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Content Marketing as a Primary Tool in Building Effective Customer Relationship

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Content marking is a type of marketing which fixates on producing, publicizing and disbursing content for a specific target market online (Pulizzi, Joe; Barrett, Newt (February 2010), intended to accomplish:

  • appealing to the general public
  • extending the target market
  • setting up and increasing sales
  • broadening people’s knowledge of the brand
  • building customer loyalty and customer relationships online.

Content marketing is a somewhat contemporary type of marketing scheme. It’s used to allure probable consumers through significant content from the business, instead of using a typical method of direct marketing the product to the target consumer. Content marketing intrigues anyone interested and transforms these people into consumers by producing and distributing free content. Content marketing assists businesses to produce sustainable customer loyalty and relationships, to indulge significantly information to customers, and to establish compliance to buy products from the business. Additionally, this initiates and increases customer relationships (Le, 2013).

All people were raised listening to their parents, friends or even teachers telling stories. They would introduce different types of stories and read them aloud to us. The benefits of storytelling are how valuable they are, how audiences can relate to them, and how easily audiences seem to remember these them. Storytelling has become an essential and significant content marketing method. Because the story is the slight influence of the aggregation of thickness on the audience, the story is also considered a brand asset.

With the influence of social media and other similar technologies, traditional marketing has become less effective as time passes by. One important reason why businesses are turning to content marketing is that content marketing helps boost sales, cut down costs and build customer loyalty (Content Marketing Institute 2017, Metrick 2018).

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Content marketing is mostly related to building customer relationships (i-SCOOP 2018, Ruffolo 2017) and providing them with important information (Ruffolo 2017). Using content marketing means to provide significant information to the consumers, which can be refined and put on the business’s social media, blog or website. The inflation of technology in the past few decades has grown remarkably. The number of individuals around the world with access to the internet is increasing expeditiously every day, particularly in the more developed places. However, this also means that the time spent online is also growing aggressively (The Foundations of Marketing by John Fahy & David Jobber, 5th edition).

Over half of the world’s population has access to the virtual world. The global digital landscape is continuing to grow exponentially. There are currently 4.1 billion users of the internet, which is around 52% of the population. The average daily internet usage has outweighed 6 hours. Although Asia is continuing to grow its prevailing share of internet users, Africa’s users grow at the fastest rate. It is predicted that soon, Africa’s users will take over South America and Europe to enduringly claim the second-place spot. (Global internet statistics for 2018, Mike Kujawski) The virtual world allows many preferences of communication between a business and its consumers. It can integrate B2C, B2B, C2B and C2C communication (The Foundations of Marketing by John Fahy & David Jobber, 5th edition).

John Deere – During the early 19th century, breakthroughs in transportation, technology and communication allowed businesses to build stronger customer relationships and boost customer loyalty. John Deere was a colonist, and in 1895, he saw the opportunity to create a news magazine called The Furrow – A Journal For The American Farmer. By 1912, his influence had grown past 4 million. Today, The Furrow is available in 14 languages in over 115 countries. It’s the most widely distributed farm magazine in the world.

John Deere circulated the magazine to his target market for free. His magazine was crammed with astute and critique content – including the latest farming fads – which helped farmers to succeed more easily. The Deere family perceived a very important factor in marketing and a method of boosting sales profits that still continues to reverberate in the modern world: educating your target market is the most essential way to help increase your market and cheque book. People in the 19th century didn’t wish to see why they should waste their money on a simple piece of iron. Instead, they wanted to know how to address farming difficulties.

André and Édouard Michelin did something that confused competitors. They published their own book: Le guide rouge de Michelin (The Michelin Guide) in the early 20th century. The book was filled with essential information for starving pioneers. It was crammed with advice on how to change tires and where you could refuel your car. Towards the end of the book were a list of places to eat and suggestions for hostels. The Michelin Guide is the most primitive example of content marketing. The business bonds the target market’s needs and wants with their own objectives to produce their own content and products. To recapitulate, the Michelin Guide has an evolution that is able to teach so many audiences very essential marketing morals.

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