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Case Study Method Versus Ethnography Research Method: Comparative Analysis

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Reflect upon other possible research methods (and their aligned data collection and analysis methods, but with focus on methodological aspects) that could have been used in the project

As a replacement for the case study method, the ethnography research method, could have applied. According to Hammersley (2006), the ethnography research method resulted from first-hand experiences, such as what people experienced and acted in particular circumstances and conditions. Hammersley (2006) discussed that ethnographies draw attention to the cultures as well as the culture's background and its history. Hammersley (2006) took into consideration the evaluation of human ways of life and culture, as the main purpose of ethnography research method. Luders (2004) paid attention to the way the ethnographic researchers, gathering information from social-cultural events, by doing the interview from society or finding documents connected to social-cultural events. Luders (2004) placed emphasis on observations and interviews, as two important data collection method, in the ethnography research method. Hammersley (2006) attached importance to different features and properties of ethnography method, such as the close social relationship between researchers and contributors, first-hand experiences from observing contributors, for some while researchers should live inside a group of people to understand and feel them better. More than that, for a long period of time, collaboration and connection with people to comprehend the different people's beliefs, viewpoints and behaviors.

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and the implications of these (how would the project be different, what other kind of objectives could have been met,

Hammersley (2006) considered generating a strange position for researchers, as one of the outcomes of the ethnography's application. Due to the fact that, during the ethnography method, the researcher should learn from a community of people, the researcher's presumptions and assumptions play a significant role. Furthermore, the researcher should draw a distinction between their own culture and background, and the one from the community of people participated in ethnography. Despite the fact that it is difficult, but it is noticeable to avoid conflict, by eliminating personal feelings and prevent to judge others. During the ethnography method, a certain hypothesis from the researcher's culture may not include and not be used. Following that, Hammersley (2006) defined the objectivity concept in ethnography method, as a way to prevent and exclude your own reality or judgments in the culture.

what is the advantages and drawbacks when comparing with the methods actually being used etc).

To draw an analogy between the case study and ethnography method, Cohen (2003) considered the ethnography method as understanding a community of people culture's patterns and background, comparing to the case study method, which places emphasis on conducting an investigation into a case or multiple cases. According to Cohen (2003) by applying the ethnography method, a community of people who have the same culture and background, going to study and examine, as compared to the case study research method, that investigating a phenomenon and happening. Cohen (2003) considered the fact that, the ethnography research method connected to anthropology and sociology, while the case study research method linked to psychology, law, political science and medicine as knowledge background. Cohen (2003) discussed that observations and interviews play a significant role in collecting data during the ethnography research method, while different sources such as interviews, observations, documents, and artifacts, are considered as gathering data for the case study method. More than that, the duration time for the ethnography research method is much higher in comparison to the case study. Besides, the case study pays attention to the outside and the information based on the outside, as compared to the ethnography that receive the information based on inside of people's community. Ultimately, according to Cohen (2003), the data gathering in the ethnography research method, depends heavily on people and participant observation, while it does not play an important role in a case study.

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