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Use of Customer Relationship Marketing for the Success of the Business: Analytical Essay

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In now days in business world, Marketing Management playing a most important role. Most of aspects of the business world are highly depending on how successfully that business is practice in the Marketing Management. This assignment are more focusing on how the marketing principle of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) are practically used for the success of the business. This assignment based on research that used for marketing strategies to successes in business world. Now for this assignment I choose Hermès of Paris as my luxury retail company. Hermès International S.A., sometimes also referred to as Hermes of Paris or Hermes is a French luxury good manufacturer. It has been consistently ranked as the world’s most valuable luxury retail company and ranking studies published by leading consultancies. Here is some review of the background of Hermes. Thierry Hermes founded the company in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris. Originally, his intent was to serve the needs of European nobleman. Thierry’s son Charles-Emile Hermes moved the company’s shop to 24 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, where it remains to this very day and is the company’s global headquarters. It gradually, the company’s product offerings expanded through generations. The company’s iconic duc-carriage-with-horse logo and signature orange boxes were introduced in the 1950s. In the 1970s, the company established a subsidiary La Montre Hermes in Bienne, Switzerland. The company acquired tableware manufacturers like Puiforcat, Saint Louis and Perigord in the 1980s and consolidated its position in there segments of the luxury retail market. Hermes is not a conglomerate in real sense of the word and does not own a portfolio of brands like its key competitors, which include LVMH, Richemont and Kering. Currently, the range of products under the Hermes brand mane includes leather goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumes and ready-to-wear. The leather goods and saddlery category is the biggest contributor to the company’s revenues, followed by ready-to-wear and accessories, silk, textiles and fragrances. In February 2015, Hermes has announced an increase of its turnover of 9.7%, which more than €4 billion in sales. The increase is internationally visible. In Asia, excluding Japan, where the turnover grew in 7%. In America, with 10% rise, in Europe, where it grew 7% growth and generated a good performance in the group’s stories. In March 2018, Hermes opened its largest, multi-storey shop in Middle East, at the Dubai Mall. In 2019, the Hermes of Paris brand was ranked 33rd in Forbes list “World’s most valuable Brands”. Hermes International S.A. has using some key of success factors in many ways to examine these factors form Customer’s point about them and purpose to retain its current customers. Therefore, this assignment is going to discuss about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies, advantages and disadvantages of CRM that using by Hermes International S.A. in their business to retain them customers.

Description of the CRM Strategies

First and foremost, Hermes International implement so many of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to their company to achieve their goals in business world. There are few strategies that Hermes International S.A. can used for their business. Firstly, Hermes International S.A. implement are set a destination. Set a destination are help your company to achieve more goals. As such, you first step into implementing a CRM strategies to identify these goals in future. Once you know what Hermes International S.A. are trying to do. Your next step will be how or to determine how to plan on reaching your objectives. For examples, the goal of Hermes International S.A. is to become top place in the customer’s daily lives. According to the top place concept, one ‘first place” is the home, which I the place where one lives in. By aiming to become the customer’s top place, Hermes International S.A. had set a destination in order to feel satisfy when customers spend time in Hermes International S.A… Moreover, Hermes International S.A. also implement the improve customer relation rate and pricing strategies. Hermes International S.A. implements CRM programs to improve their customer relation rate and pricing strategies. For example, Hermes International S.A. has been set its price by conception, manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, the high-end-position of its products enables the company has set its price by avoiding the competitive influence. Price premiums, the strength of Hermes enable its brand command the highest price while all customers are willing to pay for its iconic products. Besides that, improvement in customer relation rate and pricing strategies follow the Hermes International S.A. to have so much of more cross selling opportunities in their business. For example, Hermes International S.A. has been selling other products such as jewellery, handbags and etc. To improve customer relation rate, Hermes tried to provide better services and deliver conveniences to the customers. Other than that, Hermes also can use distributions strategies. One of the key strategies is retail environment. The company operated in the worldwide market including France, Japan, Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific which are hot fashion districts. The company has distributed its products through 267 exclusive shops around the world which can reinforce its brand image. All products of Hermes have sold only its traditional shop, and it has no desire online shopping. The distributions in make upscale worldwide like Japan, China, the USA and Europe are an international strategy of Hermes to expand customer base and increase sales. Especially in China is currently the largest luxury market in world. Moreover, customers also understand more about what Hermes International S.A. can do for them. Therefore, it also can helps Hermes International S.A. to generate new and innovative ideas too. Another strategy that Hermes International S.A. organisations use to create a high level of customer intimacy is through customer interaction. Hermes International S.A. use schemes which allow employers to either speak face to face with a customer or give them a platform to have their voice heard. “By giving your customers a platform for reaching prospects, your marketing efforts become more objective and inclusive” (Rast, 2012). This customer interaction can be seen in many different forms, varying form feedback surveys, forums or mystery shopper visits. This can be seen in many different department which are customer focused. For example, online survey or feedback forms which can be found for most organisations customer.

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Discussion on Advantages of CRM to their business

Secondly, Hermes International S.A. also using so many of CRM program into their business. There are few of advantages of CRM that Hermes International S.A. used for their business. Firstly, customer relationship marketing enables the company to provide excellent real time services by fastening close relationship with every regular customer using the method of effective individual account information. For examples, Hermes International S.A. using CRM creates a singles truth that about each relationship that is accessible form a consistent interface wherever people work. Other than that, by developing CRM advantages is created delivering extra scale and offering greater choice so that customers can find solutions and do business with organisations on their own terms. Besides that, Hermes International S.A. also using safeguarding business as advantages of CRM at their business. A control access to your important customer and business information by securely storing data in the cloud, with advanced protection and automatic back up, this data is proceed from unexpected forms or events. Hermes International S.A. are settings enforce controls so that teams and individual users have appropriate permissions to access records consistent with their role. For example, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps a lot to safeguard the multiple business is by providing the best technology that will helps the organisations to digitally transform and will be develop a new business models which has been ensure future competitiveness. Through out of a smarter process, connected apps and new sights gained from business data, customer relationship management (CRM) also will help to organisations a develop new customer centric business models that support strategic growth plans. Moreover, improvement in allow the company to improve their growth potential of each of the customers by shared income, cross selling and up selling. For example, improvement in business performance is increase in profit margin. One of reasons, Hermes International S.A. is able to generate higher profit margin is customers buy more since they are able to get the higher satisfaction form Hermes International S.A.. This will revenue earned to grow and lead to increase in profit margin. Moreover, the customer will buy the product even though the price is higher than compared to the competitors. Customer might buy more the quantity of the products since the customer does not think that Hermes International S.A. product is much expensive so that this will help Hermes International S.A. to generate the more revenue effectively. In addition, Hermes International S.A. also use enhances better customer service as advantages of customer relationship management for their business. The Customer Relationship Management system that provide businesses with numerous strategic advantages. One of such is the capability to add a personal touch to existing relationship between the business and the customers. It is possible to treat each client individually rather than as a group, by maintaining a repository on each customer’s profiles. This system allows each employee to understand the specific needs of their customers as well as their transaction files. For example, Hermes International S.A. was looking for a modern customer relationship marketing solution that is cloud-based, flexible and has secure interfaces to other programs and database. The goal wa to implement an integrated solution within the Hermes Omni channel strategy. The primary aim was to achieve functional optimization of data flows. Modern usability, technical expandability, simple access control and compliance with data protection criteria were also among the high requirements.

Discussion of Disadvantages of CRM to your business

Thirdly, Hermes International S.A. also face off so many of struggles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in their business are approaches of past buying behaviour of consumer mightn’t be same in the future. Majority of CRM move towards with collect data in the past purchasing behaviour of customer and undertaking it as the probable behaviour in the customer constrains keep on shifting and various upon the criticality of the purpose and the level of disappointment with the existing alternative. For example, poor customer service and experience 2009 churn rates of around 50% per annum are level of disappointment Hermes International S.A… However, the 50% are used to regular customer of Hermes International S.A… Besides that, not easy to process are also one of the disadvantages of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The assessment of CRM process and its functioning is not an easy mission. It requires multidimensional performance, and multifactor customer situation mostly score card or in metric format, which is often difficult to practise and understand them. A survey found that conducted by reset organisations who have implanted the CRM have difficulties at implantation. According Pries, C. & Stone. M. (2004) Aberdeen Group ranged among of “somehow satisfied” and “satisfied” range from one (not stratified) and to five (completely satisfied) which depend on customers. Other than that, training also can be a small disadvantages of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Hermes International S.A. Large company need to roll out training schedules for all their employees. For large-scale, CRM, this can make mean hiring professionals to training their Hermes’s employee’s and also require a period of learning and business training to know how it is in business world. For example, the Hermes International S.A. have need to send out their employee’s to CRM training, so that their employees can learn to manage it and set to use to using it. The CRM training is also different for managers compared to their regular staff, because most CRMs have specialized functions for their managers and executives, so that Hermes International S.A. management must send their executive and manager to Customer Relationship Management training. Ultimate the human element form the equation of your company also one of the disadvantages of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Processes are automated when the CRM software is installed, which also means that the potential customers lose part of the human element that the commercial task sometimes requires. There is a differences between being assisted by a real person when making a phone call than by an automated customer service system. Sometimes it is good to make tasks more automatic, but it is also good to have a little personalised help to avoid losing the value of the human element. In addition, approaches of past buying behaviour of consumer mightn’t be same in future to also can be as disadvantages of customer relationship management. Majority of CRM move towards with collect data on the past purchasing behaviour of consumer and undertaking it as the probable behaviour in further too. This could be an immoral supposition in a number of perspectives. Customer constrains keep on shifting and varies upon the critically of the purpose and the level of disappointment with the existing alternatives. For example, Hermes International S.A. dissatisfaction rate due to poor customer service and experience around 2009 churn rates of around 20% per annum. However the 20% are used to regular customer of Hermes International S.A.


Nevertheless in the end of the report is explicable that, in the spite of that, Customer Relationship Management has become a maximum prior CRM implantation as “in many completive markets”, business invest substantially in CRM implantation lately thought, companies have be the majority of them are failing short of the expectations that precede them and are therefore considered failures, The success of a CRM strategy based on advantages and disadvantages of customer relationship management in business world. According to Anderson (1996) comments as “it is a higher response cross-selling efforts and better word-of-mouth publicity”. The understanding it as a business strategy keeping the main focus on their customer and their satisfactions. Therefore, it is useful to establish the brand creditability and gaining trust of customers in their brand. In the other hand, Hermes International S.A. is the first come to customer mind is high quality provided. In the end, Hermes International S.A. doing well. Although the cast to implantation a CRM program is expensive but it is worth implant it. This is a win-win situation, both parties get what they need. In a life cycle of strategic brand management, the brand should aware the value of maintaining and improving the brand thereby keeping the valuable assets. The brand can increase value of products expanding franchise and brand equity. The ability of the brand to provide its special products and unique image through many communications such as the media, advertising and public relations enables the brand to exploit it competitive advantage and disadvantage over the rivals. Improving its products and considering for the future. However, though some disadvantages and argument has been placed but it is should be remind that CRM assists a company concentrate on the customer as an assets side by side consumers are not forced to by necessity in the same organization. Many companies waste a lot of money obtain new customers and squander it by failing to acquire to know and comprehend their customer, retain and keep in handle with them. Therefore, the company should setup CRM system based on allow to customers to handle their relationship with multiple suppliers rather than the other way encompassing.

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