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Public Transport Essays

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Should Pets Be Allowed on Public Transport?

One recently published study shows that In Sydney, dog owners and dogs go to trips together 2.6 million times a week (Kent & Mulley, 2017). Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on public transport in Australia. Many people think pets should not be excluded from public transport. Because pets are part of many people’s life, and accepting their lifestyle is a sign of respect. Another point is, public transportation is made for convenient, but it limits the right of pet owners...
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Driving a Car and Using Public Transport Essay

Introduction: As urban areas around large cities increase in population density, transport road infrastructure becomes less able to cope with daily commuters. This results in heavy peak-hour congestion. Traffic congestion has been shown to decrease workplace productivity and increase emotions such as anger and aggression (Harriet, Poku & Emmanuel, 2013; Emo, Matthews & Funke, 2016). Despite these findings, commuters are reluctant to switch to public transport from private vehicles, due to perceived unsatisfactory levels of convenience and safety (Le, Trinh,...
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Importance of Public Transport Essay

Movements of people and freight are always a fundamental component of human societies. A basis and a flexible economic process have been accompanied by a significant increase in the level of transport and higher levels of accessibility and usability. Developing the public transport systems has been a continuous challenge to satisfy passengers and mobility needs, and basically, it participates and supports social and economic development. A transportation system in a general and flexible definition can be defined as the combination...
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The Potential Impact of Intelligent Personal Assistants on Public Transport: Critical Analysis

Intelligent Personal Assistants – Intelligent Personal Assistance (IPA) is an application of Artificial Intelligence. By the term Artificial Intelligence we mean the technology used to serve software with the help making of intelligent behavior (What is Intelligent Virtual Assistant?, 2018). Intelligent Personal Assistants are the types of voice-enabled technologies used in mobile phones such as Siri in Apple iPhone and Cortana in Microsoft etc. The IPA’s are basically designed to perform the specific tasks of users by using the online...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport

There are many different transportation methods found in cities around the world ranging from cars to trains to trams, all using different energy sources with different routes and limits. The choice of transport for people depends heavily on the circumstances that you are in, that is why it’s important to have a wide variety of different options when it comes to transport in cities. Transportation is important in our everyday life as it allows us to get from place to...
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Public Transportation Problems and Policies to Solve Them

For decades, Canadians have mainly been reliant on transportation in order to get to their destinations such as their place of work, education centers, social hubs and so forth. Public transit has been an emerging urban issue since it is the most used mode of transportation specifically across Toronto since we live in such a dense, multicultural and urbanized city. Accompanied by the immense number of immigrants that come into Canada continuously, policies are always in the need to change...
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Customer Satisfaction on Public Transport in Malaysia: Analytical Essay

Introduction Efficient public transport is a hallmark of any developed nation. Malaysia is rapidly developing its public transport infrastructure and facilities, aiming to become a high-income developed nation. Public transport represents’… greater freedom, connectivity and choice for those living in urban areas (Aziz & Mohamad, 2013, p. 1). Malaysia has, however,’… promoted a motorized society by upgrading the road system…’ (Yukawa, Ladin, Ismail, & Rahmat, 2014, p. 69). As a result, this priority by the Malaysian government has led to...
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Customer Satisfaction towards Public Transport: Case Study of Bus

1.0 Introduction Public transportation can be defined as transportation by conveyance that provides continuing general or special transportation to the public excluding school buses (Tran & Kleiner 2005, p.154). There are many ways of public transportation in Malaysia such as taxis, buses and vans. Generally, taxi is a mode of transport for people to go from one place to another places. There are several ways to pay the taxi driver such as based on taximeter that calculates distance from one...
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Essay on Pros and Cons of Public Transport

Public Transport Essay The city is the place of the greatest concentration of various activities in the area that have high transport requirements, which should be met quickly and efficiently. Since different human activities are carried out in spatially remote places, it is necessary to organize the transport system to most effectively bridge those distances. In this way, the transport system emerges as a consequence of the location of activities in space. The deterioration of transport conditions reduces accessibility to...
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Essay on the Benefits of Public Transportation

Public transportation has been a vital part of our society for decades, but with the world changing around us, it’s changing too. In the past, public transportation was a way to get from one destination to another. Now, with the rise of cars and other motorized vehicles, public transportation is being used as a way to work from home, or even just to go out and explore the city. Public transportation is important because it can help reduce traffic and...
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Public Transportation Vs Private Transportation: An Essay

Transportation is a way to move a person or thing from one spot to another. People utilize various vehicles to move to better places for work , school and so forth. There are two kinds of transportation: public transportation and private transportation. Public transportation is constrained by the administration and individuals are permitted to go in it for a little expense. Private transportation is owed by people, a few organizations like uber and lyft that are claimed by privately owned...
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