Reliable Transportation System in India: An Essay

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Reliable transportation system is a very important and effective initiative that can be taken by the Government of India to ensure that all the necessary transport services are made available to citizens by improving ongoing transport systems and infrastructure and by increasing public transport connectivity all over the nation. There are many initiatives that can be taken by the government which includes plans to connect rural and urban areas with high-speed transport networks. It includes such features as: Hyperloop; an underwater high-speed train connecting Fujairah-Mumbai international routes; Fly taxi initiated by Uber; Drone cargo; reducing the cost of transport; improvement of transport systems.

Reliable Transport

Reliable transport systems can be considered as those systems which are efficient and easily accessible to the common public. These systems must not only benefit economically but also must have less impact on environment in terms of pollution and fuel consumption. It will reduce the use of private transport which in turn will help in reducing the carbon levels produced by the same. It will create more of employment in government sector. More of technical advancements will be introduced in the country.

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Need of the Reliable Transport

Developing a reliable substitute of various transport process will bring about a lot of desired change and it will be helpful for the economic growth and development. Following are the certain reasons why we need such transport:

  • It will definitely create a lot of jobs.
  • It will be a boost to industry; both large- and small-scale industries.
  • It will help people move easily and quickly.
  • It will reduce time consumed in transportation.
  • It will ensure more of road safety of people.
  • Such systems may reduce on road traffic.
  • More of goods and people can be transported.
  • Less time will be taken.

Initiatives Under Reliable Transport and Their Advantages

There are various initiatives for such transport systems. Below are few initiatives taken by the government:

  1. Flying taxis (Uber Air). An initiative by Uber which is soon to set foot in India as well. In a dense metropolitan area where due to traffic congestion even distances of 10 – 15 kilometers can take an hour. Flying taxi will prove an effective solution.
  2. Hyperloop. An initiative taken by Maharashtra government to connect two connect two of India’s financial capitals, Mumbai and Pune (approx. distance 200 kms). Hyperloop offers very fast speed of transportation which will reduce the average 3.5 hours travel to mere 35 mins.
  3. Under water bullet train. The U.A.E government proposed the idea of underwater bullet train to connect Mumbai, India with Fujairah. The 2000km journey would take two hrs.
  4. Drone cargo. Drones are one most helpful emerging technology. Few additions and changes have been made by the government in UAVs policies which allows its commercial use hence we can soon be expecting drones to deliver medical supply, food, grocery etc.

Research Objectives and Research Methodology

The purpose of the research was to highlight the concept of reliable transportation, the importance of reliable transportation for such a developing country as India, and to study its various advantages and disadvantages.

A sample size of 112 was selected using Google forms out of which 112 responses were retrieved in usable form. This represents a response of maximum number of people the samples include working and studying population, since they are the ones who give their views on introduction of such transport systems. The descriptive methodology has been used collect the data collected mostly from secondary sources from various, journals, book articles and website of different government agencies.

Findings and Implications

According to the research findings we can imply that:

  1. A lot of people will prefer public transport system as it will be more reliable and efficient.
  2. Time spent in transportation will be reduced as these transport systems are very high speed.
  3. Fuel consumption will be reduced as more people can be expected to use public transport and these transports usually uses electricity.
  4. More of goods will be traded throughout the country.
  5. Reduction in carbon levels as these transports rely more on electricity.
  6. Higher productivity can be expected through lower costs per unit of transport. Such more efficient road pricing will improve travel time reliability, which will reduce logistics and scheduling costs beyond just the travel time savings.


It can be concluded that such transport system is an important factor in today’s growing economy. As we need to focus on all the positive aspect and educate each one about the benefits related to such systems also that we are at par with the other developed nation by adapting these reliable transport systems we can assure good growth and development. However, there are few hurdles to adapt and initiate reliable transport but we can very well overcome it by various means like education, positive attributes, encouragement etc. It is intended to for social, economic and overall development.

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