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Effect of Customer Relationship Management Adoption in Business: Analytical Essay

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U.Zeynep Ata and Aysegual Toker from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey have done research regarding ‘The effect of customer relationship management adoption in business- to business markets. In this research, they investigate the effect of customer relationship management practices on customer satisfaction and firm performance in business-to-business markets. They make effort on this research due to customer relationship management is still in novelty and boost the improvements of practice customer relationship management in organization.

This research article aims to explain the response of customer relationship management adoption in business to business organization through a proposed conceptual model. Furthermore make an attempt to evaluate relationship between customer relationship management adoption, customer satisfaction, and organization-related performance out come and also examine the business-to-business market.

Value is one of major part in relationship marketing. Adding value to a product or service can be boost customer satisfaction. Its improved customer relations just because author identifies customer relationship management as one of the factor affecting for relationship marketing success. Relationship-building programmers are depended on technologies such as customer relationship management. Through the customer relationship management organization can gain two insight one of behavior of individual customer and other one is data concerning in those customers.

According to authors past research paper analysis, it’s describe all organization are depend on customer satisfaction and it’s linked with customer relationship management. When organization are keep good customer relationship management its help to increase better customer satisfaction, increased plant revenue, reduced labor cost and engendering lead time, increase product quality, they apply different metrics for different industry to know whether the relationship is business to business or business to customer and other organizational characteristics.

In this research paper there are three main constructs have been conceptualized. Customer–centric management, customer relationship management organization and operational customer relationship management. These three construct can be used to measure customer satisfaction.

Segmentation, customization, differentiation, customer valuation, customer knowledge management are the modes of customer-centric management, and organizational structure, organizational commitment, employee performance modes going under customer relationship management organization. Customer relationship management technology usage, order handling, complaint handling, pre/post sales interaction, marketing process are the modes of operational customer relationship management. Organizational performance can be measured by mode of marketing performance and financial performance. Customer satisfaction and organizational performance are variable of environmental dynamism and competition.

This research paper pose the hypotheses to investigate, the possible link between customer relationship management adoption, customer satisfaction, and organizational performance.

This research article used questionnaire as a data collection mechanism. The data was collected by using two channels. A hard copy version and online version applied to the same questionnaire. The total sample size is 113 Turkish business-to-business firms.

After analyzing of data the results indicate that customer relationship management adoption and organizational performance support the hypothesis and furthermore customer relationship management adoption support the organizational marketing performance.

As a research findings indicate that a significant relationship is present between customer relationship management adoption and customer satisfaction and its supporting hypothesis. Its show the greater extent of customer relationship management and adoption, it increase organization marketing performance however similar performance cannot be achieve for customer relationship adoption and organizational financial performance. Also environmental dynamism and competition was found to have negative effect on the relationship bet ween customer satisfaction and organizational performance.

As a conclusion this research article investigates fundamental theoretical and pragmatic issues regarding to customer relationship management adoption in business market. Main purpose of this study is test to customer relationship management performance link for business-to-business settings. After analyzed the data the author assume customer relationship management is not only customer satisfaction it also help to organizational performance.

The multiple regression analysis show that the three dimension of customer relationship management adoption (customer-centric management, operational customer relationship management, customer relationship management organization) but the two dimension are mostly affected. Customer centric management and operational customer relationship have impacted. Customer relationship management organization does not involved.

Customer relationship management organization dimension modes like organizational structure, organizational commitment, and employee performance was not involved customer satisfaction and business-to-business organization.

Managers should focus on customer relationship management and it gives positive results. The results show that customer relationship management can influence positive effect to both customer satisfaction and organizational performance. Customer relationship management adoption can affect an organization’s marketing performance but cannot influence the financial performance.

Author highlight customer relationship management is major factor for business performance in business to business organization as well. Environmental dynamism and competition has become negative moderating effect on the relationship between customer satisfaction and organization performance.

A phase-specific analysis of negotiation styles

Melanie preuss from universitat Potsdam, Potsdam Germany and per van der wijst from Tilburg University, tlburg, the netherland has daone research regarding the phase-specific analysis of negotiation styles.

Negotiations play an essential role in industrial markets because it is an essential factor for the allocation of resource between buying and selling firms. Negotiation can contribute significantly to company profitability.

This research paper investigate whether negotiators stick to one single negotiation style or whether their style differ during the negotiation process and author seek to identify different combination of phase –specific negotiation style and investigate the relationship between these combination and negotiation performance and satisfaction.

The following are research problem base for this research paper.

  1. Do negotiation styles vary between negotiation phases If it holds true that negotiation styles vary between negotiation phases, it is necessary to examine in a more detailed way how they are applied
  2. Are there distinct negotiation style patterns that depend on negotiation phases? If there are, then insights about the effects of these so-called phase-specific negotiation style patterns on negotiation performance (effectiveness and efficiency) and on negotiators’ satisfaction provide a deeper understanding about their characteristics and consequences.
  3. How do distinct phase-specific negotiation style patterns impact negotiation’s effectiveness and efficiency? Despite some findings about the impact of single negotiation styles and static style patterns on negotiators’ satisfaction, there are no insights as to whether distinct phase-specific patterns influence the satisfaction level., who have examined negotiation satisfaction, there is a positive relationship between the use of a coordinative negotiation behavior and the opponent’s satisfaction with the negotiation process, and they confirm the prior results of Graham and Campbell et al.
  4. How do distinct phase-specific negotiation style patterns impact negotiators’ satisfaction with the relationship to the counterpart? As a data collection method author conducted large online negotiation study and selected 259 students they were register online platform and explore followings. Author used unit of analysis toexploreany negotiation behavior can characterize every stage, which seems a necessary precondition to examine our research question concerning whether negotiation styles vary between negotiation phases.

After that author used stage interval approach. That is best for theoretical aspects a stage approach is mostly time-driven and defines the particular negotiation stages without relating them to negotiation behavior.

As a third author used extensive coding schemes applied to negotiation behavior, studies that code negotiation styles are rare. The frequency of the five categories assigned to the units within a phase indicated which specific negotiation style a negotiation party was predominantly using in this particular phase. In contrast, an episodic approach separates negotiation phases according to the applied negotiation behavior. We attributed one-third of the total negotiation time to both the second and the third negotiation phase

As a findings author highlighted Negotiators who applied the tough relationship builder pattern differ significantly from 0 and are thus more successful than the average negotiator in according to the sample. The diverse phase-specific patterns variable subsumes all patterns that are not included in one of the five predominant patterns and are considered in our analysis to guarantee a full design for our model estimation. Because the results have shown that the other phase-specific negotiation style patterns do not differ significantly from each other with regard to the IO, concentrate in the following on a comparison between the extreme problem solver and the tough relationship builder patterns. To examine whether phase-specific patterns have an impact on the individual negotiation outcome, the efficiency of the negotiation, and the negotiators’ satisfaction, we first had to consider the interclass correlation coefficient because of our sample’s dyadic structure. The results have shown that the other phase-specific negotiation style patterns do not differ significantly from each other with regard to the IO, we concentrate in the following on a comparison between the extreme problem solver and the tough relationship builder patterns.

Interestingly, the tough relationship builder performed significantly better than the average negotiator, whereas negotiators who applied the extreme problem solver pattern achieved the lowest individual negotiation outcome. It appears that the tough relationship builder succeeds in showing tough negotiation behavior during the right phase in the negotiation.

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As a Conclusion Overall, our study proved that negotiators should be trained to become acquainted with different negotiation styles – beyond their preferred negotiation style –to adapt their negotiation style to the characteristics of the different negotiation phases. It seems plausible that preferred phase-specific negotiation style patterns depend on the individual’s culture, are dictated by hierarchical positions or may change under time pressure. Moreover, 29 distinct phase-specific negotiation style patterns were found, but three-quarters of negotiators used only five of them. Our second research objective was to find out how these phase-specific negotiation style patterns impact the negotiations’ effectiveness and efficiency.

In the final phase of the negotiation, practitioners should switch back to an integrating negotiation style, which once again emphasizes cooperation and thus lays a good foundation for future negotiations. We further investigated the impact of our identified phase-specific negotiation style patterns on negotiation performance and negotiation satisfaction. The extreme problem solver understands the entire negotiation as a joint task to solve and might miss the right moment to push through his own interests. Second, we only concentrated on the negotiation party’s style without considering the influence the interaction with the negotiation counterpart may have had.

It appears that the tough relationship builder succeeds in showing tough negotiation behavior during the right phase in the negotiation. For example, it would be interesting to examine how negotiators make the transition from one negotiation style to another. By analyzing negotiation styles from a phase-specific point of view, the present study succeeded in showing the relevance of the distinction among negotiation phases. It is conceivable that a certain negotiation style in one phase came in reaction to the negotiation style that the counterpart was using.

Guess who’s coming to deliver? Tough decisions about race in the workplace. Katina Williams Thompson and Susan Dustin from University College of business normal, Illinois, USA has done case study regarding the race in the work place.

Marcus Bradley is middle age American male .He was doing his job as delivery driver at Lowe’s home improvement warehouse in Danville, Virginia. His partner is Alex and they almost engage with filed at least 11 years.

This case study is regarding on Lowe’s Home Improvement ware house. They are specialized in retail home improvement and supplies for building projects as well as appliances and furniture industries. However it started as a small family-owned business. After ages more than 310,000 employees were work there, as well as Lowe’s owned more than 2,300 stores in North America and $68.6bn in sales and $3.4bn in earnings in 2017. There were 69 Lowe’s stores and more than 9,000 employees are working in Virginia and the company is supposed to open 15or 20 new stores in 2019 and increase 4,000 employee base in the USA. Vision of this company is “provide customer-valued solutions with the best prices, products and services to make Lowe’s the first choice for home improvement.”

According to this case study Marcus Bradley delivery manager called him and said that he could not make the delivery then Marcus Bradly asked the reasons for that. As a reply his boss said

Marcus is Black and they advised not to send black people to the house.” His delivery manager further explained that. The customer advised them not to send a Black employee to the home. Marcus and Alex were informed to return before that delivery. That delivery should be made by white employee

Marcus thought he should stand up against the Lowe’s home improvements. Lowe’s should give an equal opportunity employer .it should not depend on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, gender identity or expression. Their job statement did not mentioned that.

As a conclusion we can say this case study is about race in the work palace .company should give equal opportunity to every employee, it cannot be classified race color gender religion sex, age national originality likewise, all should get equal opportunity.

As a recommendation, we can suggest followings

  • Pay attention to the diversity

We should create diverse workplace as well as it should be ethnically and racially diverse it helps us to treated customers in same manner.

  • Review the policy

Employees should all be familiar with the policy and procedures regarding their job and it will ensure that e.

  • Investigate the approach to opportunities for promotion, transfer and training and it should not be depend on grounds of race.

Company must maintain effective regulations for promotion, transfer, and training, it should not be decide on the color gender religion sex, age national originality


Kelly Solar

This case study is regarding about Jessica Kelly .she has patents to a large manufacturer of solar equipment. She got this from two years of hard work for developing a new product.

She got this green technology opportunity from the exploring with Kelly Solar. Actually she had foundation from his grandfather’s “old technology” auto parts business. Jessica had experience in her grandfather’s manufacturing company. After the college graduation she worked as a accountant in this company after few years she got graduated from university from a business degree and worked in the bank. But she has dreamed about starting her own business and stay close that manufacturing roots

One day she had read article about the use of Fresnel reflector technology in solar-energy power plants. Kelly was also familiar with this Fresnel lens technology because her grandfather previously used it in his automobile industry. She had realized that lenses built with high-density plastic could be very useful in the solar power industry.

After few years later Kelly Solar got chance to patents acquired. Kelly worked with the team and began research and development in an old warehouse owned by her grandfather. Kelly doesn’t want to become becoming the long-term manufacturer and distributor of the products. The product should be develop. She want to achieve quickly improvement in the technology and then sell it to the industries as a single dominant manufacture.

However unfortunately Kelly solar have to compete with new technology and modifications against the Lens Tec technology .to add the new technology and modification it’s required additionally $3.20 million. Any how she should add new technology and modification to this business. When she start up this company she covered up initial capital from his grandfather because he sold his old auto parts company and given those fund to his granddaughter.

Scot Barkley join with Kelly for this business as a debt financing investor. They have bond regarding the profitability of this business.

According to this case study Kelly is good entrepreneur she had good research and development idea about solar equipment but she did not have good idea about internal and external affected to her business as well as her a recommendation we can suggest followings

  • Develop a business plan

According to business plan she can navigate the has clear direction and we can get idea about the business. Also this is start-up business it should have clear path.

  • Updated with new technology and modification

Business trend are updated from day to day. Because the world is we should always keep in those enhance our product quality and keep our customer base. Then only we can enter the business world as well as the competition.

  • Limitations of loans.

The amount of money need to borrow for your business depends on your own unique financial situation and what type of business you are starting when we are keep that it will reduce business financial risk. When product is on the introduction period loans should be limit. Then we can prevent business failures.

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