The Significance Of The Conversion Of Constantine In Christianity

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Did you know Christianity went through several phases to overcome obstacles as they were treated unfairly for a long time and made some very poor choices which almost led to their demise.The Conversion of Constantine and The Crusades were certainly a significant event that occured in the middle ages, which taught the Church today various important lessons. Constantine made Christianity the main religion of Rome as he saw a vision of God advising him in his battles. The Crusades were a series of pointless and bloodbath full of wars which started at 1096 and ended at 1492

Conversion of Constantine was definitely the most important event that occured in the middle ages as it increased the freedom and population of Christianity. Constantine was born in 280 CE, he ruled after the death of his heir from 306 CE until his death which occurred at 337 CE which was when he turned from Pegan into Christianity. Constantine saw a vision of God whom told him to mark his soldiers shields and armour with the Latin letter for the Christian symbol to win the battle at the Milvian Bridge he was fighting. After this event he quickly transformed into the ways of Christianity and let the Christians who prayed at secrecy and underground hidden churches to pray in freedom without the worry of executions occurring for their beliefs. Constantine even changed old Roman Temples into Churches ,this was planned with the Pope who was alive at the time. His family did not resent the same beliefs as him so he murdered his family in various gruesome ways. As you now know the Conversion of Constantine was depicted as a very important event of the Middle Ages and it unquestionably taught the Church today that Christianity was a religion romans hated and killed off Christians. Christians also learnt that Christianity grew because of this event and the terrifying lifestyle they had to live through.

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A very significant event in the middle ages were the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of religious battles that were conducted to take over Jerusalem and other various religious sites. The two main forces of the battles were Christians and Muslims. The first Crusade started in 1096 which was ordered by the Pope, which brainwashed many nobility, peasants and knights to attack the Muslims in Jerusalem which was considered a holy site by both religions. In Islam they believe Jerusalem was were the prophet Muhammad visited in journey which was called ‘Isra and Mi’raj’. He built a famous mosque called Al-Aqsa mosque and ascended to heaven. As for the religion Christianity , Jerusalem played a large part in the life of Jesus, it was where many events played out such as it was where Jesus was taken as a young boy to be shown to the Lord and visit the nearby festival, The Last Supper, crucifixion and the resurrection was all based in Jerusalem. Due to this fact Crusades were commenced as The Roman Catholic Church had all the necessities such as power and wealth. The Crusades ended at 1492 as they realised that the wars were pointless and no one won the war. All that was gained through the Crusades were deaths and temporary happiness. The significant events from the middle ages can teach the Church today important lessons such as defending and spreading your religion is good but it should not lead to devastating and pointless wars. The Church learnt from their mistakes and started to repair their ideology and actions.

The significant events of the Middle Ages can teach the Church of today important lessons such as the mistakes the Church made before in the past. The Conversion of Constantine heavily helped Christianity grow and reach new heights with the help of Constantine and the Pope which occurred in the 4th century and after this event Christians started occurring everywhere around ROme and Europe as it was heavily influenced by The Roman Catholic Church whom had a lot of power and wealth. This lead to Crusades as Christians head out to claim holy lands such as Jerusalem which was a big mistake as all it lead to as death for both religions which were involved. Through these events Christianity grew and improved drastically.


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