Argumentative Essay on Why I Want to Be a Surgeon

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“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost” (Erol Ozan). Many people do not know what life will bring or what path they should go until that opportunity arrives. Life is a pretty strange thing; it's beautiful, yet not in every case is simple, it has issues, and the challenge lies in confronting them with mental fortitude. Every one of the trials and tribulations you experience can make you a better person, regardless of whether it's terrible.

Becoming a surgeon wasn't something I was not constrained into. I have desired to become a surgeon as long as I can remember. Although growing up as a child I always wanted to be as famous as Selena Gomez, not to mention I thought I was the best actress ever, which is not true at all. To have the ability to save someone from dying is very inspiring.

Throughout my whole life seeing my mom fight from the bottom to the top, physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally has given me the integrity to accomplish my goals. My mother had come from a foreign country to America, the country of opportunities, as a married woman. My mother strived for success, but the negativity in her life held her back. My mother was abused by my father, they thought she was dumb just because she didn’t know how to speak English. Although there was a ‘light in the darkness’ – my grandfather who encouraged her to go to college and become something. Something is too good to be true, right? In this case, it was true, my grandfather had passed away one month later. In Indian culture, women are perceived a certain way. Indian women are expected to be religious and have to be aware of the traditional customs of their in-laws. Indian women will also be ideal women if they get along with their in-laws. This was not the case for my mother, she was tortured by her mother-in-law, who was constantly putting rivalries between my mother and father. She would tell my mother that what she was doing was not right and how she dressed wasn't right. Seeing my mother get abused was happiness and joy to her, she would sit there smiling. Indian women are perceived as a housewife because they do not have the capability of handling outside work, according to most men. My father would twist my mother's arms to show dread in her. The home was where my father's dark shadow was held, where sorrows and hurt were held. I would hear my sister shouting in defense like it was all she had left in life, and hear her sobbing in her room. My little brother was born, and hearing the constant fights, he would cling to my mother's leg. My father was a charmer in the outside world, but in reality, he was a horrible person. My father cheated on my mother while I was at the age of nine. He would tell the mistress that he was forced into a marriage, which led my mother to her darkest place. My mother drank so much that she was sent to the hospital. I asked my mother why she was staying with him, and she responded simply: “There was nowhere to go”. My mom would contemplate regularly regardless of her antagonism and have become a medical assistant. My mother taught me to be a determined person to not let anything come in the way of my happiness. She taught me always be true to myself. This pursued me to accomplish my dream of becoming a surgeon, to make sure I make my mother proud. I want to be a surgeon because I have the integrity to do it.

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Another accomplishment that urged me to become a surgeon was the point at which I would prevent myself from fulfilling my dreams. Experiencing all these family issues drove me to a condition of depression. Often time, I was resolved that the chances were against me. The picture in my psyche was that my life was appalling and it was never going to improve. Continually tormenting myself with negativity drove me to not carry out aspects that I had the integrity to do. I would have the mindset of viewing mistakes as failures. I would create dread and frailty which would decrease my achievements. I, at last, acknowledged after a specific time that the antagonism in my life was poisonous. I started to urge myself to accomplish my targets. I understood that letting apprehension and antagonism derail me will never get rainbows in my life. The degree of negative emotions can go from indignation, disappointment, and crabbiness, to even nervousness and wretchedness, going through numerous different sentiments, which was something I would not like to consent to. I trusted I was stuck and this circumstance harmed me more than I suspected it did. Being stuck is only a thought, a spoiled idea in the head. I realize it is hard to settle on a choice, yet at the same time make one. It will be superior to anything in the position you are in. Once in a while, this one-stage move opens up an entirely different world of potential outcomes. Pessimism emptied vitality from my life. These experiences are a big part of my growing up.

I am fully determined to accomplish my dream of becoming a surgeon. I want to be a surgeon not because of the money, but because I am passionate. I want to become a surgeon because it consolidated a mission for knowledge with an approach to service, spare lives, and ease suffering. Seeing a patient feel good again gives you pride in why you are doing what you are doing. I want to dedicate my life to medicine. I want to be a world-class surgeon. I want to change and save people’s lives.

Becoming a surgeon means you are learning everything about the human body. From the pumping of the heart to drugs that take away pain to machines that allow you to look inside a person, modern medicine remains one of the most fascinating subjects in the world. Surgeons are trusted with information that most people do not have access to. To be trusted by everybody is an amazing honor. Surgeons are in a position of power. They are considered leaders in health care. There’s never a dull moment. They vary in so many different experiences, which makes them full of excitement.

Some people think that I'm too unrealistic, but nothing is unachievable when you push yourself your hardest. If you keep believing in yourself, you will get what you desire. Because I believe in myself, I know I will make an impact in whatever field I choose. Having the right attitude is half the battle, and being in it for the money is not right. Ultimately, I'm doing what I'm doing for the people who were always there for me, and as a surgeon, I want to be therewith. I will perceive full dedication to make sure my dreams come true. My dream is the elixir of what my future holds.

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