavior
  • To find out an impact of brands on consumer behavior.


In this modern era, a Smartphone is just not only the want but also a need if you know how to make proper use of it. Obviously, Smartphone have changed the ways that we used to live, communicate and connect with people all over the world.

The craze for mobile services in India is increasing substantially. This study reveals the consumer’s purchasing behavior towards mobile phones. Most of the consumers having one mobile phone and also android operating system is most popular among the mobile phone users.

The study shows that Samsung was the top manufacturer of smartphones worldwide in 2018 where as Xiaomi became the leading smartphone brand in India in 2018 because of its better feature and reasonable price. However, One+ is also one of the most preferred brands of Smartphones as per this study.

Also, the research shows that Quality is the most influencing factor while purchasing the mobile phone. The majority respondents are undergraduates i.e., students and therefore Family and Friends have played important role in their life for setting up an image of a particular smartphone brand.


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