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Social Issues

Texting And Driving Is A Widespread Problem That Is Killing

1 Page 548 Words
As these immense questions arise up and around many times, as for what’s leading upon this issue of distracted drivers, and the solution to this varies upon our community’s viewpoints for some can be positive or negative as for some, distracted driving is defined as “ the preparation of driving a vehicle while engaging in another activity, typically one that...

The Problem Of Elderly Physical Abuse

2 Pages 1011 Words
Today often we hear about abuse. when we discussing abuse or mistreatment we think its only limited to children and women but its not, this happens to our seniors also. the elderly people due to ageing process which result in dependency upon others. The dependency ultimate lead to elderly abuse. The elderly abuse does not have and particular definition, Acc...

Video Game Violence Is Not The Problem In Real Life

1 Page 664 Words
With all the recent tragedies in the news, people are looking for answers to why this is happening. Many people have their own theories, but a popular one perpetuated is that violent video games are causing real-life violence. Even the president of the United States has run with this theory. He claims that the easy access and normalization of gory...

The Ways To Conflict Resolution At The Workplace

3 Pages 1310 Words
The number of individual disputes arising from day-to-day workers’ grievances or complaints has been rising across the world (ILO, 2013). Outline the causes and how these disputes can be mitigated in organisations. This essay will outline the causes of individual disputes and how these disputes can be mitigated in organizations globally. The first part of the essay will seek to...

The Problem Of Child Labour In India

2 Pages 1048 Words
About child Labour In India, kid labour refers to the hiring of any child below the age of fourteen for the aim of any economic advantages. In alternative words, it's outlawed for a company, as well as outlets and factories to have interaction a toddler in their business for physical labour. This particularly holds true for employment with activity hazards,...

The Problem Of Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Industry

5 Pages 2235 Words
There is a fine line that separates cultural appropriation from appreciation. In the fashion industry, this has been a controversial issue for a while now between models and the message that they are sending, on the runway and on magazines, by wearing cultural symbols as fashion items. The media has brought this issue into the light and shown a wide...

The Problem Of Postpartum Depression

1 Page 420 Words
This is a complicated mixture of things that occur in a woman body which are physical, emotion and behavioral, and usually takes place between four to six weeks after giving birth. The encouraging news is that it is treatable. Before delivery it may be very possible to identify the women at high risk of getting postpartum depression. this group will...

The Problem Of Obesity In Hartlepool Community

8 Pages 3696 Words
Introduction The aim of this Community Profile is to assess the needs of the population within a geographically determined area. It will evaluate the resources that exist, and assess the needs of those within the community, to help improve the quality of life for the individuals across the age continuum. (Hawtin and Percy-Smith, 2007) The word ‘community’ is often used...

Causes And Solutions Of Fatal Road Accidents

2 Pages 965 Words
Fatal road accident can be defined as a death resulting from an unfortunate mishap happened on a public road involving one or more vehicle. The world has the highest road fatality risk among the ASEAN and made it to the top three countries in the world of the list of fatal road accidents with a death rate of 23 per...

What Are the Effects of Fake News to Students

5 Pages 2128 Words
Reviewed double_ok
INTRODUCTION This report will discuss the impact of fake news on education. The definition of fake news and each impact will be stated. After research has been conducted and stated, a conclusion will be included at the end of the report to state what the findings were. WHAT IS FAKE NEWS? Fake news is made-up news, manipulated to look like...

Genetically Modified Food As A Solution To Ending World Hunger

1 Page 702 Words
Genetically modified (GM) foods have been a popular topic of debate for many years. The New Humanitarian reported that a clause was put into the 2013 United States agriculture bill to ban their department of agriculture from stopping, or preventing, the growth of GM crops (Kindra, 2013). Which leads to question what the real issue is? GM crops, or the...

The Problem And Peculiarities Of Bilingual Writing

6 Pages 2551 Words
Introduction “Handwriting is a complex human activity that entails an intricate blend of cognitive, kinesthetic, and perceptual-motor components” (Hanover Research, 2012, p.5). For this reason it requires instructions and practice in order to write neatly and fluently. However, when a pupil has firstly learned to write in a different writing system, the development of his handwriting in a second system...

The Problem Of High School Shooting

6 Pages 2638 Words
For a school shooting to be defined as such, it must be an act or attempt at first-degree murder involving two or more victims on a school’s campus. The horrible and tragic event is something we sadly experience in our life. It really is a shame that something like this happens and young lives are lost because one felt the...

Fast Fashion Essay: Reasons Why It is a Problem

2 Pages 910 Words
Reviewed double_ok
A popular trend in clothing in a particular place during a specific time period. Inexpensive clothing is created based on fashion trends, which encourages clothing disposal as a result of its fast-response system. Started and influenced due to competition among clothing brands and to increase profit. Large apparel brands such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and GAP would produce cheap, low-quality...

The Problem Of Child Poverty And How To Solve It

2 Pages 1078 Words
Everyone has felt hungry before or has felt embarrassed by the clothes they were wearing. Some of us have the choice to go into the kitchen and grab something out of the fridge or change the outfit we were wearing, but others don’t. More attention should be focused on ways to lower the number of children is growing up in...

Teaching Algebraic Thinking Through Problem Solving

3 Pages 1246 Words
One organization that provides research-based strategies and best practices for increasing the effectiveness of mathematics educators worldwide is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Hiebert found (as cited in Walle, Kark, & Bay-Williams, 2013) that countries whose teaching practices were most similar to those advised by the NCTM scored higher in mathematical achievement. Specifically, Hiebert found that higher...

Poverty And The Free Market: The Singer And Zwolinski Solution To World Poverty

2 Pages 1072 Words
Introduction In the works of both Matt Zwolinski and Peter Singer, the two political philosophers explore the moral necessities surrounding altruistic international assistance and economic relationships, demonstrating the need for greater, more pragmatic international support for developing countries in the context of the global free market. Singer and Effective Altruism In the essay “Affluence, Famine, and Morality,” Peter Singer argues...

The Problem Of Smoking In Public Places

2 Pages 795 Words
Inhaling smoke has been proven to cause a myriad of detrimental effects, ranging from increasing one’s risk to common coughs and asthma to more life threatening diseases such as lung cancer and pneumonia. Knowledge of these ramifications have resulted in the common consensus that smoking is bad for not just the smoker’s health but those around him. Therefore, the discussion...

School Violence Problem In Bahrain

3 Pages 1344 Words
School violence is adolescence violence that happens on school grounds, from activities organized by the school or college, or during an event sponsored by the work. A teenager can be a victim of school violence, a perpetrator, or a witness. School violence can also affect or involve adults. Abuse among young people includes different habits. Some violent acts can cause...
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