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A shortage of orthopedic surgeons performing joint replacement is expected in the next several years. “By 2025, there will be a projected shortage between 25,200 surgeons and 33,200 surgeons” which is an extreme shortage of practitioners in this field (Rechtoris). This is one of the reasons that I want to become a surgeon along with helping others. 'When a patient gets well his doctor 'feels' good–a personal warm glow that tells him once again what being a doctor is. This...
2 Pages 816 Words
Using robots in surgery may become a reality. Years ago, no one could imagine that using robots would become a reality and be sufficient so the patient can trust it. Many types of research have been published, and experiments have been conducted to test the robots and know the advantages and disadvantages of using them. However, there are some arguments about the efficiency of using robots or not, as using robots is a must or perfect choice in cases like...
3 Pages 1455 Words
The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery has supporters and opponents. Advantages may include precision, speed, and research advances whilst disadvantages may include accountability, ethical and safety considerations. Orthopedic surgery is a field of Medicine rapidly advancing in its use of artificial intelligence to achieve exciting progress. The question is how far can and should it go? AI has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and some AI techniques such as search engines, voice recognition software, and autonomous...
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Robotic surgery is used now a days by hospitals to do surgeries more precisely, flexibly and with more control than the surgeries which are done by human hand. The robots used for this purpose are manually controlled and coordinated by surgeons. Artificial intelligence is a computer system which is able to perform tasks which requires human intelligence, like visual recognition, decision making, recognition of sounds and more over the things which humans do. So, this research report mainly focuses on...
3 Pages 1345 Words
Surgery was, and still is, a very important aspect in medicine. The development of surgery has come a long way, but it is important to look back at its roots. Looking back and understanding the changes that occurred allow us to see the different advances in surgery, the mortality rate for surgeries, and how surgery lead to the understanding of bacteria and its relation to infection. As surgery increased, so did the fatalities. It is these fatalities that led Joseph...
2 Pages 1027 Words
Introduction Ever since I was young, I have been captivated by the field of healthcare. The thought of playing a vital role in saving lives and providing comfort to patients during their most vulnerable moments has always resonated with me. After careful consideration and thorough research, I have come to the realization that a career as a Surgical Technologist aligns perfectly with my passion for healthcare and my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. With...
1 Page 547 Words
Surgical technology plays a crucial role in contemporary medicine, and the need for proficient specialists in this area is swiftly growing. For individuals who have a keen interest in healthcare and thrive in dynamic settings, embarking on a career as a surgical tech can be both gratifying and enriching. In this composition, I will convey my enthusiasm for pursuing a vocation as a surgical tech and the influence I aspire to have within the field. Personal Background As a child,...
2 Pages 957 Words
As a surgeon, one has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of their patients by performing life-changing surgeries. From life-saving procedures to improving quality of life, the role of a surgeon is vital in the healthcare industry. This is why I am passionate about pursuing a career as a surgeon. Passion for Helping People I have always had a strong passion for helping people and making a positive difference in their lives. This drive to help...
2 Pages 831 Words
“Failure instructs better than success. A single death shapes the surgeon’s psyche in a way that fifty “saves” cannot.” I remember this quote every time I look back to commemorate my beloved grandfather who suffered a stroke during my early teens. At his bedside, I watched nurses come and go, checking his vitals and checking the monitors. But it was the neurosurgeons who fascinated me. When they explained what they could do surgically to help, I thought I wanted to...
2 Pages 742 Words
Unequal representation of women in the health sector starts from the field of education itself. Ever since the right to education became a fundamental right, several barriers that were present in the past have been removed but however a few barriers still exist for women through academic institutions. These barriers could be understood through the phenomena of the leaky pipeline. Though a lot of women are educated, sever of the candidates gradually leak out of the educational system due to...
3 Pages 1173 Words
Introduction The case of Lewis Blackman is a tragic example of a medical error that resulted in the loss of a young life. Lewis, a 15-year-old boy, underwent a routine surgery to correct a pectus excavatum, a chest deformity. However, due to a series of preventable mistakes and communication breakdowns within the healthcare system, Lewis experienced complications that ultimately led to his untimely death. This case study aims to analyze the factors that contributed to Lewis Blackman's tragic outcome and...
1 Page 615 Words
“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost” (Erol Ozan). Many people do not know what life will bring or what path they should go until that opportunity arrives. Life is a pretty strange thing; it's beautiful, yet not in every case is simple, it has issues, and the challenge lies in confronting them with mental fortitude. Every one of the trials and tribulations you experience can make you a better person, regardless of whether it's terrible. Becoming a...
3 Pages 1182 Words
Introduction Being a neurosurgeon is more than just a job choice; it's a dedication to one of the hardest and most significant fields of medicine. A unique chance to explore the intricacies of the human brain and nervous system exists in the subject of neurosurgery, which sits at the nexus of science and human health. This essay examines my path to this honorable career, which was motivated by a combination of personal significance and a strong understanding of the significant...
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