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Anne Bradstreet's Spiritual Crisis in Her Poem 'Before the Birth of One of Her Children'

Societies over the ages have called into question the basis of reality and how things came to exist. Religion is one significant way society explains the formation of the Earth, which is the belief in a higher power or powers. Religions have sacred narratives, which people may preserve in symbols, scriptures, and holy places, that aim mostly to give meaning to life. One major institution of religion is the Catholic Church. The corruption of the Church reached a climax during...
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Factors that Influence a Traumatic Birth Experience: Essay on Traumatic Childbirth with Disturbing Memories

Introduction Many people would refer to the birth of a child as a joyous experience, but for some women, it can be traumatic and lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Much of the research has shown that there are many different things that can cause a woman to perceive their childbirth experience as traumatic. However, 54.6 % of women reported that it was related to lack and or loss of control (Hollander et al., 2017). Some other factors that make birth...
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Modes of Childbirth and Causes of Postpartum Depression

The end of gestation or pregnancy phase is marked by the birth of the baby, either through vagina or through a Cesarean section. Childbirth is also known as delivery or labor. The most common type of childbirth is the vaginal birth, a natural mode of childbirth. Cesarean Birth, commonly known as C-section is a surgical method of childbirth in which incisions are made on the abdomen and uterus of the mother. C-sections are performed usually when complications arise during vaginal...
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Fear of Childbirth and Self-Efficacy with Related Factors in Turkish Pregnant Women: Analytical Essay

Changes in physiological, psychological and family life during pregnancy and feeling anxieties and fear during labour can sometimes cause stress in the pregnancy period.[1,2,3] Birth is a condition that affects women’s health physically, emotionally and socially. Fear of childbirth is an important issue nowadays, women are frightened about labour and what ‘might’ possibly go wrong, such as; getting into a panic during birth, belief in the failure of birth, belief that the baby will be hurt at birth and fear...
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Smoking during Pregnancy and Childbirth and the Effect it Has on the Individual and the Population

Introduction This report aims to discuss the purpose of Public Health England (PHE) and the short- and long-term implications of smoking during pregnancy and childhood. Besides, it will explore the role of the midwife in health promotion, the parent-infant attachment in correlation to local and national guidelines and communication strategies that influences behavioural changes. Government Agenda Public Health England (PHE) is a government agency within the UK; the main purpose of PHE is to protect and improve the nation’s health...
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Role of Informal Communication and Social Networks in Cultural Childbirth Understandings among Mirpur Women

This section explores the existing notions and understandings of childbirth that women have within the low income household communities of Mirpur. Drawing out their narratives and tracing the construction of those narratives allows us to see how women view their place in their own and in other women’s reproductive lives and to understand the intentions, motivations, desires and influences that lie behind their decisions of where to give birth, how much to rely on formal or informal healthcare providers, etc....
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The Effects of Disrespect and Abuse of Women during Pregnancy and Childbirth: Analytical Essay

In a post-child-birth exit survey of 641 women, Abuya, et al. (2015a) found that D&A is perpetuated by health workers and other facility staff. Further, a systematic review of fourteen studies conducted in Nigeria by Ishola, Owolabi, and Filippi (2017) corroborates this and suggests that D&A was mostly reported as perpetrated by facility staff in their systematic review of fourteen studies conducted in Nigeria. Sadler et al. (2016) also report that D&A can occur when women interact with the providers...
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Connection between Cultural Background of Birthing Practices and Childbirth Experiences

The leading purpose of this article is to understand why cesarean deliveries are overused, considering the increased risk of complications that affect mother and fetus. The author makes it a point to focus on the larger scale of cultural factors that are associated with a key clinical measure of quality care for the maternal population. In this study, they recruited obstetricians, family physicians, midwives, anesthesiologists, and labor nurses from 79 hospitals in California. The Labor Culture Survey (LCS) consisted of...
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Gender and Family in Traditional Japan: Issue of Childbirth in Modern Era

How and why the childbirth in Heian and Tokugawa period were so different than today’s childbirth? In the words of Marco Gottardo, “Pregnancy and childbirth in early-modern Japan within a religious framework, as they were charged with religious meaning at the popular level”[footnoteRef:1] represents one of the best angles to analyze this phenomenon. By this quote, we can understand that women’s role in medieval Japan had several faces. Their positions were linked to religious assessments-Buddhism and Shinto, but other social...
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Effectiveness of Childbirth Education on Labour Outcomes among Antenatal Mothers: Analytical Essay

The birth of a baby is a powerful life event that has implications for a woman’s well-being and future health. But less attention is paid to interventions for the safety, and comfort of the antenatal mother and makes her feel positive about her experience during childbirth. A positive birth experience promotes a sense of achievement, enhances feeling of self-worth, and facilitates confidence—all of which are important for a healthy adaptation to motherhood and psychological growth. Childbirth classes help them to...
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