Essay on the Benefits of Public Transportation

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Public transportation has been a vital part of our society for decades, but with the world changing around us, it's changing too. In the past, public transportation was a way to get from one destination to another. Now, with the rise of cars and other motorized vehicles, public transportation is being used as a way to work from home, or even just to go out and explore the city.

Public transportation is important because it can help reduce traffic and vehicle emissions. Public transportation also helps to lower the costs of owning a car and reduces the amount of money spent on gas. Finally, studies have shown that public transportation reduces air pollution, which contributes to both short- and long-term health risks.

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Public transportation is a great way to get around a city. It is a safe, inexpensive and eco-friendly way to commute. You can connect with people and places that you might not otherwise be able to get to. As a cyclist or pedestrian, you can bike or walk to your destination instead of taking a car.

As of today, only about 10% of our society uses it on a daily basis. However, there is also a trend towards increased use of public transport. According to a 2011 survey conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the need for public transportation is expected to double by 2040. In fact, the APTA predicts that by 2030, there will be a shortage of buses and rapid transit vehicles to meet the demand. As more and more people turn to public transportation, the system needs to be updated and expanded. The urban sprawl has led to a lot of people living far away from public transportation. As a result, there is a need for more buses and more routes. There is also a need for more types of public transportation, like rail systems and metro lines. Furthermore, adding more stops to public transportation routes would allow people to connect to the system, increasing the efficiency of the whole process. Advances in technology can also help enhance the public transportation system. For example, there is the possibility of attaching GPS devices to buses, trains, and metro stations to allow people to find their way without much effort.

In summary, public transportation is a vital part of the 21st century and has many clear benefits. Using public transportation instead of driving reduces fuel consumption and pollution, lowers your risk of being in an accident, improves your physical fitness, and reduces stress.

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