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Every Woman Should Have Ability To Have A Safe Abortion

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Abortion always has been and probably always will be a heated and heavily debated topic. Arguments coming from religious views and beliefs to rights and safety concerns, there have been tremendous amounts of debating surrounding abortion.

Abortion has been evident since ancient times and many different methods were attempted. Some being; herbal remedies, using sharp implements, and abdominal pressure. Records of abortion have been dated back to over 4,000 years ago. Abortions back in ancient times were generally looked down on heavily by most societies and had harsh penalties if one was caught doing so. Were these penalties rightfully applied? And in today’s age is it ok to abort?

I fundamentally believe that it is a complete necessity to have safe abortion clinics and for abortions to be legalized in all parts of the world.

It is unrealistic to expect that all sexually active women will never experience an unplanned pregnancy, especially since, no form of contraception is 100% effective, and even when used correctly may still fail. So it would be incredibly unfair to have laws that force these women to keep their embryos (an undeveloped fetus), even when they had done all they could to prevent pregnancy. The World Health Organisation estimates that if everyone used a form of contraception perfectly in every sexual encounter that they had, there would be six million unintended pregnancies every year. Over half of the females seeking abortion in 2018 had been using contraception prior to becoming pregnant. The reality is that we are all human and make mistakes and errors of judgment, besides that, when using contraception correctly and consistently, it can still fail. Therefore it would simply be wrong to incriminate abortion anywhere in the world.

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In recent weeks there have been huge major protests against abortion and the parliament is having another vote on whether or not to criminalize abortion. It is undeniable that this would be a step backward especially, considering they were the last state to legalize abortion. Unfortunately, the effect that these protesters have had is quite undeniably gargantuan. The main and only half logical argument that these protesters have is “Abortion is murder”. To start with, the definition of murder is “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. An embryo by definition is not a human being, it is also incapable of thinking, feeling, or moving, it has the potential to become a human being but is not a human being itself, therefore aborting it is not murder. By the opposition’s strange logic, it would mean that ejaculation is murder, as sperm is also not a human being and also has the potential to become a human being. We can all agree that that is absurd.

Another reason why legal abortions are necessary is the status of the mother. If the mother; is not mentally stable, is not financially stable, or is too young. A baby is a massive responsibility and a mother should be ready to take care of it, it can change the mothers’ entire life and can even pull the mother out of work, destroying her income. She should not be forced to keep and raise a baby. Especially if it was not her fault she became pregnant in the first place. Rape is also a factor. Imagine being a victim of rape, then being impregnated by the rapist. And then being told that you have to keep your baby by your government, unfortunately, this is the case for lots of women in abortion-criminated countries. It is quite a disgusting situation to think about.

Yet, of most importance, if it is in any government’s interests to criminate abortion and shut down abortion clinics, this will not in fact stop women from aborting. Some women will result self-inducing their own abortions at home or having their abortions done by an untrained and unqualified person. Both of these methods are incredibly unsafe and can have dramatic negative effects on the woman. It will force women into using the most desperate practices. About 7 million women are admitted to hospitals as a result of unsafe abortion. The rates of unsafe abortions were the highest in African and Asian countries, them having the highest death toll from unsafe abortions as well.

I don’t believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control. That would be wrong and irresponsible. But I do believe that every woman should have the ability and option to have a safe abortion if necessary.

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