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Critical Analysis of the New Urbanism Theory: Case Study

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The centre site masterplan brings out special features of the terrains through the creation of the additional space to reinforce consumers’ experiences and impressions. This is the “Urban Core zone” of the Wimbledon where the centre court is located. The main majority of tennis fans dream to be in this specific position to get as close to the experience as possible. Therefore, the space and architectural structure must serve their expectation right. The site provides perfect circulation and hierarchy of spaces through varying paving types with full potential uses of construction boundary. It has four championship courts and is complemented by two character courts which are interfaced by No.1 court and Church Road. Whereas, between the Centre Court and No.1 court is a new basement accommodation which is built to ease the traffic flow of the championship and to meet service quality requirements. The plaza also creates the vibrant atmosphere to the visitor supported by the new facilities for external summer dining infused with the ground.

The central facilities aim to bond people together by reinforcing community and focusing on walkability. So, the main integral of a movement framework is the walking distances in distinction to facilities. Another important thing is that the route quality, principally when there are a lot of other obstructions like golf cars, food cars and etc. Central site ensures that it gives walking prior to any other additional crossover facilities. People should be able to walk in 2-3 minutes (250 metres) to reach centre court or court No.1 from the central site entrance: hospitality area should be around 4 minutes (300 metres). There are toilets, restaurants, the health centre and even a gift shops 10 minutes (700 metres) (no.1 Walkability of The New Urbanism Theory). There are alluring links between main facilities and walkways which avoid dead ends and at the same time, create more relaxing spaces. The beauty of the site area with an estimation between large walking areas towards the small walks space avoids the conflict of people walking into each other and allows bigger area to have a better mixed use to its full potential. These smart connections of walkways allow the basis to have a good internal movement structure (no.2 Connectivity and no.7 Increased density of The New Urbanism Theory). Over the years, Wimbledon has been a gathering place of tennis community and the bond between people becoming stronger than ever. This is because Wimbledon has a maximum range of facilities and community services such as food, health, commercial and spiritual uses that are hearts of a residential zone and are connected by safe and convenient walking routes.

Central site has a most recognizable landmark for every tennis fans around the world, the wimbledon centre court. The urbanism landmark theory talks about having a place that resembles the designers intention is crucial as the design of the framework, concentration of commercial community, civic uses in centers and the use of distinctive landscaping plays a huge role in users orienting themselves. Ensuring that a particular place reads, access the relationship between existing elements and, in consulting users, determining proposals contribution to a linked series of spaces and markers that make it easy to get, is also a contributing factor to simplifying navigation. The centre court is a clear landmark that rise above the space create a skyline giving even more of a richness to the championship viewing from any area within 8000 meters radius.

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The New Urbanism theory claims that one of the most crucial element that define good or bad urbanism are the buildings must able to give a positive analogue to the function of the outer space (no.5 sense-of- place of New Urbanism Theory). The outdoor space must apply various range of action for people to happen. Buildings permit the public realm and allows people to open up to each other. The character of a place created by the way they outline buildings, urban and three-dimensional mass (three-dimensional mass : height, width and depth of an object around) (no.4 Mixed buildings of New Urbanism Theory). The thing that stimulate or enhance people scenes does not only include by the identity or how the space looks but it can also been defined by the touch, sound and smell of that space. This apply on wimbledon directly due to the fact that one of the highlights of the championship apply those strong senses that the user receive from the space in a very positive way.

Surface and texture from the grass courts of the championship is very memorable for both user of the space, tennis players and spectators. The interaction between tennis grass courts and tennis players is more efficient. In year of tennis season, grass court swing are the surface that have the least tournament and only last for a month in a year. Texture is most important for surfaces that come into contact with an athlete and are visually prominent. Additionally Wimbledon championship runs from 1st of July - 14th of July, when London weather closest to paradise of 23 degree celsius. The design of the blong of each facilities allows the wind to circulate around the crowded place which are the most important factors for the people comfortability in a summer breath. Wimbledon knows how to make the best use of sunny spots for seating in the and exploiting shaded areas for sitting out in the summer both in and out of the tennis courts.

Sound of the championship added another perception to atmosphere in the space. The setting of the landscape have an ability to manage the voice in the outer space. Planting and gardening in Wimbledon screen from intrusive sounds, particularly from huge crowd and people conversation, which benefit the surroundings from the people who lives around the area. Another advantage Wimbledon gardening provide is bringing people closer to the nature. Flowers and trees welcoming a chirping birds, winds sizzling around the circus helping to create an intimate feel - a moment of calm in the heart of the city. Noise-generating activities can also enliven central spaces - whether stalls, music or seasonal entertainment. Moreover, another perception of sound that come with the calmness aroma are the excitement of the cheering noise over the competition areas. Tennis have a very strong character of sounds of a ball when contact to the racket that anyone would recognize immediately. However, the wimbledon centre court have something more special than the sound of the racket and the ball in a athleague (Rafael Nadal - former world No.1) point of view. In the chapter of Rafael Nadal book call “Rafa My story” talks about the beauty of the sound on centre court sound, “The silence, that’s what strikes you when you play on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. You bounce the ball soundlessly up and down on the soft turf; you toss it up to serve; you hit it and you hear the echo of your own shot.” “The silence of the Centre Court is broken when a point’s is done, if it’s a good point- because the Wimbledon crowds can tell the difference- by the shock of noise; applause, cheers, people shouting your name.” (p1,2).

Lastly the smell sense help complement experiences, flowers from the gardening, coffee from the shop, fresh baked bread from the lounge and tea. With Wimbledon, the strongest characteristic for the tennis players are the smell of the grass from the grass courts surface. Anytime players step on courts it brings them back to their personal time period of their memories, just by breathing in the space. Tennis players that has a lot of success on the grass surface gain back their performance momentum by the reminder from the grass smells recalling the good winning memories. Tennis involves a lot of psychological aspect and confident is one of the main element that comes in handy, accordingly the surrounding, surface, sound and smell affect players level of play. Therefore, it is safe to say that the match that claims to be the greatest match of all time (Rafael Nadal def. Roger Federer 6–4, 6–4, 6–7(5–7), 6–7(8–10), 9–7 year 2008) which happen on the wimbledon centre court partly because of the influence from the quality of the Architecture and the special elements that enhance both players performance to the highest level the world ever witness.

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