Essays on Reproductive Health (54)

The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is usually defined as pregnancy that happens in young girls below the age of twenty, regardless of whether or not they’re married or of adult age. Teenage pregnancy has been increasing at an alarming rate especially within the US, Africa, and UK. It’s...
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Cannabis And Pregnancy

According to CDC Tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC, is a harmful chemical associated with cannabis that is stored in your body and later passed to your baby in the womb, can cause a defect in your baby’s development. However, more needs to be done...
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Drug Abuse And Sexual Angst Of Teenagers

Introduction Marijuana has always been known as the harmless drug in common circles. With movies and musicians glorifying it, many youngsters have taken up on this habit. The young perception is that as the marijuana comes from a plant, it’s supposed to be benign. The...
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Hypertension: High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia is a serious hypertensive complication that can occur during pregnancy. Hypertension only occurs in 10% of women during pregnancy and although pre-eclampsia complicates only 2% to 8% of pregnancies, it is still devastating and life-threatening for both the mother and the baby. It is...
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Should Teens Be Placed On Birth Control?

Birth control is to prevent birth, right? If teens were placed on birth control without their parents’ consent that will give them the mindset to feel like they are grown. When they feel like they are grown then they will chose to do anything as...
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Effects Of Epileptic Drugs On Pregnancy

Introduction Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is one of the biggest health issue in the world, as it affect people from all races and in all age groups. Epilepsy can simply be defined as an illness of repetitive uncontrollable seizures(Banerjee et al.,2009) or in...
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