Mars Exploration: Benefits And Risks

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Expense
  3. Health Problems
  4. Mars Could be a Bad Choice
  5. Counterclaim
  6. Conclusion


There are both benefits and risks of exploring mars, but the risks most certainly outweigh the benefits. It would be very expensive, there are many hazardous possibilities for a human body in space, Mars could be a very unsafe planet, and the risk of humans going to space is very high. These are all reasons for the belief that there are more risks to exploring Mars. if we were to go to Mars, it would be very catastrophic. After looking through different Mars essay examples I could better understand the all risks of exploring this planet.

This is Mars, the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system.

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The Expense

The expense of traveling to Mars is huge. In the site “Space News” the author emphasizes that “the transportation cost alone could total over $100 billion before the first Mars mission in 2035. A ballpark cost of the first Mars mission in 2035 would total $230 billion. Second and subsequent missions, occuring at three-year intervals, would cost about $142 billion each.” all of that totals at three hundred seventy-two billion dollars. If we plan to travel even more after that, it would cost around 1.5 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money to spend on space travel. We could be using that money for other reasons that would be better for the earth and the people here. For example, we could find a cure for cancer, solve world poverty, and find many more cures for incurable illnesses. All in all, it would be wasting money on something that we don’t need just yet.

This is the currency that Americans use.

Health Problems

There are many hazardous things that could occur to astronauts if they are in a pod floating in space. One of those things is blood circulation. On earth, human circulatory systems are made to pump blood around our bodies against the force of gravity, which usually pulls the blood towards our feet. It says in the website “Tomorrow’s World: What Makes Space Travel so Dangerous?” “But in the microgravity of space, blood moves up to the chest and head, giving astronauts puffy faces and raised blood pressure.” blood currents are very important to a human body, but there are other things that are threatening to a human body that is in space. Muscles are also affected by space. On the website “Tomorrow’s World: What Makes Space Travel so Dangerous?” it declares “Without the need to work against gravity, muscles can start to waste, which increases the risk of tendonitis and fat accumulation.” tendonitis is “an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a thick cord that attaches bone to muscle,” found on the website “Tendinitis and Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment”. This reveals that being in space can take a hard tole on human bodies. a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness.

Mars Could be a Bad Choice

Mars has a very thin atmosphere and it has a temperature of -80 degrees fahrenheit. If we were to build pods on Mars to keep us safe from the devastating temperatures and the thin atmosphere, it would probably cost more money. If we add all the money we would have to use to even get to mars, and the money we would spend on improving the living conditions, it would be way to much for humans to waste on space exploration. Said in the first paragraph of the editorial, it says “That’s a lot of money to spend on space travel. We could be using that money for other reasons that would be better for the earth and the people here.” now, NASA hasn’t even gotten as far as building the living units, so it’s possible for it to cost not that much, but it probably would. Besides, if you look at all of the space probes sent out to Mars, you would see that many of them have either blown up or disappeared into thin air. Based on that analysis, how safe would it be to send people out into space heading to Mars?


After reading several Mars essays, I'm convinced that the idea of exploring the Red Planet is truly captivating. There are good reasons to go to mars, but there aren’t as many as the risks. For example, people say that one good reason we need to go to mars is that it is the closest planet that can be habitable. Now this is true, it is the closest one to inabit. Scientists just discovered some planets that are very close to Earth’s structural and physical type. They have oxygen, water, and plants. Unfortunately, they are millions of miles away in another system. So for now, Mars is the most habitable planet that is close enough. Now, there are a lot of good reasons to go to Mars, but like said before, there are much more bad reasons for going to Mars and what has been put in this Editorial is just a few.


Most of the reasons stated in this paper are to convince you that going to mars is a horrific idea. It would cost so much money, which we could be using to instead help the earth and the people living there. Health risks are a very great amount in space travel. Muscles and bones could stop working,blood flow would get messed up, and tendons would get stuck in place. Mars could also be dangerous to humans when we are on Mars or traveling towards it. Something could go wrong with the shuttle, the living pods could leak, and the shuttle could disappear into thin air. There are some good things about going to Mars, but the risks outweigh the positive impacts. So in conclusion, the dangers of space travel and mars, outweigh the productive impacts that it could have on our society today.

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