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Catholicism And Episcopalians Position On Abortion

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How do the Catholics and Episcopalian views clash on the topic of abortion? These two religions are similar and may be hard to distinguish from each other. One of the major differences between Episcopalians and Catholics is the fact that they both have different views on abortion. If you attend their masses and other practices, you may tell the two apart by paying attention.

However, the Episcopal Church is pro-choice and pro-abortion. It’s necessarily bad for murdering babies, but it respects the right of a woman to make her own decisions. The Episcopal Church wants legal abortion to continue while working to address conditions, such as poverty, inadequate education, unemployment, etc. Women have the right to have their own decision about terminating their pregnancy. This would limit women to safe means of acting on her decision. Therefore, the Episcopal church has voted the access of a woman to safe means of terminating her pregnancy. This is only acceptable when it is an extreme situation. This church is in favor of abortions or at least promoting abortion

Moreover, Catholicism does not allow abortion in any circumstances. Even when the mother is in danger, abortion is prohibited. They stand up for the lives of the unborn. The Catholic Church believes that abortion is a mortal sin. Even if abortion were to be legal, Catholics will not accept it. “In Mexico City, women agree with the 12-week legal gestational limit on abortion but they thought abortion should not be permitted. Not one Catholic participant spontaneously invoked feminist discourse about abortion rights to describe her decision or her position in abortion.”(Lawful Sinners).

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Methods on Casual Impacts

When a woman decides to have an abortion, it’s not always a good choice because there can be many risks. If you have an incomplete abortion, it may cause an infection and bleeding. Later on in life, if you want to have a baby, there may be complications as well. There are many risks when you want to terminate your baby, that’s why Catholics oppose abortion in all circumstances.


I began my research by finding a topic that I found interesting. After I had found the topic that I was interested in, I began looking for more information that would help my research proposal come along. When looking for information, I learned many things about the Episcopal Church. I decided to write about religion because I find it easy talking about Catholicism since I am a Catholic. I decided to do a comparative analysis of Catholicism and Episcopalians and how their views clash on the topic of abortion. I first looked for the differences between the two religions and then looked up their position on abortion. I found interviews that women took to see their point of view on abortion and other information about abortion that happened in Mexico City. There were not many sources for my research but I was able to find the most interesting and important information for my research proposal. Learning more about this, makes people understand the difference between the two religions.

Potential Outcomes

Many people who are interested in learning the difference between Catholicism and Episcopalian would be interested in reading about this research proposal. The people that may be interested in this would-be priests, nuns, Catholics, Episcopalians, and maybe other people who have different religions want to hear about this.

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