Abortion Is A Key Piece Of Women’s Liberty And Economic Security

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Shouldn’t everyone have the right to do what they want with their own bodies? Then why are women's rights limited? Abortions are a controversial topic and many people are for it or against them. The debate of abortion has long continued after Roe v. Wade proclaimed the procedure of a “fundamental right” on Jan. 22, 1973. When Roe v. Wade made it a fundamental right in 1973 it was not the start of Abortion in America rather, it enabled individuals to safe legal abortions which prevented women from unsafe, illegal abortions. Before Roe v. Wade thousands of women had died and put themselves at risk to perform dangerous and illegal abortions. If abortions become illegal again thousands of women again end up with back-alley abortions and die. With abortions being legal in some states right now abortions show no harm to a women’s physical health. Abortion should remain a fundamental right for women and a safe legal option.

Abortions should remain to be a “fundamental right”. The court held that a woman’s entitlement to abortions fell inside the right to privacy (perceived in Griswold v. Connecticut) secured by the Fourteenth Amendment. The choice gave a woman the privilege to have an abortion during the sum of the pregnancy and characterized various degrees of state enthusiasm for controlling abortions in the second and third trimesters. The landmark abortion case that Roe v. Wade settled on Jan 22, 1973, in favor of abortion rights, remains the law of the land. Roe v Wade was an important moment in American history and in women’s equality. Abortions are a right of privacy that was guaranteed stated by the constitution. Thanks to Roe v. Wade and legal abortions “it’s become one of the safest medical procedures in the United States with a safety record of over 99%” (Planned Parenthood). If it wasn’t for Roe v. Wade abortions would not be safe nor legal, many reasons why abortions are so safe now is because they are legal and there are many clinics people can go for low to no cost. Abortion is a key piece of women’s liberty, equality, and economic security. However, politicians continue passing laws with the objective of making it increasingly troublesome – if not impossible– for women to get an abortion.

Abortions should remain a fundamental right because they are safe. There are two main types of abortions. One is the “In-clinic abortion”, which happens is a doctor or nurse “uses a medical instrument and gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from the uterus” (Planned parenthood). It is more than 99% effective and the procedure takes 10 minutes but, in most cases, you would stay a few hours for the full visit. The other procedure is a “medication abortion” for this abortion “you take pills that end your pregnancy and make your uterus expel the pregnancy tissue (like an early miscarriage)” (Planned parenthood). In the first trimester the first 8 weeks of pregnancy it works 94-98%, 8-9 weeks it works about 94-96%, and 9-10 weeks it works about 91-93% of the time. For this abortion, your visit will only take a few hours and then you get 2 different medications, you take them two days apart. You can either take these medications at home or in the clinic, the abortion starts the second you take the second pill and only lasts around 24 hours. You will have a follow-up visit afterward to ensure that the medications have worked. Both of these procedures are safe. Truth be told abortions are one of the most secure medicinal techniques out there. Generally speaking, 1 of every 4 ladies in the U.S. will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. Abortions do not affect a women’s health or if you want to have a child in the future. Since the Supreme Court restored legal abortions in the United States in the 1973 Roe v. Wade choice, women gave profited from huge advances in therapeutic innovation and more prominent access to top-notch services Gener-partner, the previous the abortion, the less complicated and safer it is.

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If abortions became Illegal again, we will hear of those stories about the coat hanger and the back alley like some of us have once before. We need to keep abortions a fundamental right or else we will lead to unsafe abortions like the days before Roe v. Wade. Missouri passed “a ban on abortions, among the most extreme of any state… the Missouri bill contains no exceptions for cases of rape or incest” (Aluka & Reuters 1). Knowing that not only Missouri but eight other States has passed a law like this is creating much commotion and health risks to many women. Many states are trying to make their way to the supreme court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Limiting access to abortion harms many women. The president of planned parenthood Dr. Leana Wen was highly criticized for saying that thousands of women were dying each year before Roe and if Roe falls, we could return to something like that. Dozens of women all over the world are experiencing this in Latin America and in the Dominican Republic. Margaret Wurth spoke with and did research about women and girls who live in parts of the world where abortion is banned, she spoke with Rosa Hernandez “whose daughter Rosaura Almonte Hernández, known as “esperancita,” was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors initially denied her chemotherapy because she was pregnant, and then refused to end the pregnancy because to do so would have been against the law. She died in 2012 at age 16” (Wurth 3). Margaret had spoken to a family who lost their daughter because she was going through leukemia but could not be helped because she was pregnant. We see how abortion laws affect others in different parts of the world so why would we put this upon our own people? Abortion should remain a legal option for women especially if they need to terminate the baby. Keeping Roe v. Wade still available abortions would still be a fundamental right.

Many may argue that abortion is murder and killing a guiltless human being isn’t right, regardless of whether that induvial still not born. Unborn children are viewed as people by the US government. The government unborn casualties of Brutality act, which was sanctioned to shield unborn kids from ambush and murder states that under bureaucratic law, anyone deliberately slaughtering or endeavoring to execute an unborn kid out to be punished, but many women do not get abortions after the first trimester unless their life is absolute danger in pregnancies a baby that is developing isn’t considered a baby until the 11th week which is in the second trimester, babies “won’t take their first breath until after birth” (Villines 1). Many people consider abortion to be murder, but a baby doesn’t take their first breath until after they are born. Babies after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy will start to breathe out of the umbilical cord which will directly bring oxygen to the developing fetus’s body. So how is it really murder if the “baby” isn’t really breathing until after it is born? If women are getting abortions only in the first trimester which is still an embryo turning into a fetus, why are we trying to ban it and make it unsafe for women to have abortions? Keeping abortions a fundamental right, legal and safe would not only help keep women safe but will allow women equality.

Overall, I believe that abortions should remain safe and legal. Abortions are a fundamental right that should not be taken away from women. The Roe v. Wade constitution protects a woman’s liberty. Taking away safe legal abortions leads to the back alley and harmful abortions which will not only kill the fetus but may kill the woman. Why would we take a safe procedure away just to have women put themselves in harm? Abortions are considered one of the safest medical producers in the United States. Many women have abortions there is an estimated 40-50 million abortions every year from ages 15 to 44. Making abortions illegal would put many women at risk.

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