Critical Review On The Organisational And Individual Values And Business Problem Solving Methods

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There is simply no end to the number of instances where one has seen how poor alignment among the several values of an organization and the individual principles of the employees have immensely impacted and resulted in poor performance of the organization. Researchers are of the opinion that even though most of the organizations across the globe have recognised the importance of values but there are still quite a lot of companies who are yet to understand the same, completely. Apart from the importance of the organizational values this work will also take into account the significance of problem solving in a business and how important it is a mechanism for determining a course of action.


It has been observed time and again that the organizational leaders, who have concentrated well in the values and ethics have come up with more success rates than that of their counterparts. But as has been pointed out in the study conducted by the authors Malbašić et al. (2015), there still prevails an unsolved question that is mainly concerned with the making of a well-balanced organizational value that will serve adequately to achieve the manifold goals of an organization. While exploring the balanced organizational values and their importance in the modern-day organization, the authors have found out the various ways in which it contributes in making the business story a success. With the help of the chosen source where the authors stated that they have quite aptly explained that organizational values play a number of crucial functions for which they are being considered with such seriousness. The next journal regarding ted talk demonstrated that TED Talks have an inspiring complete outreach as it is open to everybody and thereby allow the organisational members to gain an understanding of the sustainability goal. According to Tarsha (2017), this is not just helping in determining the distinctive features of the company but at the same time command to a great extent the personal participation and alignment of the company values. Moreover, in order to communicate what the company considers important for its operations, organizational values play a vital role and at the same time have the power to affect the overall behaviour as well. The employees, stakeholders, clients can be easily inspired to take positive action with the help of the core organizational values. Furthermore, author Arbor (2019) asserted the core impotence of micro-credential in solving the business case problem. It is proven from the chosen journal that Micro credentials supports organisation to upsurge the value of business policy by enhancing the scope of learning and development. It also reduces time to capability, resultant in more affianced learners within the organisation. Therefore, a possibility of better productivity can also be increased concurrently. This also goes on to donate largely to the overall success and goal accomplishment of the organization.

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When it comes to the importance of various organizational values, it is seen that most of the modern organizations have widely recognized the cruciality of the same. Organizational values, as been opined by experts, are ideologies that direct and guide, most of the vital activities of a company. They are basically the belief system that is seen to be held by a specific person or group concerning the resources and purposes that companies have to categorise in order to run the run the company successfully. In the investigative work of the authors Malbašić et al. (2015), the relationship among business model innovation and commercial sustainability along with organizational values have been demonstrated thoroughly. The main objective of the investigative work in the chosen journal was to examine the manner in which these three scopes associate with corporate economic performance (Ehtisham, 2018). The study related with TED Talk revealed that companies that had innovative models for business operations have an enhanced possibility of addressing commercial sustainability. Moreover, that business model invention and commercial sustainability are similar. In fact, these traits are characteristically seen in organisations that are deeply rooted in ethics of suppleness and decision. The business model invention and commercial sustainability as has also been observed in the study of micro credential. In this study Tarsha (2017) gives the impression of having their basis in the essential principles that guide the establishment towards its goal fulfillment. Moreover, the study has also found out a positive affiliation amongst the core structural values and economic performance. In order to uphold the accuracy of the work, the author has made the analysis based on a survey, where responses were collected and considered from the managers. Furthermore, the importance of problem solving in any business environment has been discussed through an innovative model of micro-credential. The authors of the research paper have stated that individual and business surroundings are filled with objects, actions, interactions and procedures that are fragmented or are acting as obstacle (Arbor, 2019). Adding to this, these are not letting it to operate exactly in the manner the company desires it to work. This is precisely where the ability of problem-solving plays a crucial role by offering the organization a mechanism to recognize and categorize these obstructing elements and to figure out the reasons why they are in a broken state. Moreover, problem solving also helps in determining the befitting course of action that will being the situation under control as well.


The fact that the unethical behavior is one of the major issues that concerns both the organizations and persons specifically, in relation to the people who are widely engaged in such applications, cam hardly be denied. There are many instances where they have been harmfully impacted by such practices as well. In this regard, Arbor (2019) mentioned that the approach of micro-credential presents a concrete structured for the process of problem-solving and underlines the organizational culture where problems can be considered as future prospects for improving the corporate goal. There have been attempts by not only philosophers and professionals but also by organizations and society to define a well-structured problem-solving process, so that it serves the organization adequately to fulfill its purpose. A structured problem-solving process is seen to be greatly influenced by both the organizational values and the individual concerned. Creative problem solving (CPS) is an approach where an organization tries to solve it in an inventive or innovative manner (Ehtisham, 2018). The aim of CPS is to produce innovative results, decide and act rapidly. The issues that affect problem-solving actions comprises the thought procedures or thinking designs of the concerned person. The chief thought process scopes comprise of tactical intelligence or a better long-standing concentration and not just a temporary departmental emphasis.


Behind the successful operation of an organization, one should not only recognize the vitality of its top executives but at the same time one must also admit the role of its employees, clients and stakeholders as well. To maintain the much-needed alignment among them, individual and organizational values along with an effective problem-solving process have a vital role to play. Therefore, organizations across the globe should consider these factors for the successful operations and further development.


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