Abortion as a Problem and How to Prevent It: Problem Solution Essay

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Many liberals just accredit or easily formalize abortion, they didn’t consider this misconduct and misbehavior in life. In their opinion, abortion would be the best acknowledge to reduce poverty or population inflation. They might say that in order to have an organized country, women need to take measures for their better lives, and the most alternative way is killing innocent unborn children.

Blameless children should no longer be involved in this kind of customary crime. After all, we are now facing the reality of life and death, responsibility or obligations, and also the unborn and born children should have equal treatment to have their own lives. We have no right to deprive of lives, especially for those unborn children. In Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder” derives that killing anyone is unforgivable, whether born or unborn children. In God's eyes, abortion is a sin and unjustifiable incessantly.

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Before we do something, we must think about it carefully because we can never re-establish this kind of circumstance. Our Lord God has given us the brain or the mind to decide right for ourselves and above all, we have been given the heart to give care and understand things, a sense of self, and lastly our purpose in this world. If we put an end to the unborn baby, the future parents will be lost their happiness forever coz part of their piece of heart vanished endlessly.

There are many ways to prevent abortion. First of all, parents should give guidance and should pay attention to their children about sex education so their children are not ignorant and innocent, because when they are not given enough knowledge teenagers become aggressive in this kind of situation. Second, Roman Catholics are not accepting of condoms and contraceptive pills or injections, so we must avail ourselves of expedient permitted natural birth control because pills are means for the evil instrument. Third, we must think carefully about the things we do so that there will be no regrets in the end. And above all, if there is a law on women who take abortions, men who deviate from their responsibility should be also punished. Because we all know that no woman will make inaccuracy if their partner does not abdicate their responsibility as a father.

This issue has already received worldwide attention. We must have a comprehension in this state of affairs about abortion, it will never be acceptable to anyone and our God. We must remember that the life given to us is already for temporary use. We must take superintend and protect it, and not commit undesirable sins, because it will convict into retribution.

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