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Space Exploration: Worth It Or Not?

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Ever feel like your taxes are being put to a waste? Millions of dollars could, and are being wasted right now, especially on interstellar travel, also known as space exploration. Although it has it many benefits, I strongly think space exploration is dangerous, expensive, creates space debris and is especially not worth the risks it!

Firstly, space exploration is very expensive, yet not everything astronauts build is or will be successful. Millions of dollars can be wasted on a single project that may never work. A good example of this is the Mars Climate Orbiter. Before it could obtain any information about Mars, this probe got burned to ashes, because it was given incorrect and inaccurate coordinates. Over 120 million of dollars were wasted on that single probe. Just think about, how many things could you do with 120 million dollars? According to the University of Florida, it costs around $500 million to launch a single space shuttle! These expenses will only skyrocket as missions to travel further into space start and resources essential to building rockets increase in demand. However, in the end, most of the money used to fund these useless projects will be wasted on failed experiments.

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Secondly, our earth is surrounded with millions of pieces of space debris, and the quantity of space debris will just grow as we continue to travel. This can be a huge problem in the future of space exploration, as soon it may not even be possible to go up into space without crashing into some sort of object and completely obliterating your rocket. You might think”what’s so dangerous about tiny chunks of metal,carelessly floating around our solar system?” Well, debris about the size of a pea can travel 10 times faster than the speed of a bullet. If you really need more specification it will literally tear a giant hole through your rocket without skipping a beat. These tiny pieces can also slash right through satellites, rendering them useless and causing even more debris at the exact same time. For the past few decades we have been going through a endless cycle of sending satellites up into space, only to have them destroyed a while later by other defective satellites. If we stopped sending satellites, and instead focused on getting those defective satellite remains out of space, in the future our earth's atmosphere would be less dangerous and more easier to leave.

Lastly, space exploration is very risky, and can sometimes cost lives. For example in 1986, The space shuttle Challenger exploded during launch, immediately killing seven astronauts. Another time something similar happened was the space shuttle Colombia. It exploded coming back to earth in 2003, also killing seven people. You might say,” space exploration gives us resources and technology, which are very important! However, do you value those simple luxuries over your loved ones?. What if someone you knew was a astronaut? Would you trade them for a new phone? Another one of the many dangers up in space is radiation from the sun.. It can cause cancer, nausea, vomiting and even death. Another problem is that if there were a dilemma in space, the astronauts couldn’t go back to earth immediately for help. For example, if they ran out of fuel, they would only be able to uselessly float in space, starving to death. In space there are hundreds of things that could cost people's lives that should be considered before scientists ship them off on a rocket that could go wrong in a hundred ways.

In conclusion, space exploration can cost lives, it does cost a lot of money, and it surrounds our planet with space debris. Space exploration doesn’t always work out and it would be better if we focused on what's going on inside of our planet instead of outside.

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