The Problem Of Postpartum Depression

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This is a complicated mixture of things that occur in a woman body which are physical, emotion and behavioral, and usually takes place between four to six weeks after giving birth. The encouraging news is that it is treatable.

Before delivery it may be very possible to identify the women at high risk of getting postpartum depression. this group will be given more concentration by a health professional during the period when they are almost giving birth. One of the long term risk of this illness is that some of children who are born by mothers affected by it are going to have problems especially in their teen age (O'hara & Swain,1996). this may include inefficient or insecure attachment, higher rates of behavioral problems, and poor performance in school.

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Postpartum Depression is treatable in several ways. Do a depression screening that may include having you fill out a questionnaire about how your body feels. Order blood tests to determine whether the symptoms are correct and that’s why its contributing to your illness. Order other tests, if warranted, to rule out other causes for your symptoms. After treatment from your doctor you need a lot of rest, accept help from family and also friends and importantly connect with other moms among many others (Hannus ,2017)

This illness affects about 15-20 percent of women worldwide after giving birth. Doctors came up with effective methods that would help one to prevent this illness from affecting them. Sleeping and crying of the new born baby helps a lot mother and they learn about how to facilitate positive interaction with their children. A mother should recognize the signs and speak up whenever she feels off. Getting more sleep will help a lot. Getting help from friends and family if one is struggling with breastfeeding (Dennis & Dowswell,2013).

In conclusion, it is evident that Postpartum Depression is very risk and doctors should raise this awareness upon women, especially the once that are expectant. If they give birth and get this illness, this is where the families and friends come in hand with allot of support after a visit to the doctor.


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