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IMC Trend Report on Video Content Marketing for the New Decade

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Content marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that has been constantly evolving over approximately the last decade. It involves the use of shared media online, including videos, articles, photos and social media posts. Content marketing is constantly changing and growing with the expansion of the Internet and social media. As marketers, it is important to stay up to date on trends and practices in content marketing in order to stay relevant and achieve the best results. Although content marketing covers a broad range of topics, this report will focus mainly on video content, with some reference to other streams such as email, and social media posting.

Trend – Video Content Marketing for the New Decade

One of the number one content marketing trends for 2020 is the importance of video, including both social media posts and live streaming, the latter of which has and will become increasingly important. Cisco forecasts that Internet video will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2020–up from 63% in 2015.[footnoteRef:1] That is a significant amount of traffic, and undoubtedly solidifies the notion that video is becoming one of the biggest sources of information for individuals who access the Internet. Research suggests that marketers are finding value in the use of video to increase engagement and drive website traffic.[footnoteRef:2] A quick Google search in regards to video content marketing and the statistics behind user behaviour makes it clear that video content marketing is here to stay, and will only become more important as traditional cable television is shied away from. It is expected that by 2025 50% of viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service, meaning their main sources for video will be through streaming services and video platforms.[footnoteRef:3] Information and statistics clearly show that brands should be increasing budgets for video content marketing, as it is clear that this is where consumers are looking for information, whether they know it or not. The number of hours viewers are spending watching videos online is also increasing, and advertising expenses for online video content is expected to increase signifigantly over the next few years (See Figure 1.) [1: 37 Mind Blowing YouTube Statistics For B2B Marketers In 2019. (2020, January 6).] [2: Pophal L. ] [3: 37 Mind Blowing YouTube Statistics For B2B Marketers In 2019. (2020, January 6).]

When it comes to the content of videos, and how they are produced, consumers are looking for more interaction with influencers and brands, and personalized messaging will be key to reaching new customers. More interaction could include live streaming, as well as interaction through chat systems implemented within platforms. Consumers are now looking to video platforms for news, research, entertainment and even online learning. Videos with just such content perform well on almost all platforms and brands can easily align their products and services to match with these categories, depending on what they are looking to promote. Marketers feel more positive about the return on investment offered by video than ever, as it continues to strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding.[footnoteRef:4] It is therefore imperative that any companies or brands that are hoping to remain or gain success in the new decade focus at least some of their effort on content marketing, specifically in relation to video. [4: Hayes, A. (2019, December 23)]


The Evolution of Video

Before discussing the current trends, it is important to understand how video content marketing has evolved since the early 2000’s. The evolution of videos on the Internet and its relationship to content marketing cannot be overlooked. The world was first introduced to YouTube in 2005, and it is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful video platforms still to this day. For many years YouTube was generally the only platform for video content marketing until it was later introduced to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and even content specific platforms such as Twitch, which focuses on video game streaming. YouTube still remains a top platform and is now the world’s second largest search engine with over 5 billion videos viewed each day.[footnoteRef:5] However, with competition among video platforms and creators stronger than ever before, differentiation from competition is key. Platforms, influencers, brands and marketers now all need to come up with various tactics to separate themselves and stand out in a world where content is mass-produced everyday. With video being a top trend for 2020, there are a multitude of tactics to employ to ensure successful content marketing. [5: 37 Mind Blowing YouTube Statistics For B2B Marketers In 2019. (2020, January 6).]

Top Video Platforms for 2020

Besides YouTube, there are a number of platforms ramping up for an increase in video usage for the new decade. Instagram is emphasizing the importance of video by increasing the permitted length of videos, as well as pushing the new IGTV (Instagram television) feature. On their website, Instagram emphasizes the importance of video in the new decade and states, “longer vertical video on Instagram makes it even easier to get closer to your audience and be discovered by new people.”[footnoteRef:6] Video traditionally has been done in a horizontal view, which worked when individuals were mainly watching from computers, but now with more consumers watching and filming from their phones, vertical video is becoming more prevalent on platforms. [6: Introducing IGTV. Retrieved from]

Another video platform that has had a large impact on the content marketing industry is Snapchat, which will be celebrating a decade of existence in 2021. Snapchat paved the way for consumer interaction and communication, before eventually making a move to more branded video content. A unique feature that was developed by Snapchat was the introduction of filters and VR “masks.” These filters have evolved since their first introduction and are often utilized by brands to promote products or services. Facebook and Instagram, who clearly saw the potential of filters for their own consumers, have also adopted them on their platforms.

TikTok is one of the newest video platforms, favoured by Gen-Z consumers, and allows for a maximum of 15-second videos. Unlike some other platforms, TikTok Content is presented in a full-screen format that means there are no other distractions and there are no “partial” impressions.[footnoteRef:7] This is extremely valuable in a time when grabbing attention on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. Large brands are starting to take advantage of TikTok, but it is still not being utilized as widely as platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. It is estimated that over 500 million people use TikTok, meaning the network is larger than Twitter and Pinterest.[footnoteRef:8] However, most companies still shy away from TikTok, meaning there is a significant gap in the market which could be utilized much more effectively. [7: Anderson, B. E. (2020, January 27)] [8: TikTok Marketing 101: What Is TikTok and How Can You Market on It? (2019, March 12).]

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Facebook has not traditionally been known as a video sharing platform in the past, however with the consumer demand for video constantly increasing, Facebook has integrated more video sharing features. Live streaming, posts, stories and more are all features on Facebook that continue to grow in popularity. Many brand pages on Facebook now utilize video content, as viewers find it more engaging and often will share videos on their own pages, resulting in more earned media.

Beyond the more commonly known video platforms, new companies have emerged to compete in the market based on the clear trend of individuals seeking out video posts and streaming. Some other platforms include Vimeo, Streamshark, Rumble and more. With most brands focusing on the bigger platforms, there is a big opportunity for companies to get in with these newer platforms, which will likely reach new consumers and open up new opportunities. The untapped potential with some of the smaller video sharing sites is significant.


After researching content marketing, with an emphasis on video marketing trends, it is clear that brands and companies looking to improve sales, engagement and overall brand awareness should undoubtedly be looking to video. The statistics speak for themselves as we are seeing a rising number of individuals using Internet video as their main source of video streaming, as opposed to traditional media such as cable or even movie theatres. YouTube and Facebook have, and will likely remain for a significant time, the top destinations for video content marketing, and with a wider influence over both young and old generations. One of the major benefits of video, and content marketing in general, is it’s ability to expand paid, or owned media to earned media. For example, a brand may purchase a video ad, or own video content, but then with social media platforms, if it is shared or talked about enough it creates earned media, which in many cases can be much more valuable. Anyone can buy or create and ad, but creating a buzz or going viral (a form of earned media) is much easier said than done. With so much content on the Internet, there is a significant difference between content and valuable content, wherein the latter educates, helps or inspires the audience and they appreciate the value.[footnoteRef:9] Content marketing should engage individuals and prompt them to share content through social media. [9: Jefferson, S. & Tanton, S. ]

Influences on Growth

It is apparent that video marketing is growing and will likely continue to grow for some time, but what exactly is causing this growth? When Youtube was first introduced in 2005, it took many years for it to become a profitable platform for content, and even at the turn of the decade in 2010 video did not have the same impact as it does today. The introduction of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime have brought new users into the world of online streaming, including older and newer generations of users. The addition of video to social media such as Instagram and Facebook has also influenced the number of individuals who interact with online video content. Individuals who had previously not interacted with video content were then exposed to this content through liked and shared posts by friend, and then sometimes even re-shared to their networks. The increase in online social media and platform users overall has increased the number of individuals who now look to Youtube and similar platforms as their main source for news, entertainment, research and beyond. The fact that most of online video platforms are free to use has resulted in consumers trading out their paid cable subscriptions, excluding online subscription based services. These factors have all lead to a significant growth in online video viewers and overall platform usage.

Successful Brands using Video Content Marketing

Almost all companies and brands now utilize some form of content marketing, whether it is in a video format or not, and if they are not using it, they should be. Large corporations such as Canadian Tire, Chrysler, Marriot and more have honed in on content marketing and are realizing the value it provides in regards to brand awareness, engagement and increasing sales. A company that has consistently created online video content is Dove. Their “Choose Beautiful” campaign from 2015, is still one that sticks in my mind. The content itself did not revolve around a product, but rather a group of individuals that would fall under Dove’s target market. Women were faced with the option of entering two doorways, one of which said “beautiful” and the other said, “average.” There was no advertisement, but rather women reflecting on their own decisions as to which door they chose. The video ends with the hashtag “ChooseBeautiful.” When creating any form of content, hashtags can greatly increase the success and reach of a post, and help connect brands with their intended audience.

Other Trends in Content Marketing

It should be noted that although video is one of the top trends going into 2020, the importance of email marketing, blog posts and social media posts should not be overlooked. In many cases, email marketing can be used to help push and promote content to consumers, keep customers engaged and even improve brand awareness. A key aspect of email content marketing is the data that it can provide for the companies sending the emails. The data gained from an email sent out can help companies determine which type of content is performing best, or being looked at the most, as well as how to better drive sales through email campaigns. One of the greatest advantages that email has is its ability to target consumers directly, and deliver personalized content based on previous data. One of the biggest trends right now in content marketing is personalized content. In fact, 54 percent of shoppers now anticipate a personalized discount within a day of sharing their information with a retailer.[footnoteRef:10] Personalized content is now morphing into what is known as dynamic content, which is content that changes based on various factors known about the consumer. Location, time, weather, gender and more are now all being used to adjust current content specifically for each viewer. [10: Balkhi, S. (2020, January 2)]


It is evident that content marketing, in all its formats, is a growing trend, however with so much noise on the internet, the most successful content will be original, imaginative, engaging and inspirational for its intended audience. Any company looking to advance into the next decade successfully should invest in proper content marketing, as it can also have a negative effect if not implemented and executed correctly. The future of content marketing is one of great possibility for both consumers and companies, where both can benefit from valuable, creative content.


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