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Plastic surgery is a controversial and ethical issue currently happening in the U.S. and in several middle eastern countries. Teenagers, especially adolescent girls, have been exploring new ways to enhance their external appearance through surgery. There are many reasons why people get plastic surgery, however, our society is the first to judge an individual for getting a procedure done, even if it makes the individual content with themselves. For the most part, men and women get plastic surgery in order...
3 Pages 1403 Words
As much as the world advocates for “loving yourself” and being happy with who you are, just as you are, realistically speaking, the society we live in, puts great importance on looks and physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery wouldn't exist if that weren't the case. In ethics, it is agreed that based on a society's belief system, we, as people have decided what is to be accepted and what is not. Naturally, in order to survive such a system, you either...
2 Pages 1041 Words
Cosmetic surgery specifies a surgical treatment for people who wish to enhance their appearance and reach their beauty goals. But it may also be used for medical reasons, such as for people who have had accidents, to reinstate the function of a body part, or to repair scars from surgery. It assists the person by building self-esteem, confidence, health, and bodily function and providing physical comfort and ease. A cosmetic surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery treats...
2 Pages 749 Words
Since the beginning of time, man has always been keen on his appearance and how others viewed him. People with anomalies in their appearance have always been treated differently hence their need to alter their appearance and feel normal. Cosmetic surgery, therefore, is a necessary evil since people will always want to change their appearance so as to be perceived in a particular way. Health engine (2010) explains that cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is done in order...
7 Pages 3403 Words
Coco Chanel once said, “elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” (Top 20 Coco Chanel quotes). Many people don’t know the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is when someone chooses to change their image because they want to enhance their appearance. For example, breast enhancement such as augmentation or lift, facial contouring such as rhinoplasty, chin or cheek enhancement, and Body Contouring such as Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Gynecomastia Treatment. While plastic...
4 Pages 1837 Words
South Korea: Plastic Empire Cosmetic Surgery is defined by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery as, “...procedures, techniques, and principles [that] are entirely focused on enhancing a patient's appearance (Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery). Unlike its counterpart, reconstructive/plastic surgery is one and the same; it is defined as a specialty to correct or reconstruct flaws and/or defects that someone may have due to birth, trauma, or sicknesses. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, South Korea ranked third,...
5 Pages 2092 Words
In today's society, the vast majority of people can be discontent with the way they look, resulting in millions of people choosing to get medical procedures in order to change their characteristic appearance. Cosmetic surgery is carried out by using clinical and surgical strategies, which can sometimes result in complications and dangers that patients must be aware of prior to deciding to have a procedure. However, cosmetic surgery can have several benefits for individuals such as improving mental self-view, common...
3 Pages 1257 Words
Throughout this essay; key themes, debates, and concepts which support and argue against this statement will be discussed. Focusing mainly on the rise of cosmetic surgery among celebrities, and those not in the public eye, to become the modern-day visual concept of perfection and how social media can be a huge influence on the way we look and view ourselves. The industry has seen thousands of young adults paying huge amounts of money to change certain features on their faces...
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