Hotel and Guest Experience

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Hotel and the guest experience is a broad topic in the hospitality industry, which related to all progress during the hotel. This essay aims to figure out the concept of professionalism within the hospitality industry. Moreover, the trend of customer behavior is changing and developing. It is essential to follow the trend and forecast the direction. This work explains the elements of the experience economy, and it will discuss Pine and Gilmore’s theory to understand the experience economy and analyze the customization and commoditization as well. After that, figure out the critical reflation from the hotel to deal with consumer behavior trends, and evaluate the hotel market to adjust by changed consumer’s sensibility. To know the reason why some hotels can always become popular in the hospitality industry. Finally, search four examples of the hotel to offer a personalized and unique experience.

Pine and Gilmore’s Experience Economy

According to Pine & Gilmore (1999), the element for judging and defining a company is by their profit. Understanding well of guest interests and needs could make significant growth of the company benefit. In fact, not only create more opportunity for the company to earn a profit but also it might be charge more than other competitors. A guest has a high intention for purchasing their own experience and unique memory. Moreover, the guests would share their knowledge with friends or relatives after a great experience, which also builds up the customers’ loyalty and excellent reputation of the company. All aspects of providing enjoyable experience crucial to run a successful company. The power of experience economy is considerable effect for customers to consume behavior.

Work Is Theatre

“Work is becoming more like a theatre where goods are props and services create a stage on which a rich customer experience can be blended”, - Pine & Gilmore (1999).

The tourists placed great emphasis on experience in nowadays. Mega-trend has influenced the whole economy (Mehmetoglu & Engen, 2011). In fact, the trend has shown proved again how crucial of providing an excellent experience to the guest. If the economic requiring is an experience which means work is theatre. On the contrary, the employee identifies it as a standard as well (Goffman, 1959). In this case, the company make more effort to create a customization business environment for guest (Pine & Gilmore).


Customization is the intangible service of assisting the guest to realize what exactly they need. Thus, a service becomes to provide an exact item to suitable for each individual guest’s wants in a particular moment (Pine & Gilmore, 2013). Using customized service could make a high difference with other competitors, and it really difficult to be emulated from others. Through the experience with guest, the company could adjust their method to enhance the better-quality service for guest. Thus, customized service becomes essential for a business organization to earn added value for customers.


The meaning of commodification is a process, which means the consumer hardly recognizes the different attributes between the goods. Therefore, while consumer could not distinguish the difference from a similar type of product, they would prefer to purchase the cheapest product. Companies can solve this commoditization trap by using customization. When service customizes the experience for an individual, guest can receive the top experience and make the decision to choose the products on next time (Pine & Gilmore, 2013).

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A Critical Reflection of How Consumer Behavior Trends Have Created the Need for Authentic Experiences within the Hotel Sector

Consumer behavior trend is always changing and developing, and the hotel is the place to pleasure guest for making a profit. Therefore, the hotel should be forecast the pattern of consumer behavior and follow the trend to create an enjoyable experience for the guest. There are several examples of the hotel reflecting the consumer behavior trend. Primary, tourist nowadays prefers to have a local experience rather stay in a 5-star hotel and use the hotel’s facilities, such as Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and gym. They want a strong connection with the city or attraction spot. For example, experiencing the unique festival in a specific time, enjoy the activity that most people have not done it before. Besides, try all local cuisine rather than stay in a hotel for dining. Therefore, Airbnb became a powerful competitor to the hotel, which could not provide a connection with the local area. It causes thousands and thousands of tourists to choose Airbnb to book the accommodation. Stay with locals and enjoy their daily life which became the new consumer trend (Salazar 2018). However, Salazar (2018) recommends that the hotel should focus on the connection between the hotel and the community. Hotelier could provide different experience by surrounding environment of the hotel. Moreover, make the corporation with a local restaurant, such as, design some cuisine by local features, and corporate with local business to provide local experience. The guests can enjoy more local elements during in the hotel. Hotelier Providing different experience by surrounding environment of the hotel. Furthermore, Uber eat has become a megatrend in this generation. According to the study conducted by Empirica Research, these days, people not only use Uber eat more often but also believe that they can be eating healthier to use Uber eat for food. People accept this kind of behavior and get used to it. More and more people rely on the app because they can choose whatever they want and also could order healthy food for themselves (‘Uber Eats Reveals How Aussies Are Eating in 2019: Uber Newsroom Australia’, 2019). In this case, the hotel reduces significant revenue from their restaurant. Most guests would just take order by app and have the meal in their room. By contrast, the hotel could turn on the experience. The hotel restaurant can hire the best chefs and create over-the-top dining venues in order to give guests an unforgettable memory. The hotel can go apart from other competitors by the beautiful dining experience, which is the goal that Uber eat service cannot achieve ('Hotel Foodservice Trends to Follow in 2019').

An Evaluation on How the Hotel Market Has Evolved as a Result of the Changed Consumer’s Sensibility

As the report mentioned above, guests are willing to consume the product, which can create an unforgettable memory. In fact, the guest would like to spend more money to enjoy a unique experience. Nowadays, the guests are not easily attracted by a fancy hotel structure. How to make the guest feel incomparable between other hotels and keep customer loyalty become crucial issues for the hotel. Hence, most hotels’ employee started their customized service to enhance their business. There are some characteristics of customized service. Firstly, try to receive the guest information before they arrive in the hotel, such as ask their preference and any needs by email or phone. Collect the guest data for serving the guest in a particular method. Also, ask the guest for the customer feedback after they finish their stay in the hotel. The guest can feel a great concern from the hotel. Secondly, hotel regulation should be flexible for the guest. Which means the existing rules and policies of the hotel can be modifying. However, the hotelier has to look for a solution to satisfy the guests’ needs without affecting the business. Thirdly, creativity is offering something that no one has done it before for the guests. To be creative, it should put much effort to analyze the trend of consumer behavior from their suggestion, opinion and customer feedback. Finally, adaptability means to make sure the customized service could acceptable for each individual guest. Adaptability is the primary factor to be concerned when designing a new service ('Customized Services: A Key Strategy in Guest Services: By Osvaldo Torres', 2008). Therefore, the hotel might put more effort to create an incredible experience for the guest, rather than spend all the money on their building. Customization is the new trend all around the world, and hotel should adjust their market to fit in the modern business environment.

How Established Hotel Brands Have Adopted to Provide Personalized and Unique Experiences

People are indeed more emphasis on their own experience and unique service. A guest wants customized feeling through the whole stay in the hotel. According to the high-tech generation nowadays, it should be possible for a hotel to set up more connection with each customer, such as smart room, tech-savvy rooms and more relationship among people. A few years ago, artificial intelligence, home automation and Internet of things brought personal service to an unthinkable level. As more and more technology is connected to IoT, which can make the tourism and hospitality industry to analyze their guests’ data to improve customer experience. For example, Marriot is launching its IoT Room, offering digital frames for uploading photos of friends and family during their stay, which is a great service for guests to make unforgettable memories. In fact, it could apply on the anniversary and special day for the guest. All aspects of the hotel could impress the guest for a long time. Also, the more understating of the guest, the more chances to pleasure them (Salazar, 2018). There are numerous advantages to using IoT. Through the device in the hotel room, the guest can adjust the TV programs, lights, and music. It can also ask the guest for the booking for the next journey. They can book the room by a few clicks, which is exceptionally efficient. All the set up for the room can remember in order to give customized service for the guest being the hotel next time ('Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes').

Hotel Wailea in Maui Believes Taking Dining Venues to New Heights Is Trending as Well

The Hotel Wailea in Maui motivating guests to choose their own spot on the property to enjoy the meals. The guest can go around the hotel and pick up wherever they want for lunch or dinner. The hotel can offer more selections for the guest in order to give specialized experience for them. For instance, guests can enjoy a meal at a canyon’s edge in Oman, which is suitable for the guests who love nature. Experience the new dining experience that has not done before. Furthermore, Minor Hotels’ Anantara chain began its ‘Dining by Design’ program to give diners a say in their meals. The guest can decide what they exactly need and requires, and they can design their own meal to make the stratification of the guest into a marvelous level ('Hotel Foodservice Trends to Follow in 2019').


Through Pine and Gilmore’s experience economy, people can understand how crucial within providing an unforgettable memory for the guest. The guest wants a unique experience. Nevertheless, it costs much money than other hotels. Customization is the best solution for the product become commoditization. Make products special and unique between competitors can be a successful business in the hospitality industry.

Consumer behavior trend is always changing and developing, so the hotel can become more successful through forecast the trend, and adjust the hotel regulation appropriately also really helpful for the hotel business. A critical reflection of the hotel is that the guest more concern about their experience rather than the hotel’s facilities. In this case, the hotel should spend more invest in creating customized service. As the research of those hotels’ examples, there are so many aspects that can be elevated by the hotel. More connection among the guests can provide more chance to make profits. After reading this report, people can have basic knowledge of hotel and guest experience, and the concept of how the hotel makes their decision on their hotel market. Have the knowledge of experience economy can be better prepared to face the challenges in the forthcoming future.

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