Effect of Cost Control and Cost Reduction Techniques in Organizations Performance

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Cost Control

Businesses use cost control ways to watch, evaluate, and ultimately enhance the potency of specific areas, like departments, divisions, or product lines, at intervals of their operations.

Cost management is reviewing each fastened and variable prices, and tries to cut back expenses. Inventory may be a variable value which will be reduced by finding alternative suppliers to supply additional competitive costs. It could take longer to scale back fastened prices, like a lease payment, as a result of these prices square measure typically fastened in a very contract.

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Cost management may be a continuous method that begins with the projected annual budget. The budget helps: 1) to prepare and coordinate production, and therefore the commercialism, distribution, service, and body functions; 2) to require the most advantage of accessible opportunities. Because the year progresses, management compares actual results with those projected within the budget and incorporates into the new set up the teachings learned from its analysis of current operations.

The main advantage of cost control value controls in situ is lowering your company’s overall expenses. limit the quantity of cash completely different worker levels can pay, keeping extra money from going out the door. This can permit your company to stay additional cash obtainable, or to take a position in larger amounts of cash in alternative ways in which, like in capital expenses or paying down debt. Cost-control management will assist you clearly determine activities running swimmingly and staying at intervals budget from those perpetually breaking down and overwhelming further bucks. Cost controls a vital issue for maintaining and growing profit. Outsourcing is employed to manage prices as a result of several businesses notice it more cost-effective to pay a 3rd party to perform a task than to require on the work at intervals the corporate and, the experience most frequently doesn't exist at intervals the organization.

As an associate example, an organization will acquire bids from completely different vendors that offer a similar product or service, which might lower prices. Price management is a very important thing about maintaining and growing profitability.

Benefits of Cost Control

  1. Price management gives basis for measurement in operation performance. As standard square measure developed from the study of price operations and existing conditions, they become a pointer to the weaker facet of operation. The potency or unskillfulness may be determined simply by examination of actual and commonplace prices.
  2. Standard prices give straightforward comparability. Because of standards, price management exercises influence all the factors of operation. activity, comparison, and analysis of current performance become simpler.
  3. Standard cost accounting is essentially an associated economic tool. It helps in price reduction by golf shot effective look into unskillfulness in operations and by eliminating undue paperwork. It suggests commonplace prices consequently.
  4. Standard cost accounting could be a basis for budgeting. Budgets square measure ready on the idea of normal prices. Thus, budgeting and commonplace cost accounting along give effective management devices and create managers price aware.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction may be a systematic and corrective technique utilized by most of the companies to chop the inessential expenses of the products factory-made and increase the general profits. In this method, the essential options and quality of the merchandise square measure unbroken intact and is proscribed to the constant savings within the price of production, administration, commercialism and distribution. The essential purpose is to lower down the price occurring at the time of production, storing, commercialism etc.

Cost reduction isn't associated with fixing targets and standards, however it's regarding the standards. it's associated with the progress method, which may be applied to all or any of the activities of the priority. It focuses on the 2 primary areas:

  1. Reduction in expenses. Decrease within the expenditure within the given volume of output, ends up in the decrease in cost
  2. Increase in productivity. The general decrease in cost, by increase within the output, for the given expenditure.

Cost reduction may be earned by the mixing of those factors. Further, it's a touch troublesome to search out the contribution created by every issue to the savings.

Key Differences Between Cost Control and Cost Reduction

The following are the foremost variations between cost control and cost reduction:

  1. Aim. Price management aims at achieving the preset prices, whereas price reduction aims at reduction of prices by finding new ways that or ways to possess continuous economy on prices.
  2. Exercise. price management may be a routine exercise that's meted out for attainment of operational efficiency whereas worth reduction aims at permanent and real savings by a nonstop look for improvement. Thus, price control follows a conservative procedure and lacks a dynamic approach whereas worth reduction is dynamic and innovative in nature.
  3. Involved with. The tactic of price controls to put down a target, ascertain actual performance, compare it with the target and take corrective action. On the choice hand, price reduction isn't involved with maintenance of performance in line with the preset standards.
  4. Approach. Price management seeks adherence to standards whereas price reduction may be a challenge to the standards themselves. price reduction assumes that there square measure possibilities of enhancements in preset standards.
  5. Function. The aim of price management is to visualize that actual prices don't exceed the preset costs; thus it's a preventive performance. On the other hand, worth reduction may be a corrective performance as a result of it challenges the planned costs and seeks to enhance the performance by reducing the worth of accelerating production. It's a nonstop performance of self-analysis for creating additional and additional improvement in performance.
  6. Applicability. Price management is mostly applicable to things of prices that have standards whereas price reduction is applicable to each activity of the business.
  7. Tools of techniques. Fund management and customary cost accounting square measure necessary tools of price management whereas price reduction makes use of techniques like worth engineering/value analysis, work study, operation analysis, simplification and standardization, ABC's analysis, etc.
  8. Once achieved. Price management is achieved once the values the prices do not exceed the standards whereas cost reduction is not ending. extreme price reduction begins once price management ends.
  9. Operation/ research oriented. Price management is operation adjusted whereas worth reduction is analysis adjusted, forever making an attempt to scale back prices through planned analysis.

Cost Reduction Techniques

Cost reduction methods like worth engineering and worth analysis, target costing and life cycle costing are often adopted by manufacturing companies to scale back the fabric cost, labor price and productivity price attributed to production. Their square measures several varieties of price reduction techniques within the accountancy that increase the structure performance. a number of the techniques of price reduction in structure performance square measure as follows: value engineering; value analysis; material handling; work study; quality and measure research; standardization and simplification; quality control; improvement in design.

Value Engineering

Value engineering may be a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a very project at the bottom price. price engineering promotes the substitution of materials and strategies with more cost-effective alternatives, whereas not sacrificing utility. it's centered entirely on the functions of varied elements and materials, instead of their physical attributes. price engineering is to boot called price analysis.

Material Handling

Material handling ranges from the movement of fabric, work-in-progress, finished product scraps ete. These materials are units of assorted forms and sizes equally as weight. Material handling could also be a scientific and methodology of moving, packing and storing materials in acceptable locations. the foremost objective of cloth handling is considering the event of cloth flow management inside the organization.

Quality Control

It may be a method through that a business seeks to substantiate that product quality is maintained or improved. Quality management wants the business to provide an environment in this every management and employees go for perfection. this is often done by coaching personnel, making benchmarks for product quality and testing product to visualize for statistically important variations. A major side of internal control is that the institution of well-defined controls. These controls facilitate standardize each production and reactions to quality problems. Limiting house for error by specifying that production activities space units to be completed by that personnel reduces the chance that employees are often involved in tasks that they are not have adequate coaching job.

Quality and Measure Research

The measure of quality, whether or not the merchandise or service, needs the gathering of analysis of knowledge, usually expressed in terms of measurements and metric. Measurements ar created primarily to achieve management of the project, therefore be able to manage it. They’re additionally accustomed judge however shut or however way the firm is from the objectives set within the set up in terms of completion, quality, compliance to necessities etc. Metrics involve 2 main gettable goals that features data and accomplishment.


The two techniques value management and price reduction are employed by several producing considerations to diminish the value of production. Value reduction contains a larger scope than value management as value reduction is applicable for all the industries, however value management is applicable solely to the industries wherever pre-optimization of the value that isn't however incurred is feasible. Value management works as a road map for the organization to incur prices as per the set normal. On the opposite hand, value reduction challenges the established standards by decreasing the prices and increasing the profit.


Xiomi is a Chinese electronic company which was founded in the year 2010. Xiomi entered the Indian market on 2014 by beating all the competitors in the budget segment of mobile market. Xiomi constitutes of maximum Market shares in India. Xiomi is famous because it provides high end specs mobile at lower cost, But still Xiomi is able to handle its profit ratio.

The key cost control techniques which xiomi uses are as follows:

  • Xiomi doesn’t spend much amount in marketing unlike other companies. It takes care of marketing through its social media handles. Xiomi does not have any brand ambassadors, for them it’s their fans who are brand ambassadors. Example: before the launch of mi note series xiomi made a announcement to choose the top 100 active members in mi community and handed over to them the phone for beta-testing before the launch. Such type of marketing helped the brand to attract more than 300,000 users.
  • Xiaomi follows a direct-to-retail model which implies a shopper directly comes and buys a tool either on the web site or that of a partner’s (e-commerce). A business-to-customer model helps Xiaomi cut prices by bypassing the standard distribution model together with stakeholders like master, regional, small distributor and distributor. Many brands find you losing from 5 to twenty per cent margin as they follow the standard retail model.
  • Xiaomi additionally manufactures its devices regionally. It helps save prices due to a friendly tax structure that the corporate enjoys vies-a-vies imports. In terms of value, native sourcing reduces the time interval in obtaining the product quickly to the market as compared to imports from China that need advance designing of 2 to 3 months. The asset that is stuck within the system is lower once one is producing regionally as against imports.
  • Xaomi’s product relish an extended life cycle of fifteen to eighteen months. For instance, Redmi a pair of and Redmi Prime launched in 2015 however still sell as they continue to be competitive devices in terms of options and worth. With long life cycles, element prices go down drastically

Thus these were some of the techniques which were followed by xiomi in cost control which helped them to gain market share in the mobile phone industry in India.

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