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Every day, major changes will occur in our lives and it's this kind of change that can or will affect us. Between married couples, the biggest change they might face would be divorce. And, unfortunately, it has been on the rise. So to understand divorce, the discussion of the topic will regard the age difference between couples, the irresponsible behavior between spouses, the difference in culture, and finally, financial problems.

As some research shows, those who are married as teenagers, ( under the age of 20 years old ) or above 32 years old, might have a high risk of divorce, compared to those who get married in their late 20s or early 30s. Based on research led by Nicholas Wolfinger, a professor at the University of Utah. He found that by getting married after passing the age of 32 years, the probability of someone getting a divorce increased by 5% every year, because people who get married too late, might have a high tendency to have a divorce, since they are so used to being single, whereby, they can become a bad partner if they decided to get married or can also refer that this is related to their poor personality. vice versa with teenagers that marry in the range below 20 which have a potential 50% of divorce. This is going on because most young couples lack the maturity, coping skills, and social support needed to make a marriage successful As well as In dealing with routine marital problems, adolescents don’t need cheerful resolutions. Therefore Wolfinger concluded that the best age for a couple to get married is 25 years old to avoid a divorce. Meanwhile, another study, in the Department of Economics at Emory University in Atlanta, revealed a tendency for divorce to increase with the high age gap between couples and 3,000 people proved that the age difference between you with your partner had a significant impact on the relationship, which illustrate by scientist Randy Olson who make a chart to explaining the study findings. Research says that difference in age of five years will increase the prospect of 18 percent experiencing divorce and The risk will grow to 39 percent when the age difference becomes 10 years also the risk of divorce will develop to 95 percent when the couple's age difference reaches 20 years as well as couples with a one year age gap are the partners who are the lowest at risk of divorce which only 3 percent.

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To begin with, generally speaking, the irresponsible behavior of either partner has also contributed to the increasing rates of divorce. As a new generation, we can learn from the previous generation that being in a relationship with someone or marrying someone is a major responsibility to each other. Unfortunately, in this modern society, marriage seems to be an adult games which have no rules and no bottom line in the games for the young generation nowadays. For example, someone can get married and also divorce with their life partners in a short period without any feeling. Therefore, responsibility between each other is a significant keyword because it determines the stability of a marriage. Nowadays, young people find it hard to understand how to be responsible to each other in a relationship. According to US divorce statistics, responsibility must be there from both the partners and when one does not care about the relationship, it will certainly die. (US divorce statistics, n.d.). When we talk about responsibility, it also means that there should be some sacrifices too. Responsibility and sacrifice go hand in hand to make a marriage successful. Without responsibility from both partners, there will be a high possibility of breaking a relationship. Moreover, the reason why the percentage of divorce will increase is because of the lack of responsibility for life partners' loyalty. In recent society, boys and girls even marriage also work because they want to have their own social life. Compared to the stereotype of the previous society once married, the boys will work, while the girls will stay home to take care of their children and do domestic chores. On the opposite, they want to have their own life even in marriage. However, this situation will make the life partner’s feelings and loyalty worse. For example, they will emphasize their own life more than another partner. Gradually, they have lost the trust of their life partners, the more argument, the more divided the relationship is. In conclusion, if the irresponsible behavior from either partner still keeps going the divorce rates will increase as well.

To add to the increasing divorce rates is the difference in culture. According to Delia F., Miriam M., and Almudena S., on the website of “The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA, ftp.iza.org), the difference in culture can heavily affect the divorce rates, to the extent of increasing the percentage. The difference in tastes, values, and communication may be quite laborious for spouses of different cultures to make a joint decision, as they lack the social support needed to work out their differences. Delia F. and the others found results that have also shown that divorce tendencies are also related religiously, as they have their own religious beliefs, however, it may be independent of cultural exchange. Along with the different values and religion, studies from Delia F. and others, also show that the younger generation divorce for the reason that they do not have enough understanding, or are less informative of themselves, their spouses, and the marriage market, which could lead them to misunderstanding towards each other.

Last but not least, financial problems between couples are also one of the main contributors to the increasing divorce rates. According to financial expert Larry Burkett, eighty-five to ninety percent of surveyed couples claim finances were the main reason for their divorce. According to a Policygenius survey, one in five people keep and manage money separately from their partners. An even greater percentage 24% don’t share any major financial accounts, including checking, savings, credit card, or mortgage accounts, while almost 30% of couples don’t even know each other’s salaries. Many disagreements occur about each other at how to manage the money, struggles over who to control the money and other resources, sabotage over extravagance usage of money, and fear of one spouse making more money than the other among other communication about money. They do not believe in each other in managing money and they do not have the other-oriented value. They lose their tolerance for their ideas and fight firmly in their stand position. Anyway, the root of financial problems also boils down to one thing which is the lack of communication.(Hanna Horvath, 2018)According to Brian Schmehil, he says that “If you do not communicate with one another and have a game plan, a lot of times you won’t be able to accomplish all of your financial goals and this will lead to resentment and distrust.”This shows that communication is significance in financial problems. In conclusion, the divorce problem will increase very fast if many married couples do not know how to communicate with each other, how to be other-oriented with each other, and how to trust each other.

As you can see, the causes of divorce are multifaceted. However, one issue might put enough pressure on a marriage for a couple to divorce. Therefore, four reasons that can cause a whole family or partner to get divorced are the age difference between couples, the irresponsibility behavior of either partner, the difference in culture, and financial problems. As a couple, you must have a tolerable, comprehensive heart and responsibility to face problems together. Whether the cultural or age differences the couple have to assume it. In this way, the relationship between the couple will become permanent.

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