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Should We Spend Valuable Resources on Space Exploration: Argumentative Essay

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It is a waste of money to spend funds on space travel or space exploration.

When first set sail into the unknown, the early humans took incredible courage. They have to conquer the nagging rumble of the stomach, threatened with the fear of hunger. They have to accept the challenges of the tremendous and utterly unaccountable tempest that put their lives at stake. They have to surmount the dolefulness from within. All these ventures are for no guarantee that they would return finding anything new. Skeptics criticized the necessity of taking such a high risk to seek the unknown since data have shown the varsity of money and danger spent on these journeys, yet history has proven the essence and significance of these explorations. This is also the case for space explorations, the rate of return might seem not worth the investigation, however, space exploration creates the opportunity to space mining, which may give humans a great fortune of resources in various ways, and countless innovations in everyday life.

The Earth’s resources are limited and are sharply descending, but space exploration provides an infinite number of rare elements. The earth’s heavy metals have been settling in the earth’s core since their early formation, and there are very few of them on the ground. The platinum we use to make rings derives from asteroids that collided with the Earth billions of years ago. In July 2017, an asteroid rich in heavy metals passed by the Earth, an ellipsoid whose size is half a kilometer by a kilometer. The close perigee provided the chance for scientists to continuously observed by ground and space telescopes. Data later reveals that the asteroid is composed of iron, nickel, cobalt, platinum, water, and other heavy metals, containing about 58,000 tons of platinum, more than the Earth has ever had. In terms of market value, it’s worth about $1.7 trillion, more than the GDP of Canada in 2017. Hence, by funding space exploration, humans can have infinite access to the elements in space that are in shortage on Earth.

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The application of aerospace technology in modern society is also remarkable, and the technological revolution in space science and technology is indispensable to us today. Portable computers are one of them. When the United States went to the moon, it was in need of a small portable computing system to monitor the data for the trip. Although such a device may still be invented later if it wasn’t for space travel, the durations and cycles will indeed be much longer. The amount of money and manpower invested in space technology has been huge, but the resulting advances in computers and other modern technology have well compensated for the cost. Although many of the new technologies in space technology were not originally intended to apply to everyday life, they have eventually become realized to be the means of benefiting mankind. For example, the study of the effects of human exposure to strong radiation conditions, and the search for ways to prevent radiation from causing harm to astronauts’ blood has led to the discovery of treatments for blood diseases such as leukemia and anemia. Space science and technology have brought far-reaching impacts on people all over the world. Transforming space science and technology into practical industrial productivity and technologies that can be used for commercial use gives a good reason to invest money in space projects.

It’s clear that funding space explorations and travels furnish the opportunity for the creation of modern technology and access to space resources, which gives far greater paybacks than investments. Not only does this lead to a better understanding of human development, but the benefits we will obtain are enormous. Studies have shown that comprehensive space explorations and travels serve as a golden channel for the economic take-off of global countries. Investigating space projects ultimately leads to the alleviation of environmental stress on the planet. Not only should governments fund authoritative space projects like NASA’s but also should pay more attention to private cooperation like Elon Musk. This will bring benefits we never thought of before.

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